Letifly's Story

Leti embarked on her design journey in 2018. While furnishing her own home, she found most renown decor stores had inaccessible prices and the affordable ones didn’t have interesting enough products.

Leti started to communicate directly with creators and designers to cut the middle men fees imposed by the big retailers. After seeing the results for her own apartment decor (and her wallet!), she decided to create a website to share her finds to design lovers.

Our Vendors

Letifly Inc. curates the catalog looking for beautiful, functional, thoughtful, innovative design solutions that remain accessible to all. We source from leading manufacturers and creators all over the world.

The Future 

Our vision is to nourish our community by empowering local artists and creators to display their designs and enhance the impact and reach of their creations. We are always looking for new ideas and welcome creators to contact us for more information on how to be a part of Letifly.