Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Lights in Metal & Wood

With so much interest in adding color and texture to interiors, our Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Lights in Metal & Wood have been garnering a lot of attention. And rightly so. These stylish lights are beautifully crafted of painted aluminum and wood. So chic and eye-catching, our pretty pendant lights come in two unique shapes (Dome and Flat Sphere) and a wonderful palette of dreamy pastel colors like Dusty Blue, Marigold, Pink, Pastel Yellow and Green. A refreshing contrast of materials, these stylish pendant lights offer a modern twist on the classic Mid-century style.

It's easy to fall for the colored metal lighting trend. These pendant lights add warmth by incorporating wooden accents and unique silhouettes in the design. At Letifly, we offer a vast collection of pendant lights, but our Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Light in Metal & Wood leads the way in popularity because of its shapes, and mix of metal and wood, contrasted by beautifully saturated hues. These gorgeous pendant lights add texture and form to every space, whether hung over a dining table, as a duo above a kitchen island or in a colorful cluster suspended from a high ceiling. We love how these striking matte metal pendant lights blend beautifully in any setting.

Here are the top ways you can use our Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Lights in Metal & Wood throughout your home, office, store, restaurant or shop to bring warmth and head-turning style to your space while incorporating the latest lighting design trend into your decor. 

Brighten up a nursery with our Marigold yellow pendant light

Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Lights in Metal & Wood

Move over vibrant colors—pastel LED lights are soft and warm for any environment—but are particularly well suited to a little one’s nursery. The muted yellow is a gorgeous shade to provide soothing light in a baby’s room and add sunshine and happiness to your décor. We recommend the yellow pendant light from our Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Light collection as the perfect fixture to complement nursery room décor, no matter what your theme may be. Babies bring joy to a home—let the place where they rest, learn and play reflect every happy moment.

Suspend our wood pendant lights in a Scandinavian living room
The striking Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Light is the perfect addition to any Scandinavian aesthetic. With a touch of wood and a matte finish, this pendant fits into the Hygge lifestyle. Minimalism is key in Scandinavian décor and our Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Lights have a simple, cozy factor just right for the Scandi fan.

Mix a soft palette of color above a breakfast nook
Suspend one of these colored metal pendant lights from our gorgeous pastel palette above a breakfast nook for a cheerful pop of color to start every day. Or opt for a mix of soft pendant lights in shades that coordinate with your décor. It’s fun to mix and match shades and hang our colored wood pendant lighting at various heights to create your own unique designs.

Capitalize on a hot trend with our green pendant lights in a kitchen or entrance
Green is the new queen of the farmhouse or country kitchen and you’ll love how our soft green pendant light adds to the beauty of a white or cream décor scheme. Add warmth to your lighting design with farmhouse pendant lights in a captivating shade of green. It’s a retro classic and its as “at home” in a modern kitchen as it is in a traditional one. Catch the trend and incorporate green lighting in your kitchen, dining room or entrance.

Experiment with shapes and sizes

Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Lights

Just as texture and color add visual interest to a space, so too do shapes. The Soft Pastels Palette Pendant Light in Metal & Wood is available in two unique shapes; Flat Sphere and Dome. The shape of the pendant light is just as interesting as the color, so choose a look that best suits your design style and make your home even more personal. Shapes can add a modern touch to a room, just as the diameter of the pendant light can alter the amount of light that your pendant emits.

Blending various sizes in the same shape (the medium Dome light with the XL Dome for example) creates a cool focal point at the center of an entryway ceiling, top of a staircase or in a kitchen. Choose the smaller version of your favorite shape for above a sink and a large version of your favorite Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Light as the primary source of kitchen lighting. Choosing multiple shapes, sizes and colors allows you the opportunity to mix and match throughout your home or business for a cohesive, customized look all your own.

Double up on style
Give a single look twice the impact. Choose the smaller size of this pendant light in your favorite hue and double up. Hang two above a kitchen island or over a craft or work table. Small pendant lights look great in pairs. Choosing two pendant lights the same size and in the same color makes them stand out more and helps fill a larger space where a single pendant might get lost in the design. Doubling up your lighting is always a good idea when you have a long dining table or other long surface to illuminate.

Cozy up a café
If you own a coffee shop, tea room or bakery, ensure the conversation flows and customers want to linger with beautiful lighting that makes people feel welcome. The flat pendant light design in our Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Light collection is a great option when you need direct light above an area where people need to see a menu and their plates.

Make a small room appear larger 

Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Light in blue

If you have a room in your home that is small and you need extra space, make it appear more spacious by removing lamps on bedside tables and hanging two of our Soft Pastel Palette Pendant lights instead. The smaller diameter light in a shade that complements your room’s décor makes an excellent choice. Hanging on either side of your bed, our pastel lights make excellent reading lights while adding color and style to your room.

Modernize a retail store
Aesthetics are extremely important in a place of business. Our Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Lights are modern and fresh—just perfect for a retail environment. Use softer shades of color, such as the white or pink pendant light, for a children’s clothing store or ladies clothing shop and darker, more masculine colors like the green pendant light or grey dome pendant light for a sporting goods store or music center.

Soothing pastel shades are ideal for a Salon, Spa or Yoga Studio
Consider soothing pastel shades for a spa setting. Blue pendant lights or pink pendant lights are ideal for a hair salon, nail salon or massage therapist’s office. Soothing shades on the walls as well as on furniture or lighting create a relaxing ambience, making our Soft Pastel Palette Pendants ideal for a yoga studio or for a meditation room. These soft pendant lights would be perfect in any healing environment where clients are especially affected by their surroundings.

Choose the Grey Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Light for a Law Office, Real Estate business or other professional business

Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Light in Gray

Grey is a neutral color choice which lends a more modern and professional look to an office building or home office. A grey pendant light adds a contemporary glow to a space and is a serious choice for reflecting professionalism. The Dome version of our Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Light hung above a desk is great for task lighting and can also create a chic look in a waiting area at a Doctor, Dentist, Chiropractor or Physio Therapist’s office. Like a tailored suit, gray is synonymous with business and our Gray or Black metal pendant lights are good choices if you aren’t comfortable with pastel colors at work.

Use color to make a vacation rental property more comfortable
If you rent out your home as a vacation getaway for tourists, consider refreshing your space with these Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Lights from Letifly. Hang the blue pendant light in a master suite and the green pendant light in your home’s family room. Our chic Flat Sphere pendant light or round Dome light fit perfectly in spaces of all sizes, illuminating a work table where vacationers can play cards or do puzzles, brightening a hallway so family members can find their way around at night, or adding a warm and welcoming glow to an entrance. Create a cohesive look throughout your rental property with pendant lights in every color from this stunning Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Light collection found on You’ll also want to check out our lighting collection for similar metal and wood wall lights that are ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces. Be sure to check out Lighting Collection for lighting inspiration.

Make this colorful pendant light the focal point of your room
Often, lighting choices are made once the rest of our home has been decorated. When renovating or designing a new space, consider your light choice first. Make it the centerpiece upon which other elements in your room are designed. A bold or colorful light fixture can be a source of illumination in addition to a work of art and can dictate a color scheme. The Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Lights in Metal & Wood are soft and elegant yet beautiful enough to capture admiring glances and shapely enough to be a point of interest.

Ready to find the Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Lights that work for YOU? Discover these trendsetting pendant lights for yourself or take a moment to browse the vast selection of pendant lights, wall lamps, floor lamps, table lamps and cordless lighting in the Letifly lighting collection.