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If you're looking to update the look and style of your home, decorative vases can be an excellent way to do so. Vases are often used as decorative pieces, but they can be just as functional as any other household item if you choose the right one. If you're in the market for a new decorative flower vase to add to your collection, consider buying one that blurs the line between function and art. One that has both style and substance.

What is an abstract vase?

An abstract vase is a vase that doesn't have any specific design. It can be made from a variety of materials, and the final product often looks more like an art piece than an item you'd use to hold flowers or other items. The most common type of abstract vases are glass ones, but there are many other materials you can choose from as well such as ceramic, clay, wood, metals and so on.

But most importantly, abstract vases can be used as both decorative art accents or as functional pieces that can hold flowers, pens and other items. A decorative vase can help tie together the color scheme in a room, or it can serve as a piece of art that stands out on its own. These are versatile home accents that your house shouldn't be doing without.

Rayne Abstract Ceramic Vase

Rayne Abstract Ceramic Vase

A classic example of a stunning decorative vase, the crisp lines and sharp angles of these striking ceramic vases bring a sense of artful sophistication to a tabletop, shelf, or mantel. Display flowers or use them as a focal point in your decor, these vases are compliment worthy. The Rayne Abstract Ceramic Vases come in 3 chic colors and sizes to complement any desired table arrangement. Infused with an industrial chic appeal, these stylish abstract vases elevate any surface to captivating heights.

Types of Abstract Vases:

Abstract Organic Vases

These vases are usually made from natural materials such as wood, stone or clay. The lines of these vessels are often curvy and organic in nature.

Rattan Hand Woven Vase

Rattan Hand Woven Vase

Add a touch of natural texture to your home with our pretty rattan vases, handwoven to perfection. Each vase is unique due to the nature of its handcrafted design. Pop a, dried floral arrangement into our stylish vases or let them breathe life into your room empty. They don’t need to be filled to capture attention—their eye-catching texture takes care of that.

Abstract Geometric Vases

Geometric shapes often make up the body of these vases, which can be round or square in shape.

Geometric Textured Ceramic Vase

Geometric Textured Ceramic Vase

Striking ceramic vases in elegant earth tones allow your sophisticated style to take shape in any setting. These chic vases instantly elevate any corner of your home. Add a touch of greenery with a single stem or use them as décor on their own—flowers may pale in comparison anyhow!

Abstract Industrial Vases

These vases are usually made from metal or glass and have a rustic, industrial appeal. The lines of these vessels are often straight or angular in nature.

Smoky Black Glass Vase

Smoky Black Glass Vase

Add effortless elegance and instant intrigue to any space. With its classic cylindrical shape and intriguing smoky black hue, this striking glass vase is poised to spruce up a window ledge, bedside table or breakfast tray. Simply sophisticated holding a single bloom or shining solo, this vase will enhance décor wherever it’s placed.

Abstract Minimalist Vases

These vases are usually made from metal or glass and have a sleek, minimalist look.

Tahiti Floral Ceramic Vase

Tahiti Floral Ceramic Vases

The Tahiti Floral Ceramic Vases add a dose of color and creativity to any space. Available in 3 striking shapes and shades, each piece is handcrafted by artisans and carry a matte finish for a natural, organic flair.

Abstract Freeform Vases

Freeform vases have no defined shape at all. They can be round, square or triangular in shape with no lines or curves anywhere to be seen.

Shades of Blue Ceramic Vase

Shades of Blue Ceramic Vase

These ceramic and porcelain vases come in 6 relaxing shades of blue to lend a calm, serene ambience to any table setting. Handcrafted from ceramic and porcelain, it's an ideal piece for showcasing your favorite flowers or serving as a room accent.

Tips to help you find the right abstract vase for your home:

  • Consider what you'll use it for. If you plan on using it as a centerpiece in your dining room, then a simple glass vase might be best. But if you're looking for something more decorative, consider buying one that's made from a material other than glass (like metal or ceramic).
  • Don't be afraid to mix styles. If you want to add an artistic element to your home décor, try choosing a vase with an unexpected shape or color scheme.
  • Consider your budget. Vases come in a wide range of price points, so you can find one that fits within your budget. If you want to splurge on something special, then go for something unique (like a hand-blown glass vase).
  • Think about the size and shape. Ideally, you should choose a vase that complements the space where it will be displayed.
  • Choose a vase that complements your décor. If you have a certain style in mind, then try to find something that fits this aesthetic.
  • Consider the materials. Vases come in a variety of materials, including glass, ceramic and metal. Each material has its own unique properties that can enhance or detract from your home décor.
  • Consider the color. The best vases are ones that match your existing décor, so try to find one that matches your preferred color scheme.
  • Choose a vase that complements your flowers or other display items. For example, if you are displaying fresh flowers in your home, then consider getting a simple glass vase with minimal design features.

All in the details

Look for vases with interesting shapes. Some of the best vases are those that have unique, artistic designs. For example, you can find a cylindrical vase that will complement your living room’s modern-looking furniture or a square vase that will look great on your kitchen countertop. -The size of the vase should be proportional to the size of its contents. If you want to display small flowers like daisies or carnations then get a small glass cylinder with a narrow opening. On the other hand, if you want to display larger flowers like roses or peonies then get a large glass cylinder with wide opening.

Ciela Colored Frosted Glass Vase

Ciela Colored Frosted Glass Vase

Beauty is in the details—shape, color, pattern, texture—these gorgeous vases have everything going for them. There’s no need to fill them with flowers, although they truly are the ideal vessel for a pretty floral display. Available in rich hues, these vintage style colored glass vases have a lovely frosted matte finish.

Abstract patterns

A great way to add some visual interest to your home, you can find decorative vases with abstract patterns that are inspired by nature or even have an urban vibe. For example, there are vases made out of blown glass that have an organic, floral pattern on them; these would look great in a modern living room full of neutral colors. Another option is getting a clear glass vase with black and white stripes; this would look elegant in any space because the design is simple yet stylish.

Isla Ceramic Vase

In conclusion, beauty can be functional. You don’t need to sacrifice beauty for function, especially when it comes to decorating your home. All the above abstract vases are both practical and attractive, appealing to customers who want their home or office décor to be multi-purpose. The abstract vase is an item of utility fused with high design, a product that any consumer would find effortless to incorporate into their existing decor. If you're looking for an instant style upgrade that's not heavy on the pocket, these decorative vases are no doubt, your ideal option.


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