Armed Retro Brass Wall Sconce with Glass Shade

Top 15 Timeless Modern Wall Sconces For Your Home Decor 

The year is about to end and you are thinking of all the opportunities and things that could have been. Don’t fret, because a new year is just around the corner. As we enter a new year, you are probably starting to make your list of goals that you want to pursue. Some may even start thinking of starting a new career, a new business, a new relationship, or travel to a new place. But what about your home? Redesigning your home provides a different kind of energy to get you started on your goals.

It doesn’t have to be a full house renovation - even adding a pop of new lights would make a big difference. Among a variety of lighting options, wall sconces offer a breath of fresh air to your chosen spaces. These stylish and modern wall lights bring ample illumination to any area, plus they come in an array of styles that's sure to fit in with your style and design requirements.

With lights, Letifly got your back! We prepared for you our top 15 picks of wall sconces that you could add into your home decor this year. These items are just a few of our wide array of products available in our sconces and wall lamps collection that are curated from artisans all over the world!

With Letifly, you're bound to pick one that's just right for your design needs! Check out this list of gorgeous sconces, perfect for your every need.


  1. Ari Cone Wall Sconce

cone pink wall lamp

Landing in our top pick is one of the best sellers in the entire collection. Its aluminum body is painted in eight different shades with a wooden base that adds to its charm. Perfect to use as a reading light, a corridor light or even just an accent light. You can never go wrong with the Ari cone. Available in 8 charming and playful colors, the Ari Cone Wall Sconce is perfect for areas needing a pop of color, such as the nursery, a child's study nook or a cozy reading corner.


  1. Ultra USB Battery Rechargeable Wall Light

Battery Rechargeable Wall light

Next on the list is the convenient and chic Ultra Rechargeable wall light powered with a 500mAh USB charged battery that you can use whenever, wherever! Made with precisely curated resin material for a glossy finish, and a base made with two color options.  It is built with three function modes, whether to use it as normal light, manually turn it off, or use its motion sensor features! It will automatically illuminate when a motion is detected even from 7-10 feet away and turns off after 15-20 seconds when there is no motion detected. Epic, right?


  1. Valence Reading Wall Lamp with Pull Cord


Reading Wall Lamp with Pull Cord

This amazing reading wall light that comes with a handy pull cord is an ideal for your bedside light fixture. Your old reading lamps would probably cause a lot of space, but the Valence Wall Lamp doesn’t even take a single space! Not only that it's perfect for a minimalist style, it leads light directly to where you want it to be, with its shade direction designed to rotate a 180-degree movement.  With its lacquered metal shade,it also comes in five different colors to give you wider options.


  1. Wall Lamp with Swing Arms

 Wall Lamp with Swing Arms serge mouille style

With its peculiar design, this wall lamp with swing arms is totally one of a kind. Either go big or bigger with its size option of large or x-large, either an arm or two, the choice is up to you!

Made with an iron base with black glossy finish, it comes with a wall knob switch. The swinging arms can be used to design your living room , bedroom or dining area with its mid-century style!


  1. Globe Wall Sconce Wood & Metal with Pull Cord

 Wood & Metal Globe Wall Sconce Green Yellow Pink

Next is this quirky pastel colored globe wall sconce with stylish pull cords that comes in four different lamp shade colors to suit the design of any room. Assembled with a frosted gloss lampshade  and an aluminum-and-wood body that are painted in  pastel colors.

Its contemporary design made it the cutest choice of sconce to add in your home.It is designed to have a lighting area of 5 to 10 sq. meters, that gives you the right amount of light you need. Perfect to add a pop of color to your vanity mirror, bedroom, or even in your reading nook! This playful sconce is great for the nursery or children's rooms as it comes with fun, quirky pastel colors and a playful vibe that children will surely love.


