20 Best Home Gifts — Home Decor Gifts 2022

Home is our private sanctuary. It’s the place we can’t wait to get back to at the end of the day. While choosing comfy and stylish furniture is important, the real magic happens when we surround ourselves with things we love. From your colorful collection of vases on the bookshelf to that wood tray on the coffee table that you love styling with your favorite things, these extra touches make us fall in love with our spaces.

Share your love for beautiful home accents! If you’re looking for a gift to give for your loved ones - a friend, relative or special one - why not share the gift of style and homey touch for their homes? Ideal for special occasions, birthdays, the Holidays or as a housewarming present, home decor gifts show your affection and your penchant for style!

At this time of year, love is in the air and at Letify.com we’re pleased to showcase some of the best home gifts for 2022 and beyond. From eye-catching, decorative pieces that will make a statement in their personal spaces, to useful and practical items that are aesthetically pleasing, these chic home decor gifts aim to please - there's no doubt about it!   



1.     Color Inlay Glass Vase

For those who love having lush greens or natural blossoms in the home, these colorful glass vases are just the thing for indulging that inner earthiness. Made from double-layered borosilicate glass, vases feature curvy colorful silhouettes inside clear glass cylinders. Display a single sprig, flip it over for a tight bunch of blossoms or set a few near a sunny window- these inlay glass vases are art objects on their own. Chances are high that your giftee already has the perfect spot for one or more of these vessels.




2.     Brush Painted Vintage Candle Holder

Your homebody homie might not be into going out and painting the town, so these painted vintage candle holders might strike a giftee match. Available in a full range of colors, from soft pastels to bright jewel tones in a chic matte finish, these candle holders make perfect gifts and are the charming finishing touch to any space.



3.     Cobalt Blown Glass Candle Holders

Our Cobalt glass candle holders guarantee an invite to the next dinner party. With a nod to vintage glass candlesticks, this ensemble comes in eye-pleasing trumpet, flute and accordion shapes made popular in the 1970s. Crafted from eco-friendly, heat-resistant borosilicate glass, these candle holders group together to create inspired tablescapes and unique displays on a shelf or mantle.




 4.     Natural Rattan Texture Cement Planter

Want to be the cool friend that provides an attractive new home for your plant-loving pal’s latest houseplant? This natural rattan texture cement planter will get you top honors in the cool category. The cement planter trend is here to stay and these rattan-inspired planters bring a warm patina and pleasant texture to a living room or patio. Available in three sizes. Get them all three to cement the deal!  





5.     April Showers Watering Can

Show them you care about their plant care with the April showers watering can. Made from sturdy plastic, this watering can come with a long, slender plastic or metal spout for reaching those high-hanging plant pots. Rugged enough for use outdoors on the patio, the longer spout allows for better control so delicate plants or succulents don’t get overwatered.




6. Japanese Pottery Cups & Mugs

For all those times you and your bestie got together to solve the world’s problems over a hot cuppa. Textured and fluted designs in rich earthy colors give these Japanese pottery cups and mugs an artisan appeal. Made for cradling that first cup of coffee on weekday mornings or lingering over a soothing, aromatic cup of chai on a lazy Sunday afternoon. An ideal gift for coffee and tea lovers, they will surely be floored with its earthy style. Get them a whole set of the tall, striped mugs for an instant collection that they can use for entertaining!




7.     Uovo Cordless USB Rechargeable Lamp

Remind them how much they light up your world with a lamp that’s as practical as it is pretty. On the practical side, our Uovo rechargeable lamp is everything they could ask for. Battery operated and portable, it goes anywhere they do. Or give it a permanent place, like on a bedside table or fastened to a shelf bottom for display lighting. For those looking for the convenience of a rechargeable night light, the little gem is egg-actly what they need.




8.     Heart Embroidered Pillow Cover

Some of the best home gifts say it with love. Our Heart embroidered pillow cover hits all the textural highpoints with its soft, fluffy embroidered hearts on a smooth cotton-linen background. A plush pillow for a chair, sofa or bed, it has a plain back and hidden zipper. Add the 17 x 17-inch pillow insert and they’ll be smitten. Available in Rust and Beige, these chic hearts will definitely grace their space with a lovely, cozy style.




