This Globe Rechargeable Lamp Is Genius

When it comes to lighting up interior spaces in the home, there are tons of lighting trends going around for a variety of home decorating styles. Decorative wall lights, cordless lamps, and aesthetic ceiling pendants are only some of the many lighting options for styling your abode. But out of all the lighting trends out there, there is one particular lamp that stands out from the crowd - the globe rechargeable lamp.


Why is this considered a genius in the lighting world? Simply put, it meets the design trifecta of being functional, versatile and aesthetic - all in one stunning piece! Here, we break down all the goodness of our very own version of the globe rechargeable lamp, the Moon Cordless LED Table Lamp with Rechargeable Batteries.


Moon Cordless LED Table Lamp with Rechargeable Batteries

Moon Cordless LED Table Lamp with Rechargeable Batteries


Since we're shopping for lights, of course we'll be considering how functional it gets as an individual piece. Our globe color changing lamp instructions are easy to read and understand as well! And this globe rechargeable lamp is functional in so many ways:


No unsightly wires

First off, it's cordless so you won't have to worry about unsightly cable wires ruining your tablescape - or accidentally tripping over exposed cable wires! This feature alone makes it a great choice as a centerpiece mood light for your side table, coffee table, dining table, or any table that's not resting against the wall. If you're a family with small kids, this globe lamp is a safe, fun and stylish option to have for their bedroom or playroom.


Globe color changing lamp - how long to charge?

The Moon Cordless LED Table Lamp comes with a USB charging cable and 24v lithium rechargeable batteries that lasts up to 8 hours with a single charge. This feature makes this lamp an ideal option for outdoor parties and gatherings, for setting up a romantic dinner table by the pool, for outdoor cafe tables, for camping trips and even for unexpected power interruptions and blackouts.


Remote control operation

This globe rechargeable led work light comes with a handy remote control so you don't have to get up and go to where the lamp is to change its setting. It gives you a hassle-free experience especially if you're already snuggled into bed or lounging cozily on the couch!



Perhaps one of the most note-worthy features this lamp has is its being waterproof, making this the perfect outdoor lamp for evenings out by the backyard or swimming pool - perfect for throwing backyard and swimming parties. It's completely waterproof so you don't have to worry about it getting wet and malfunctioning!


It's one versatile and aesthetic lamp

Besides being multi-functional, the Moon Cordless LED Table Lamp is an all-around lamp for many spaces around the home. Its looks and style alone make this a chic decorative accent for any room, especially if you're into modern and contemporary decor aesthetics.


Adjustable brightness

Beautifully shaped in an eye-catching sphere, this table lamp has a dimmable feature that lets you control the level of illumination you desire for your lighting needs. Be it as a soft light in the background for a cozy atmosphere, a globe rechargeable night light for a kids' bedroom, or for setting a particular ambience, this table lamp is a mood on its own.


Delightful hues

Gorgeous to look at, this lamp also features 16 color changeable lights, which can be set for one color or for gradually changing colors within a set time. If you're wanting your space to be awash with a delightful pink hue - or any other color - for a stylish photo, this lamp does the perfect job! 


Safe and FUN - especially for kids!

Definitely a crowd pleaser, kids naturally gravitate towards anything they see as fun, and this lamp is as fun as it gets! Besides lighting up in their favorite colors, this lamp is made from safe materials and produce very little heat - perfectly safe for even the most curious, small children.


Express your personal style

Functional, versatile and aesthetically pleasing to any eye, our globe rechargeable lamp lets you turn your personal space into a modern haven that screams of fun, contemporary chic. There's no hard and fast rule when it comes to the actual placement of this lamp. Whether you set it on your bedside table, a console table or on the floor, this lamp is sure to lend a modern chic aesthetic to any area.

Style tip: For a modern flair throughout your living room or bedroom, get this lamp in varying sizes to create dimension and fantastic charm - it's bound to bring in whimsy and wonder when they're all lit up in different colors!


Well-suited for any age, our Moon Cordless LED Table Lamp with Rechargeable Batteries makes a standout style statement in whatever area you place it in, be it inside or outside, home or at the office.