Picture-perfect utensils, matching flatwares and silverwares, and classy dinner table arrangements always bring joy to our hearts. It is probably because dining together with your family and friends guarantee a memorable and worthwhile experience that would surely last a lifetime.Whether it be a formal fine dining experience, a brunch at your home garden, a barbecue night in your lawn, or a casual dine-in near the pool - you would surely want to impress your folks. 

But what better way to create a more enjoyable experience this year than by bringing to your dinner table your finest and most precious utensils to show off to your family and friends. Surely, dining would be much more appealing if your table is full of beautiful fixtures, silver cutlery and even serveware trays to leave them impressed. 

Don’t worry, because we at Letifly prepared our lists of top 11 best flatware and silverware sets that will give you more joy and delight in this coming new year. We've compiled for you our best flatwares and silverwares with designs that span an array of styles, from modern to even medieval vibe - we got them all at your convenience. 

Start your year with these gorgeous pieces that are available in our wide collection of kitchen knick knacks to give you lots and lots of options. We have various collections of flatware, dinnerware and serveware sets that would surely cover your kitchen aesthetic needs. Curated from the finest artisans all over the world, you are sure to impress everyone with this fine cutleries. 

1. Vintage Gold Engraved Stainless Steel Flatware 24 pc Set


Making it to the top is our one-of-a kind stunner Vintage Gold Engraved Stainless Steel Flatware that comes in 24 pieces per set. Adorned with intricate designs and patterns that will surely give you an ethereal vibe, these flatware is sure to please. Made with anti-corrosive properties and high quality stainless steel, this set includes 6 knives, 6 dinner forks, 6 dinner spoons and 6 teaspoons perfect for your intimate gathering. This is coated with gold paint finish that shines perfectly in your table setting, you are sure to know that this is safe as it is made with eco-friendly materials and dishwasher friendly components. Impress your guests with these majestic and timeless pieces of cutlery in your home.

Treat your dinner guests with sumptuous food and make them feel like royalty with these stunning cutlery pieces framing their beautiful plates. Intricately detailed and finished in a vintage gold tone, this cutlery set brings an evocative style to your dinner party that will surely leave your guests enthralled and feeling special.


2. Striped Japanese “Between the Lines” Serveware


Make a lasting impression of your table setup with this elegant and chic serveware inspired with the beautiful art and culture of Asian porcelain dinnerwares. Designed with beautiful blue hues to match its striped pattern creating a perfect gradient glossy finish in each serveware. Not only does it offer a beautiful addition of culture to your table, it comes in a variety of pieces to choose from whether it be plates, bowls, saucers and other serveware pieces that are in varying sizes to suit your every needs. Its striking linear design would surely stand out in your table setup. 

Adorned with delectable dishes, these serveware pieces will surely elevate any dining experience, creating a visual aesthetic that's simply picture-perfect and leaving your guests charmed.


3. Black Luxury Flatware 5 pc Set


Bring boldness in the kitchen with these beautiful mirror-finish black luxury flatware that comes in 5 pieces set including a fork, knife, spoon, teaspoon and dessert fork. Designed with a modern and full-on beautiful dark black hue that makes any table presentation more exciting. Made with premium stainless steel material, this stunning set of flatware is sure to give you that elegant and sheer touch of finesse in your table display. As precious as they are, it would surely impress everyone in the dining set. 

This sleek cutlery set makes a bold and stark contrast to your dinner table presentation, elevating the dining experience to elegant and sophisticated heights that's sure to leave guests charmed and utterly fascinated. Get a set - or two - to experience a truly unique and sophisticated dinner affair. 


4. Daisy Dinnerware


Be timeless and classy with these magnificent white ceramic dinnerwares that would surely complement whatever design theme you want to display. Designed with petal and scalloped edges, this dinnerware comes in four different sizes to cater to your setup needs. Choose whether to have a large or small bowl, or even a large or small plate; it is all up to you! With beautiful texture that makes each plate a complete masterpiece - this daisy dinnerware is a sure hit must-have. It’s fancy and appealing, you could never go wrong with these classic white plates.