  1. Devon Wall Sconce with Pull Cord with Pull Chain Switch

reading black Wall sconce in Metal and Wood Green with pull chain switch 

Crafted from metal materials as base, the Devon wall sconce is made in six different colors painted in its premium stainless steel matched with a wood detailing that will surely up your decoration game. The attached pull chain switch comes in either gold or silver to suit your preference!  It’s easy to install and is designed to give any room a postmodern vibe. Suitable to use in any parts of your home.


  1. Rotating Wood Reading Lamp with Plug


Offering installation convenience, this rotating wood lamp comes in a 6-feet cord plug with a switch knob for easy use, along with an E27 screw cap for a safer and more reliable hold. Perfect to use as your bedside lamp or wherever you want it to be - this wall lamp will match every design of your room. It’s wooden base and six different varieties of colors are the ideal option to combine design and convenience.


  1. Metal Cube Led Wall Light


Next on the list are these bold cube lights that are perfect to illuminate your pathway or set the mood of any parts of your home. The body is made with an aluminum material painted with neutral colors of either black or white.It’s light direction is both up and down, that would surely brighten the place.


  1. Modern Wood and Metal Wall Sconce with Leather Strap

black Modern Wood & Metal Wall Sconce with Leather Strap 

Available in black and white color, this modern style wall sconce is an excellent choice to use either as a reading wall lamp or an accent piece. It’s an eye-catcher with its leather strap detail that holds the lamp as it hangs in the wooden rod, perfect to give any room a modern vibe. You could definitely mix and match these scones to give you a warm cozy feel.


  1. Armed Retro Brass Wall Sconce with Glass Shade

Armed Retro Brass Wall Sconce with Glass Shade 

A brass light fixture could never go wrong in any parts of your home. Especially this armed retro brass wall sconce paired with glass bulb shade. It comes with a variety of arm designs to match your artistic vision, and your every needs. Built with a brass body and a clear glass shade, this wall sconce is perfect and will surely add a timeless touch of allure in your place. It’s unique retro vibe brings an evocative touch to any personal space and is ideal for homes with an art deco or modern industrial interior style.


  1. Light Spot Cement Wall Lamp

round Spot Cement Wall lamp sconce 

This wall lamp is a perfect contrast to break that plain lane of wall down your hallways. The combination of the cement hold and globe of glass is perfect on-point design that is unique and classy.  Hit it up to a next level by pairing it with a matching pendant light to add a sophisticated contemporary mood at home.


  1. Disk Rotate Metal Lead Wall Lamp with Pull Chain

black Disk Rotate Metal LED Wall Lamp with Pull Chain 

Contemporary and sleek - that’s the perfect way to describe this unique lamp. Made with a non-corrosive aluminum built with a 360-degree rotation capacity to provide the perfect light at any angle. Whether you choose to have a pull chain or not, the lamp is surely a trendy addition to your decor.


  1. Glass Torch Brass Wall Light

Glass Torch Brass Wall Light 

Elegant wall lights will never go out of style,as this wall light is made with brass bodice and four different color finishes of your choice, giving you more options to choose from. It’s an ideal addition to brighten your corridors, staircase or hallways. This would definitely make you feel as if you're walking through palace corridors.


  1. Ball of Light Wall Sconce
black Ball of Light Wall Sconce


This list would not be complete without this fancy and classically sophisticated ball of light wall sconce. Designed with an L-shaped body that comes in two different color finishes to suit your desire. Works both placing it upright or downward, it would still give the same elegant ambiance to any area of the house.


  1. Stella Wall Sconce

globe gold Stella Wall Sconce 

To finish our list, this wall sconce would give you a postmedieval kind of vibe with its absolutely stunning combination of black and gold finish. Match with an incandescent light, you could install it with or without the stand. The classic simplicity of this design would surely set a romantic and alluring ambiance through its light.


There is still much more that we could give but we choose the finest among our collections for you to try. Adding these wall lights to any parts of your home would surely create a different energy that you surely need to start a year with a fresh glow. But why stop with lights? Visit our collection of decors in this link to spice up your homes.