Best 20 Christmas Gifts Under $25

Best 20 Christmas Gifts Under $25

Christmas time is coming once again, and with it comes a lot of festivities, joy and good cheer. And this also means that Santa is going to be pretty busy once again, dropping off gifts to every child and grownup. Well, if you like gift giving as much as Saint Nick, then it’s time for you to think about getting thoughtful gifts for your family and friends, something they can use and also remember you lovingly.

Where only mid-way til it's Christmas time and yes, it's still quite early to start shopping for the holidays but let me give you a tip that'll save you a bit of holiday stress - shop early! In my opinion, it's never too early to start shopping for your holiday gifts! Not only will you avoid the rush of crowds, but there are lots of sales and good deals happening around this time that you can grab!     

For this purpose, we have rounded up the best 20 Christmas gifts under $25 at Letifly, which makes gift hunting easier and better.

Lovers Abstract Canvas HD Print

Lovers Abstract Canvas HD Print

This Christmas, let your loved ones know how much you love them with this lovers’ abstract art work. This is drawn on a high quality polyester canvas and has a wonderful blend of color and awe-inspiring expression. The abstract design really keeps you captivated, and the high quality printing makes the colors really pop out. It’s the perfect addition to an elegant living room, hallway, bedroom or even for an office or work space, bringing an artful and lively color pop onto any wall.

Luxury Gold Stainless Steel Baking Utensil Set

Luxury Gold Stainless Steel Baking Utensil Set

This amazing gold plated stainless steel baking utensil set is the crown jewel for any professional or enthusiastic baker, and it’s the perfect way to let your loved ones know how much you love them - and their baking, of course! It includes a small, medium and large sized colander, hand mixer, and egg white separator. It’s made from eco-friendly materials and stainless steel. It can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Oni Flatware 8 PC Travel Set

black minimalist Flatware 8 PC Travel Set

If you have a friend or loved one who appreciates nice cutlery and often travels, you can gift them this elegant and high quality flatware travel set, which contains stainless steel cutlery with a stunning matte finish in different colors. The set includes a spoon, fork, knife, chopsticks, straight straw, bent straw and straw brush. All of this is packed neatly into a travel case that also has different designs. This is also ideal for a colleague who love bringing their own home-cooked lunch at the office.

Antique Tray Decorative Plate

Antique Tray Decorative Plate

Another wonderful Christmas gift that you can buy under $25 is our antique tray decorative plate. This doubles as a plate for your beverages and snacks, and also serves as a decorative piece. It’s made from high quality BPA, free resin material and adds a touch of elegance to your foods and beverages. The antique relief design around the edges also makes it beautiful, and you have the option to choose between three different colors.

Sunset Modern Geometric Lumbar Pillow

Modern Geometric Lumbar Pillow 12x20 inch

Pillows aren’t just another accessory. In essence, not only do they provide comfort and support to your head and neck, but they also add a certain aesthetic pleasure to your cozy little space. Speaking of pillows, this geometric lumbar pillow is the perfect style addition to your bed or couch. It features a high quality lumbar pillow, as well as a textured cotton cover with modern abstract designs. This is also perfect for office chairs, lending back support for users as well as a pop of style to their work spaces.

Abstract Animals HD Canvas Print

Abstract horse HD canvas print

The abstract animals canvas prints are perfect for art lovers who also like animals. It is an HD print of an oil painting that features an antelope, moose or horse. Available in different sizes, the painting is spray painted on a high quality cotton canvas, which brings out the colors and makes it look perfect on your living room or lounge wall.

Ines Dinnerware

colorful pastel Dinnerware set

This dinnerware set is the perfect gift for people who love minimalist designs and high quality ceramic dinnerware. The set contains a butter dish, plate, small, medium and large bowl and a spoon as well. The items are designed in 4 different colors to give an uplifting and stylish effect. They’re perfect for daily use, and can also be used to revamp your table decor for your next party. This is the perfect gift for those who love to host parties and entertain guests in their home.

Bella Serving Trays


Gold Metal Serving Tray for Modern Kitchen and Home Decor

Next up on our list of the best Christmas gifts under $25 is this beautiful set of serving trays that ooze elegance and style. They’re crafted from high quality and durable stainless steel and have a lustrous gold or silver finish. They come in five different sizes and can be used for serving beverages or food,  or also as a showpiece for your sideboard or cabinet.

