orange acrylic vase

While most of us are ever busy with our lives and barely have the time or the finances to get our house renovated, doing the simplest things is often enough to breath a new life into your living space. At Letifly, one of our most favorite things is to amp up our homes with beautiful decorative vases. They’re budget friendly, versatile, make a bold statement and bring in a breath of fresh air. What’s not to love?

To help simplify things for you, we’ve broken down the process into 5 simple steps on how to decorate your home with flower vases.

  1. Choices and Choices
    When you’re trying to give your place a new outlook, you first need to evaluate and choose a focal point. We all have to start somewhere. The entire house might not need to get redone. Choose your focal point - be it your living room or your kitchen. Where do you tend to spend more time? Which place of the house do you feel doesn’t bring you enough joy and needs something to break the monotony or gloominess? You’re the best person to answer this question.

  1. Eenie Meenie Miney Mo!
    The next crucial step for decorating is the vases themselves. There’s a wide array of options available for you to choose from. Looking to buy a flower vase? You might find it a bit tricky since there are ceramic vases, colorful glass vases, large decorative vases and glass flower vases, to name a few. What you need to get for yourself depends on your house’s decor.

    If you’re someone who loves playful vibrant colors and have a window that brings in lots of sunlight, you should opt for colorful glass vases or light transit acrylic vases as the light bounces off of them to create quirky shapes and shadows. Whereas, if you love industrial decor, aesthetic minimalist ceramic vases are your safest bet! Play around with what suits your style and browse different options until you’re satisfied with your choice. 

  1. Bright or Subtle?
    You can’t leave your new beautiful decorative vase sitting alone on a countertop or a ledge. It needs company. More like the vase needs something to complement it and draw attention towards it with flowers. If you think you were done making some well-thought-out choices, you were wrong. Flowers come in all shapes, colors and sizes. One can never go wrong with them but would you really ever want a lot of bright colors crammed together into one place? Of course not! It would be an eye sore and that’s the last thing you need around your house.

    So after you’re done with the first two steps, look into two options: fresh flowers and artificial ones. If you’re too lazy or way too busy and may not get the time to take care of your magnificent plants, you should opt for artificial ones. On the other hand, if you’re someone who’s enthusiastic about plants and flowers, get real ones. Make sure you don’t get anything too bright or too dull. Balance it out. See what goes with your vases and what would look pleasing to the eyes.
  2. Create Your Story
    It’s not just about one vase and a few flowers. It’s how you create the story in your room and weave the magic. If you’ve placed the vase on a countertop in your kitchen, don’t just leave it alone there. Maybe add a fun patterned runner or a mat there for a pop of color. Or perhaps keep a basket of fresh fruits next to it. Create your own story. Bring a painting to life and see how much the positioning of a few items can draw more attention towards your focal point and change its aura.
  3. Let Your Creativity Flow
    Flower vases are beautiful decorative pieces but don’t limit their function to just that. They’re versatile and you can change things up a little bit and let your creativity flow. You can use them to decorate your place in various ways - keep hanging or wall mounted decorative planters, grow your own little herb garden in it. From parsley to cilantro to basil, grow your favorite herbs and zhoosh things up!

Lastly, don't forget that your flowers and vases will most likely need water on a regular basis to help keep them looking fresh and perky. Invest in decorative watering cans and keep yourself prepared with all the necessities. 

If keeping a flower vase in your house seems too simple, maybe you’re doing something wrong. Explore ways of elevating that one decorative item and see the wonders it does. Your place will not only look better but it will also help you unwind and relax at the end of the day. We have got some more tips on decorating your place with beautiful flower vases just for you. Enjoy exploring and creating!