9.     Chevron Soft Throw Blanket with Tassels

Haven’t they always been the zig to your zag? The textured knit design of our Chevron soft throw blanket is oh-so-charming and traditional, with the chevron pattern lending a modern vibe. It comes in bright jewel-toned hues that play well with cool or warm color palettes. Arranged over the arm of a favorite easy chair or draped on the sofa or bed, this soft knit throw brings a cozy feel to any space.




10.     Any Time Cement Desk Clock

Clocks might not be the first things that come to mind when thinking about the best home gifts, but this clock will change that mindset. Artwork is always a cool gift and this mod cement desk clock has an artsy retro shape that works with both traditional and contemporary decor styles. The gold accents on this timepiece add a bit of glam to a bedroom, guest room or home office.




11.     Daisy Bloom Bath Mat

A home decor gift guide would not be complete without gift ideas for those who love to luxuriate in a sudsy bath. Since every spa day needs to end sometime, why not make it a grand finale with this wonderfully plush, absorbent Daisy bloom bath mat. You’ll feel renewed and fresh as a daisy as your step onto this luxe bath mat.




12.     Daisy Embroidered Lumbar Pillow Cover

Flower power! Our Daisy embroidered lumbar pillow cover brings a fresh, springtime feeling into a bedroom or living room. Cotton pillow covers showcase lush embroidered daisies on one side for an eye-pleasing topper for a bed or chair.




13.     Faux Fur Sheepskin Throw & Area Rug

Indulge someone’s bohemian side. You would never know it from sinking your tootsies into it, but our sheepskin throw rug is faux fur. Crafted from nylon with a faux suede backing, fluffy white throws adds instant glamor to a favorite space. Toss one over a chair or ottoman for instant boho magic. If it’s your giftee’s goal to create a cozy bedroom, they’ll fall in love with this sheepskin.




14.     Vibrant Color Balloon Dog Sculpture

Dog lovers won’t be able to resist our wonderfully whimsical balloon dog sculptures. Handmade from high-quality resin and painted in vibrant colors, these fanciful pooches will never deflate. But, they will give an instant lift to a drab corner. Balloon dog sculptures are a great decorative item for a desk, bookshelf or any place that could use a pop of playfulness.




15.     Oxford Black Walnut Serving Trays

This home gift is for the culinary queen or king who loves to invite family and friends over to feed them something sumptuous. Crafted of black walnut, our serving trays come in organic oval shapes to add a visual delight to the delicious treats on the table. Want a guaranteed place at your pal’s next feast? Get them a set of these serving trays and you’ll be a shoo-in.




16.     Pavlova Ceramic Stand Tray

A baker’s dream, the Pavlova ceramic stand tray makes a stylish serving tray for cakes, cupcakes and other confectionary treats. A fluted design with vintage-inspired distressing in a soft, ashy white, this is a stand-up gift for anyone who loves to bake. (Even if that someone happens to be you!)




17.     Jana Storage Basket

Baskets are one of the best home gifts you can give (or receive!) Just the thing to keep your stuff organized, baskets are an attractive way to store pillows in the living room or create under-counter storage in the bathroom. Natural woven baskets like our Jana storage basket add texture and interest to any space. Guess you could say baskets are the storage you don’t want to hide!




18.     Charm Ripple Glass Storage Jars with Lid

Our Charm ripple glass storage jars come with an airtight bamboo lid topped with a brass ring pull for a vintage-inspired look. Lovely enough to corral cotton balls on a vanity top or show and store coffee beans in the kitchen, these glass jars come in a round or flared design that loved ones can mix and match to their organized heart’s content.


19.      Isosceles Hanging Organizer

Give them a whole new outlook on home or office organization with our Isosceles hanging organizer. Who knew you could keep a desk or work table tidy and create an attractive wall feature at the same time? These metal triangles will get them thinking outside the box when it comes to displaying art prints, books, files and more. Available in gold, white or black to fit any space.




20.     Modern Neutrals Portable Catch All Tray and Basket

Our Modern catch-all tray has a removable handle so it stays put on the entryway console for keys and other out-the-door items or it can travel from room to room. Tell them it’s perfect for transporting morning coffee, bagel and phone to the patio.


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