Beautiful lamps are part of the jewelry of a room and finding the best decorative table lamp is the perfect finishing touch to any space. But lamps do so much more than decorate a room and you should never underestimate the importance of table lamp lighting in a room. Along with brightening up a dark corner, a well-placed light can brighten up a dark mood, illuminate the pages of a good suspense novel and put the spotlight on favorite art pieces.

Here are some guidelines for choosing beautiful lamps throughout your home:


Make an Impressive Entrance

They say you never get a second chance to make a good impression. While most foyers and entryways will have a pendant light or some kind of overhead lighting, topping an entryway console table with an eye-pleasing decorative table lamp can create a warm, welcoming ambiance.


The Stones Throw Table Lamp captures the eye while adding a warm glow to the surrounding area. Showcasing a pleasing Zen-like organic base resembling a stacked stone sculpture, the tapered shade adds to the symmetry of this decorative table lamp. This particular lamp brings in an organic and natural vibe onto a console or entryway table, a warm and inviting touch to welcome you home.

Tip: When it comes to choosing the right lamp for your space, keep scale in mind. A large lamp on a small side table looks awkward and could topple over if bumped. The lampshade should be about half the size of the base and hide the socket, fittings and bulb.


Brighten up Your Living Room

Not only is the living room one of the most used rooms in the house, it often plays different roles. It can be a place to enjoy evening cocktails with friends, a cozy spot for the family to gather on movie nights or a quiet place for curling up with a good book.

When it comes to finding beautiful lamps for living room use, you’ll want to consider whether you want it to be a source of ambient lighting, accent or task lighting.


Set the mood

Ambient or background lighting as some designers call it, lends overall lighting to a space. It can include ceiling lights, wall lighting, table lamps, natural light from windows and even candles. A decorative table lamp with an opaque shade adds another layer of light to the room while bringing a dramatic look.  



The Vico Mushroom Table Lamp brings midcentury moxie to your living room. Lending a nod to Italian mushroom-style lamps of the 1970s, this glossy gold lamp combines a tapered pencil base with a domed metal shade. Whether turned on or off, the polished finish of this modern table lamp radiates a reflective glow. It simply exudes sophistication with its gold polished finish, adding a layer of elegance wherever it's positioned.

It’s easy to see the importance of table lamp lighting in a dark corner but what about a space with changeable lighting, which may not need a permanent extra layer of light? A portable rechargeable table lamp can be a solution. Portable lights are versatile, going wherever you need ambient light. They can be a great addition to a living room, guest bedroom and can replace candles on the patio table for a romantic dinner for two.  



The Carry-on Brass & Metal Rechargeable Table Lamp is a chic LED globe light with an adjustable, removable handle. The metal base and hardware bring a modern industrial look that plays well with many contemporary décor styles. It's a chic reinvention of the lanterns from olden days upgraded to include modern elements and style.

A cordless rechargeable table lamp brings a radiant glow to a patio table and makes a pretty and practical bedroom night light. It's versatility and features make any cordless rechargeable table lamp a must-have staple in today's homes.


Look to the Moon Cordless LED Table Lamp with Rechargeable Batteries to bring a modern glow to a bedroom, living room or patio. Made from a durable PVC material, this light includes a remote control for dimming and color change.  Whether you want the lamp to infuse the room with a cool green hue or set it to change colors every few minutes or so, this lamp will surely bring out the kid in us! (It's also great for homes with kids, too!)

Tip: When it comes to beautiful lamps for living room seating areas, you don’t need matching lamps. Instead, balance the room’s lighting by keeping lamps at about the same height and top them with lampshades that have the same shape. 

Hint: Don’t rule out a lamp you love if it doesn’t match the height of other lamps in the room. Designers will often place a stack of coffee table books or a decorative box under a lamp to add height. At the end of the day, your own style, preference and happiness at your results are what matters the most!


Accentuate the positive

Accent lighting can highlight architectural features, artwork or illuminate the inside of a bookshelf or cabinet. Accent lamps add a personal touch while brightening up a living room, bedroom, nursery, den or entryway.


The Friendly Mouse Table Lamp brings a bright and playful touch to a bookshelf, desktop or table. A compact design and choice of three positions let you create a unique accent lighting display anywhere in your home. Whimsical, fun and oh so creative, this table lamp is a winner by our style standards!


Spotlight the task at hand

Task lighting is exactly what the name implies and includes beautiful lamps that light up an area where you want to read, study or work in.

A good choice for task lighting is an adjustable table lamp. When not in use, it can shed some light on a sculpture and when in use, it focuses light exactly where needed for the task at hand.


Illuminate your home office  

With many of us opting to work from home, having an eye-pleasing decorative desk lamp that provides ample task lighting for reading, writing and keyboarding have taken on new importance.

Whether you’re hard at your desk first thing in the morning or working into the wee hours, the lighting requirements in your home office will change throughout the day. A desk lamp with an adjustable head can keep up with changing light by providing a focused pool of light.


The Barney Metal & Wood Table Lamp brings a breezy two-toned look to your desk or table top. A solid iron base with a non-skid mat provides stability and the adjustable shade lets you direct light where it’s needed most. It's available in stylish black or chic white to suit your preference.

Tip: For a small desk, choose a decorative desk lamp with a small base to preserve precious workspace.


The Jax Linear LED Table Lamp showcases sleek, minimalist lines in a wood and brass finish. An adjustable tubular shade and LED light cover a wide area and the cylinder base offers stability without taking up a lot of desk space.  

Tip: For a larger desk, consider a decorative table lamp with extra reach. The taller your task light, the more area it will light up.

Letifly offers a wide selection of beautiful lamps for living room lighting. And since every room needs a mix of overhead, wall and table or desktop lighting, you’ll find a decorative table lamp for every space in your home.