What makes Letifly a popular destination for home décor?

With so many retailers and online stores offering home décor products, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect shop that meets your needs. At Letifly, we offer unique décor items, so we appeal to shoppers who want more than cookie cutter décor that’s available everywhere. If you want products that are right on trend and also unique, check out our offerings. Here at Letifly.com we focus on sourcing products of the highest quality and design, and offer them to our customers for a fair price.


How can Letifly offer such great prices?

This is a question we get asked often. Customers wonder how our prices can be so low and we wonder why anyone would want to pay such high prices for home décor items offered by other retailers. At Letifly.com we continuously strive to offer the best prices for high quality merchandise. We share the same suppliers as some of the biggest retailers out there, but we do not have brick and mortar or middlemen fees. That’s why we are able to offer such great prices on the best home decor products. We work directly with the suppliers and creators of each product, so you never have to worry about hidden costs.


Can pendant lights be shortened?

It depends on the style of the light. Some pendant lights come with an extra long cord which is adjustable. Our Flowerpot Metal Ceiling Lamp for example, has an adjustable cord that allows you to choose the length you want, up to 40 inches long. Other lights are designed to hang to a specific height and are not adjustable. Be sure to read the description of the light you are interested in, for all the details.


How can I choose the perfect watering can for flower pots?

Many retail and online home decor stores offer the standard watering can for indoor flower pots. At Letifly, you have many choices, because we know that the size of your planter matters.  When looking. for a watering can, ask yourself what you need. Do you want to be able to mist the leaves of your indoor plants? We have a great spritzer for that. Our Brass Watering Spray Bottle is a stylish and practical tool to keep beside your plants at the ready to give them a fine shower. Spritzing the leaves removes dust and increases humidity in the air—plants thrive on that.

Do you want to be able to reach flower pots that are hung up high, or hanging on the wall? Our Flo Stainless Steel Watering Can has an extended spout which makes it ideal for reaching into dainty terrariums or up to hanging baskets. At letifly.com we offer curated watering tools for your plants at great budget-friendly prices.


Does Letifly sell pillow covers for throw pillows?

Absolutely!  In addition to offering stylish pillows, we also offer stylish covers so you can use a pillow that you already have and spruce it up with a new cover. At Letifly.com we strive to provide the best quality, materials, colors and designs for pillow covers. Changing your pillow covers is an inexpensive and easy way to update any room. Explore our collection now!


Where can I buy flatware that doesn't rust?

It's all about the metal quality of the flatware you purchase. If you don't want it to rust, buy 18/10 stainless steel. That will also make your flatware sturdy and durable. At letifly.com, we source the best quality flatware from our trusted suppliers. Explore the collections to find quality yet inexpensive flatware sets that will be best for your table and will impress your guests!

How many 
flatware sets do I need?

Tough question. How often do you entertain? Do you have a large family that gather at you home for every occasion? How many dinners do you organize at your place?  At letifly.com we curate different styles of flatware (most of them made of stainless steel), to add style to your table and home decor. We’re bound to have the perfect sets for you social butterflies.


Do table lamps need assembly?

Typically not. Our table lamps come ready to use with minimal assembly required.


Do you need an electrician to hardwire a light fixture? 

We recommend all electrical work be performed by a certified electrician. For any installation not performed properly, all warranties are waived. Our warranty only covers proper installation and use of our items. 


How do you ship Wall Art?

All wall art is shipped rolled, wrapped with bubble wrap, and encapsulated in a plastic shipping tube. We want to make sure that your purchases arrive safe and sound so that you can open them up and enjoy them!


Are ceramic items protected when shipping?

Yes, all our ceramic is protected with bubble wrap and foam fillers and packed in size appropriate boxes. Route insurance does not cover ceramic items but if your order arrives broken, we will take responsibility for it and offer a replacement or a full refund. Please contact us immediately if this happens to you. 


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