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Shendi Rattan Pendant LampShendi Rattan Pendant Lamp
Rattan Cocoon Pendant LampRattan Cocoon Pendant Lamp
Zambra Disk Concrete Pendant LampZambra Disk Concrete Pendant Lamp
Zambra Shaped Dome Concrete PendantZambra Shaped Dome Concrete Pendant
Bjorn Galvanized Steel PendantBjorn Galvanized Steel Pendant
Bulbous Teal Gray Vintage Textured Ceramic VaseBulbous Teal Gray Vintage Textured Ceramic Vase
Natural Round Wood Slice Coasters CupNatural Round Wood Slice Coasters Cup
Round Semi-Transparent Melting Ice Design CoasterRound Semi-Transparent Melting Ice Design Coaster
rattan hand woven vaserattan hand woven vase
abstract geometric marble ceramic white vaseabstract geometric marble ceramic white vase
Geometric Marble Vases
From $68 $103
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NUDE Mist Tamer Nakisçi colored glass vaseNUDE Mist Tamer Nakisçi colored glass vase light blue
Ripple Glass Vase
From $72 $113
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Stone Ceramic Table Lamp in Grey Monochrome Black and WhiteStone Ceramic Table Lamp in Grey Monochrome Black and White
rectangle color splatter Ceramic porcelain trayrectangle color splatter Ceramic porcelain tray
Terrazzo Ceramic Tray
From $82 $142
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Concrete Ceramic Stone Pendant Light with LED BulbsConcrete Ceramic Stone Pendant Light with LED Bulbs
Concrete Pendant Light
From $152 $248
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Are you having a hard time imagining how your home will look once you fill it up with all types of concrete or marble decor? Take a peek at our wide collection of interior design items so that you get an accurate idea of how to style and use these beautiful items. We scoured the earth to find unique pieces that will match and elevate every part of your home. In fact, we've focused on marble stone for house since it gives any place a more premium vibe. But, we didn't just settle with that. We further enhanced this collection with items that are created specifically for the modern homeowner. Whether you want to make large-scale or minute changes to your home, we've got you covered. In fact, even a simple marble flower vase comes in multiple variations so that you find the perfect one for you. Adding to that, our bestseller granite tray adds both style and function to your space. It also comes in colors and variations that will surely capture your eye and interest.
With their monochromatic colors, our raw materials collection is perfect for any corner, room, or living space that you want to beautify. Every piece in the collection is extremely easy to pair with existing furniture, giving you the freedom to mix and match items with ease. In fact, you can match our premium ceramic serving tray with dainty stained glasses or a golden glass organizer if you'd like. Whichever way you use our products, we're sure you'll always find a way to make things look professionally-styled and pleasing to the eyes. Some marble stone for house can give your space that finishing touch that you've been dreaming about. You can also adorn every table and empty corner with a marble flower vase that holds your favorite plants or flowers in the most beautiful way possible. Use our granite tray to carry all your plates and utensils from the cupboard to the table in the most stylish way possible. Plus, you can add our ceramic serving tray to your vanity to carry all your makeup and jewelry. Every item in this collection is versatile and was purposely made to make your life more convenient and beautiful. Create a home ambience that's modern, simple and sweet! Nothing but the best for you and your precious home.

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