Have you finally had all your furniture set up, but still feel like there's something missing? If your walls are bare then you're probably missing the most important accessory that every home should have. It's wall art! Even the simplest form of wall art can transform the look and vibe of any room. Now, the real question is: How to choose wall art for your home? Each and every room should exude their own personality, especially if you're not the only one living in your home. This means that choosing the most suitable wall art can be a difficult task for new and old homeowners. Don't worry! You're not alone in this. We've set up a whole cheat sheet to help you get the perfect pieces of wall art along with how to choose the right art size for your walls. Once you're done reading this, you'll have the ultimate gameplan to launch you into fully decorating your home.

For The Bedroom
Summer Lovin' Retro Maison Canvas Print
Bedrooms are the most personal spaces in any home which is why choosing the perfect and most unique wall art should depend on your personality. There's no need to overthink about what color scheme or what graphics a piece of wall art should possess. What matters the most is how your chosen home wall art makes you feel. Does it give you a sense of security, calmness, or even joy? If your chosen bedroom wall art decor checks all those boxes then it's time to 'add to cart' and proceed to checkout.

If you're a fan of summer vibes and bright colors, then maybe the Summer Lovin' Retro Maison Canvas Print is for you. It's perfect for white walls and almost every type of bedroom out there! The pink and nude hues gives your room positive feelings all year round since it reminds you of dipping your feet in the water while enjoying your favorite drink.

For The Living Room
Modern Brushstrokes Canvas Print
Once you've got your bedroom canvas wall art all sorted out, it's time to head over to the living room and start to scope the area. Your living room is where you hang out most of the day and where you entertain guests and loved ones. It's the focal point of your home so you always have to keep it trendy and in tip top shape. The living room is usually larger and more open, which is why a large home decor wall art would be a good match for its walls.

Choose something more abstract to give your walls a bit of dimension. Something with neutral colors would work best too! This way, the wall art and decor will match your home even if you change up the furniture after a few years. A great art option for your living room is our Modern Brushstrokes Canvas Print. It comes in numerous sizes, giving you the option to choose the perfect one for your space!

For The Music Room
Arctic Monkeys Soundwave Canvas Poster Print
Not everyone has that extra space in their home to dedicate solely to their love for music. If you're one of the lucky ones, then here's a great way to complete your music room setup. Nothing screams "I love music!" more than hanging a music-themed modern home wall art on your walls.

Add something like the Arctic Monkeys Soundwave Canvas Poster Print so that you can show off your taste in music to anyone who enters your music room. These types of unique wall art prints also work well in entertainment rooms where family and friends get together to enjoy great shows, movies, and music. Just like the other home wall arts in our range, this Arctic Monkeys Soundwave Canvas Poster Print also comes in a variety of sizes for you to choose from. 

For The Powder/Bath Room
Me Time Abstract Canvas Print
Just like bedroom wall art decor, the art in your bathroom should convey a feeling of comfort and calmness. If you're a lady that wants to make your personal bathroom feel like a sacred place, then it's time to fill it up with canvas wall art that is relatable and feminine. Check out our Me Time Abstract Canvas Print for example. It shows off the beauty of a woman's body in her natural and relaxed state.

This home decor wall art boasts pink and peach hues that are easy on the eyes and perfect for women of all ages. What makes the Me Time Abstract Canvas Print even better is that it comes in a bunch of sizes. You can simply hang it on your bathroom or powder room walls, as well as rest it against your vanity along with candles, soaps, and lotion bottles. Nothing but a pleasant and feminine touch to add beauty to your private space.

For The Home Office
Picasso Canvas Print HD Definition
Your home office is a place where you get the job done, make crucial decisions, and take on serious tasks. This is also the place where your imagination and creativity runs free, which is why wall art and decor is still important to have around you while you work. There's a certain feeling of pride and prestige when you're able to display large modern home wall art in your space.

Something like our Picasso Canvas Print HD Definition would be perfect as a show piece to add to your elegant work space. It's beautified by a mixture of muted colors and abstract lines that show off the techniques that Picasso has been known for. What makes things better is that the Picasso Canvas Print HD Definition comes in two beautiful styles that you can mount side by side or separately throughout your home. Even better, the largest size stands at almost three feet tall, making it a great main attraction for your home office.

For The Stairway
Color Block Series No.2 Oil Paint Prints
Sometimes your stairwells can get a bit lonely, or maybe you don't really give much attention to it each time you climb up and down the stairs. Give your stairwells a bit of love by hanging a beautiful piece of unique wall art on one of the corner walls. Choosing the right home wall art to fill up that blank space shouldn't be too hard since you've got the rest of your home sorted out. Simply add something that will tie in the rest of your home's style without being too boring or predictable.

If you're after a more mysterious yet chic look then our Color Block Series No.2 Oil Paint Prints are your perfect match. Just like your living room, this piece of wall art will be seen by almost everyone who enters your home. You have to make sure that you choose a wall art that will match almost every type of furniture so that you can keep it hanging all year round. No matter the season, the Color Block Series No.2 Oil Paint Prints will be mainstays in your lovely home.