5. Duchess Stainless Steel Gold Flatware 20 pc Set


Shine in gold with these beautiful Duchess stainless steel gold flatware set to make your table set-up be that of a royal. With its shining gold finish, these flatwares are sure to leave your guests at awe with its sophisticated design and mirror-like finish. Go big or go intimate with the set choices of 20 pieces of cutleries of 5 pieces, the choice is yours. Plus, you don’t have to worry about it as it is dishwasher-friendly.


6. White and Gold Regal Dinnerware


Feeling like a royalty this year? Then we suggest to add this classic and chic white and gold regal dinnerware that is sure to give your table setting that classic feel. It is made with fine ceramic porcelain detailed with gold edge lining that definitely stands out. You can choose in four various sizes to accommodate the needs of your festivities - be it a bowl or a plate either in small sizes or large sizes. Not only that, but you can even choose with a white base or black base - the style all depends on you!

Why not get both sets for a seamless and sophisticated mix-and-match tablescape? It sets the tone for a classy dinner affair that's sure to catch the eye of your guests. 


7. Retro Hammered Stainless Steel 4 pc Cutlery Set


Travel in time with this medieval-looking retro hammered stainless steel cutlery set that comes in 4 pieces. Made with the finest stainless steel material, this cutlery set is intricately designed with hammered steel texture that mimics the craftsmanship of the era years ago. It is finished off with a mirror-like shine to make it pop off more, and this cutlery set is dishwasher friendly , so you won’t have to worry about anything.


8. Tile Ceramic Plates 3 pc Set


Create a symmetry of pattern with these spectacular tile ceramic plates to complete your table ensemble. Mix and match everything on the table, as these ceramic plates are designed with colorful patterns of various designs to give your table a fresh and exciting vibe. With 12 different patterns to choose from, you will never run out of options! It’s the complete aesthetic, and it’s dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe! It’s the perfect addition to your Sunday brunches and holiday gatherings.


9. Cake Blush and Gold Flatware 2 pc Set


Explore your gold tone options with this luxurious Cake Blush and Gold Flatware set that comes in pairs. Made with stainless steel, this flatwares are FDA approved, dishwasher and eco-friendly that works perfectly for either your daily use or for special occasions. With its gold-tone metal with a mirror finish, these gorgeous pairs would surely elevate your dining experience. Adding to its beauty is its powdered finish lacquered handle in blush tone. 


10. Antique Relief Ceramic Porcelain Dinnerware


Making it on our list is this beautiful and romantic design of antique relief ceramic porcelain dinnerware. Each piece is made with a detailed pattern of swirls with a gradient brownish hue that brings out that antique vibe. Made from high-quality ceramics, this dinnerware is FDA approved and safe to use in the dishwasher. Beauty and convenience has never been this perfect as you make any occasion become more memorable. 


11. Boca Woven Rattan Tray


Bring an organic flair to your table with these amazing Boca woven rattan trays. This eco-friendly tray is made with a natural woven rattan body and handle where you could store and serve your fresh bakes, home-cooked meals or fresh picked fruits - your choice! These trays are versatile to either use in the kitchen or a decorative addition to store your items. The Boca woven rattan tray is perfect to make a stylish addition to your home.

Gear up with these amazing and variety of stylish chic combinations of modern and renaissance inspiration to your home. Because every occasion matters, elevate your table setting game with any of these flatwares and silverwares that is sure to charm your folks. Choose from this list or to our entire collection of kitchen wares, you never have to worry about designing again.

We at Letifly, aims to give you the best kitchen items and decorative additions to your home, at your convenience through the most competitive prices in the market. Make 2023 a year of hope and new beginnings. Check out the rest of our collections to complete that full aesthetic that you envision and be ready to start the year with fresh energy.