Nori Porcelain Condiment Dishes

white and blue Nori Porcelain sauce dish

These porcelain condiment dishes make your dining table more lively and upbeat, making for a wonderful Christmas gift. They have beautiful patterns and designs, and are accented in a shade of blue. They’re made out of high quality and durable porcelain, and can be used for a range of condiments, such as soy, wasabi and much more.

Double Wall Colored Glass Mug

Double Wall Colored Glass Mugs

This double wall colored glass mug is one of the best Christmas gifts you can find under $25. You can give them to your family or friends who simply love their morning coffee. The mug is made from borosilicate glass, which is temperature resistant and is suitable for all types of beverages. The inner layer is colored with a matching handle, while the outer layer is clear.

Tonal Candle Collection

Candle Collection pastel tones

This tonal candle collection is perfect for lighting up the room as you sing carols with your loved ones! It consists of 4 candles that are decked with 4 different color tones. Made out of beeswax, they burn cleanly and don’t create a mess on your tables and shelves. What’s more is that you can choose from 4 different colors.

Vintage Gold Candle Holders

thin Vintage Gold Candle Holders

Speaking of candles, you can’t keep them without candle holders, can you? This is why you should also consider buying these vintage gold candle holders for your near and dear ones. They’re made from a non-corrosive high resistance alloy material with a gold tone finish. Each of them has a different height, which adds to their aesthetic quality.

Vintage Scribble Portrait and Stylish Hands Canvas Print

Portrait and Stylish Hands Canvas Print black and white

Simple and scribbled portraits are trending nowadays, and you can buy this scribble portrait canvas print as a Christmas gift for your loved ones. It’s made through HD spray paint printing on a high quality cotton canvas. It has a vintage and rich finish. The black and white simple artwork can be placed anywhere in the house.

Granite Dinner Plates and Bowls

High quality ceramic plates and bowls with granite texture

These granite dinner plates and bowls make for a perfect Christmas gift for those who like textured dinnerware and unique designs. They’re made from high grade ceramic with granite imitation pattern and texture. They have a unique design and a retro feel, making them suitable for parties and dinners.

Zelda Gold Trim Glass Dinnerware Set

Gold Trim Glass Dinnerware Set 

You simply can’t go wrong with a glass dinnerware set. In fact, you can do even better with a colored glass dinnerware set with a gold trim! This dinnerware set is perfect as a Christmas gift. It’s handmade with high quality transparent glass with a hand-drawn gold trim. This gives it an exquisite look and makes it the highlight of every dinner or party.

Fairy LED String Lights Battery and USB for Outdoors / Indoors

Fairy LED String Lights Battery and USB for Outdoors / Indoors

Fairy lights are a nice and glowy addition to the decor of any room, and they even complement the outdoors. They’re mostly used during Christmas time, and make for a nice Christmas gift for your loved ones, especially kids who like to adorn their room with lights. You get a string of 50 LEDs that are either shaped like balls, flowers, stars or snowflakes.

Abstract Drip Canvas Prints

Modern Abstract Canvas Prints black and white

Looking for a unique Christmas gift? Well, you can give your friends these abstract drip canvas prints. They might look like someone just dripped a lot of paint on canvas, but it’s actually a nice work of art that will be admired by true art lovers. The design is printed on a high quality canvas with waterproof ink.

Creation of Adam Canvas Print Wall Art

Creation of adam hands Famous Painting wall Art Canvas

This beautiful piece of a wall art features Michelangelo’s most famous painting, titled Creation of Adam. It shows two hands coming from either side of the canvas, with a beautifully colored sky in the background. The painting is printed using a micro spray painting method on a high quality canvas.

Retro Hammered Stainless Steel 4pc Cutlery Set

 Retro Hammered Stainless Steel 4pc Cutlery Set

This stainless steel cutlery set has a rustic and hammered design that gives it a nice look and makes it suitable for use with all types of dinnerware. It’s made from high grade stainless steel and is mirror polished. You can either purchase 4 spoons, forks, knives or coffee spoons, or you could get a set that includes one of each.


With this, we conclude our list for the best 19 Christmas gifts under $25. This will make your gift hunting much easier, and will surely help you leave smiles all around as you give these gifts to your family, friends and loved ones.