Ceramic comes from the Greek word for pottery. Ceramics come from clay that has been hardened by high temperatures. Crafted into many shapes and finished in countless colors and finishes, ceramic is one of the most popular materials for vases.

Ceramic vases come in all shapes and sizes to suit any home décor style, from rustic farmhouse vessels to modern ceramic vase designs.

Vases bring artistic expression into a room and look great with or without flowers in them. And since the stems and other flower arrangement accessories aren’t visible, many prefer displaying blossoms and greenery in a ceramic flower vase.

Letifly vase collections come in many styles and colors, from eye-pleasing classic ceramic vase designs to modern abstract pieces that catch the eye from any vantage point. You’ll find beautiful ceramic vases to mix, match and collect as well as pretty flower vases to give to your favorite gardener.


Wow Them with White

White remains one of the most popular choices in interior designs, so it only seems fitting that a white ceramic vase would be a good place to start.

While white doesn’t command visual space on its own, nothing brightens up a space than a vase in white ceramic. Flowers pop with color against white - picture a simple bunch of coral tulips or a brilliant yellow fresh forsythia bouquet. These white ceramic vases serve as a stylish backdrop to enhance the gorgeous colors of your blooms.

Placed along some of your favorite colorful pieces, a white ceramic vase is a wow-worthy part of any tabletop, bookcase or mantel display.


Paros White Ceramic Vases showcase an artistic sculptural silhouette that looks stunning in any space. Combining the simplicity of the neutral ivory shade with gorgeous texture and shape, this vase will definitely stand out in style.


Mori Sculpted Ceramic Accents presents this angular sculptured bottle vase. Crafted from ceramic porcelain it has a velvety smooth texture. Perfect for that one dainty blossom.


A delicious visual treat, the Meringue Abstract Ceramic Vase resembles a billowing mountain of meringue. Featuring stunning texture in a lovely shape, this vase showcases utilitarian style.


Striking in Stripes

Bold, classy and oh-so-very French, the black and white striped look is a classic that always feels fresh and brings monochromatic elegance to any space.

Generally, thicker stripes bring a modern vibe, with thinner stripes leaning toward a classic, traditional look. When thin and thick stripes combine, the look is boho-chic and free-spirited.


This set of Bauhaus Minimalist Black & White Vases makes a vibrant trio. Add oomph to an entryway console table or create a captivating centerpiece on your dining table when you fill them with the palest pink roses.


Hand-painted black stripes add drama to this cinched at the waist Scandi White & Black Ceramic Vase. A single large green frond or a wispy spray of dried berries and branches are asymmetrically appealing, upping the sophistication level of any tablescape.


Sometimes a single stripe says it all! This Contrast Ribbon Textured Ceramic Vase comes in a black/white or white/black composition. The organic, rumpled shape and vertical ribbing add loads of tempting texture on top of a book on a table or next to books in a bookcase. While exuding monochromatic charm, it has a certain playful and fun vibe that any surface will surely benefit from.


Vases with Faces

When it comes to modern ceramic vase designs, nothing packs more personality than ceramic vases with faces. Found in almost every culture on the planet, this art form has been around for centuries. 

Arranged as a still life on a pedestal or topping a console table or shelf, these beautiful ceramic vases do double duty as pretty flower vases or eye-catching objects d’art. 


Shown in easy-on-the-eyes pastel shades, the contrasting shapes of these About Face Ceramic Vases make an expressive accent for greeting guests in an entryway or facing another day at the office. Available in neutral and light pastel shades, these whimsical face ceramic vases will definitely add a touch of creative interest to your space.


And the winner is….Part of the Visage Clay Ceramic Planters & Vases collection, our Gold Folded Vase is the star of the show. If you’re looking to pamper yourself with a Hollywood regency style space, this vase is the touch of glam you’ve been looking for! Oozing glamour and sophistication, this case is certainly a statement-making piece that's worthy to take center stage.

Our Tahiti Floral Ceramic Vases showcase serene facial expressions and come in three styles and colors. Look to these pretty flower vases to bring a laidback expression to a favorite space. These charming ceramic vases are perfect for placing on your entryway console, greeting you with style every time you come home.


Hello Art Deco

The Art Deco decorative arts and architectural movement of the 1920s to 1930s showcased strong symmetry and bold geometry. Back in the time of the Great Gatsby, this design was all about lavish luxury.

Today’s updated art deco ceramic vase designs are playful and modern, with that same eye-pleasing symmetry and panache.


Add instant Art Deco pizzazz to a table, desk or countertop with the Geometric Textured Ceramic Vase.


The highly stylized geometric forms of this trio of Opt Texture Pastel Ceramic Vases step up to the plate as playful, pretty flower vases or as a decorative display with depth and dimension.


Color and Contrast

In decorating a favorite space, use vibrant colors and contrasting shapes to create excitement, energy and visual interest.

A carefully curated arrangement of colorful ceramic vases brings an empty set of shelves to life. Opt for a crisp look by choosing one color for a mashup of items on a shelf. Or use a corner wall or shelf as a blank canvas and arrange a group of colorful contrasting vases, some brimming with blossoms and some without.


The striking colors and shapely silhouettes of these Contrasted Ceramic Vases make a statement on any shelf or mantle.


Our Sculptural Ceramic Vases in a Southwestern-inspired color palette add depth to a table vignette or mantle display.


The Old World charm of these bottleneck Provence Soft Gradient Vases gets a modern uptake with gradient color schemes and eye-pleasing silhouettes.


Something is enchanting about a room that bursts with color. Our handmade Bright Color Ceramic Flower Vase comes in five alluring shapes and shades to complete any contemporary space.


Whimsical Wonder

Are you attracted to all things whimsical? Whimsical décor embraces a sense of playful delight. Whimsical modern ceramic vase designs bring a sense of surprise, curiosity and charm to our homes. And since whimsical décor doesn’t have to fit any décor style, adding a few playful forms and quirky details can get you the fanciful look with ease.


Topped with a sprig of colorful dried flowers or a lush green Monstera stem, Our White Kiss Vase puts the focus on fanciful charm.


Our Garden Weave Basket Ceramic Vase showcases a woven texture and curved handles. A playfully pleasant ceramic flower vase for a kitchen island or desktop.


The Power of One

Does your mantel look lonely? A single colorful ceramic flower vase makes a great conversation piece.


With the look of a found treasure, the eye-pleasing paint and texture of our Nile Textured Ceramic Vase make it a showpiece for your fireplace mantel or bookshelf.

A single floor vase creates a sculptural vignette in an empty corner or on a staircase landing. Display it as is or fill it with a giant leafy branch to give the illusion of a large houseplant.  

Whether you’re shopping for a floor vase or looking for an ensemble of beautiful ceramic vases to arrange as a still-life on a shelf, our selection of modern ceramic vase designs has something for every home décor style.