Tips to Enhance Your Home with Vases

The finishing touch to any interior space is your décor. Even the most beautifully designed homes appear lifeless without hand-picked decorative elements that capture attention and give the space a pop of personality. Vases are one of the easiest and most satisfying ways to amp up any room.

From bringing the outdoors in with fresh flowers and greenery or wanting to wow your guests, we never underestimate the decorative punch of a new vase. Vases showcase anything from a beautiful floral arrangement to a few branches of curly willow or even a display of peacock plumes. They also add visual and touchable texture to a space. 

Just starting your online vase shopping? Whether shopping for a single small vase or an assortment of large floor vases online, our collection is one of the best.

We’re sure you’ll love our selection of colorful vases for sale on Letifly. And to help you get started towards decorating the home of your dreams, we’ve put together some helpful tips for styling your spaces with vases.  

Shop your home

This design trick is a great way to revamp your space by restyling it with items you already own. Collect all the vases you may have tucked away and start your refresh. If you don’t have many vases, start with a small display of your favorites on a side table or bookshelf. 

This process does two things. One, it helps you declutter. Let’s say you’ve recently moved homes. This can be an opportunity to give away decorative vases that looked great in your previous place but no longer fit your décor. Two, it will get your creative vase decorating juices flowing and make room for a few new colorful vases. 

Create with color

There are so many colorful vases for sale but using your room’s overall color palette will guide you. If your overall palette is neutral, ceramic vases in soft pastel hues might be a good choice. Buying a pair of large green floor vases online for your entryway can create a welcoming effect. You may not think of green as a neutral but because it mirrors the great outdoors, many shades of green work well within neutral color schemes. 

Shades of blue ceramic vase

Shades of Blue Ceramic Vase: Modern gourd-shaped ceramic vases in a soothing palette of blues, greens and beige bring a breezy seaside vibe to your space. 

Bright white walls add a modern touch to any room and make the perfect canvas for vibrantly colored decorative vases.  

Bright color ceramic flower vase

Bright Color Ceramic Flower Vase: Splashes of red, lilac, yellow and green in mesmerizing shapes capture attention from every vantage point. 

White Vases

You only have to visit a few décor shops to know that there is no shortage of colorful vases for sale. But, don’t overlook white vases for enhancing your home. White and greenery are like peanut butter and jelly! Add a dark green tropical leaf and stem to a beautiful white vase and the results are stunning. A pop of purple or bright red tulips also catches the eye.

Mixing in white vases with colorful ceramic vases gives the eye a place to rest and white will never compete with other colors.

White on white captivates. Imagine a simple sprig of baby’s breath in a small white vase or a bountiful bouquet of white blossoms in an elegant white vase. 

Paros white ceramic vases

Paros White Ceramic Vases: Showcased in a matte white finish, these sculptural vases add artistic expression to a mantle, bookshelf or tabletop. 

Swirl textured ceramic flower vase

Swirl Textured Ceramic Flower Vase: A whirlwind of swirls brings textured appeal to a space and creates an eye-pleasing arrangement. 

Metallic vases

Put the petals to the metal for a bright bold look. A polished silver vase reflects light and similar to a mirror, can make a room feel more spacious. 

Ring dance plated ceramic vases

Ring Dance Plated Ceramic Vases: These stunning vases feature organic asymmetric rings that seem to dance before your eyes! Made of ceramic and electroplated in high polished silver they bring a cool sophistication to your space. Hint: Fill them with white flowers to instantly brighten up a dark area of your home.    

Silver mirror modern glass vases

 Silver Mirror Modern Glass Vases: Invite an atomic age vintage vibe to a room with this stunning saucer-on-a-pedestal glass vase. The mirrored silver finish is a reflection of your exceptional sense of style. 

Body Art Vases

Whether you consider these playful and sassy or a good reminder to love yourself as you are, these female form vases make a statement in any space. 

Body art glass vases

Body Art Glass Vases: Crafted from high-quality crystal, these glass-blown female figure vases add artful appeal to a table or shelf. 

Body art ceramic vase

Body Art Ceramic Vase: Pretty in pink, these female form art vases add sculptural style to your space. 

Feminine nature shaped ceramic vases

Feminine Nature Shaped Ceramic Vases: Handcrafted ceramic feminine shapes come in assorted shapes, sizes and colors. Celebrate the beauty of the female form! 

Create a vase still life

When looking for colorful vases for sale, look for unique shapes and textures. Here are steps to styling a vase still life: 

  1. Let your creative vases flow by selecting pieces that speak to you.
  2. Group your vases in odd numbers. Odd numbers tend to draw the eye to move around the display. That trick to force the eye to move is the key to creating visual interest.
  3. A bit of symmetry is ok, but for an eye-catching still life, vary the heights of your vases. Start with the tallest vase at the back.
  4. Don’t be afraid to add a few décor items that you love, like a decorative bowl and beads or a brass bell.
  5. To balance the look of your colorful vase still life, imagine an egg shape on the surface. You can even use a piece of string to create the “egg” and keep your still life within the space.
  6. Add some real or faux flowers or greens. Leave one or more vases empty to allow for some visual breathing space. 

Geometric abstract ceramic accents

Geometric Abstract Ceramic Accents: A study in geometry, our abstract ceramic sculptural pieces are the perfect accent to a ceramic vase still life. 

Make fresh arrangements

A vase filled with fresh-cut flowers brings life into a room. You don’t have to be a florist to create beautiful floral arrangements in a vase. Here are some tips for arranging flowers in different sized vases:

Small vases: Big blossoms in bright colors make a statement in a small vase. Use an odd number of flowers for visual appeal. Try using the same flower in different colors for variety.

Medium vases: For a glass vase, crisscross the stems and wrap them together with twine. This adds visual interest to the base of the vase. For height and dimension, use various flowers and a mix of greens.

Large vases: Large vases are prominent, so stick to 3-4 different types of flowers and greens. Vary the heights of stems and let some greenery flow downwards to create depth.

Letifly has a large selection of colorful vases for sale. Treat yourself to a new vase or shop through our vase collection for a loved one. Vases make the ultimate gift!