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No matter where your garden may be (indoors or out), it deserves to bloom in pots planters or macrame holders. The easiest way to add nature to a room is with a thriving plant or bouquet of flowers, and the prettiest way to showcase nature’s beauty is to use garden pots to add even more color and texture to your display. Give your plants a stylish touch with ceramic pots or planters in unusual designs and textures. At Letifly, we offer a collection of pots and planters in a variety of styles that are sure to bring your home, patio and garden to life. You’ll find ceramic pots that have a rattan-like finish, and other pots that looks like wood.

Don’t have a green thumb? No worries. Using planters and pots in your home décor is one way to draw attention away from your plants, and direct it towards your excellent taste in home accessories! Spider plant looking a little limp? Hang it in a macrame plant holder so it gets some sun and everyone can admire your window display. African violet refusing to bloom? Pop it into one of our whimsical ceramic face planters and everyone will be commenting on your choice of flower pot. Did you know that pots and planters are so versatile you don’t even need to use them for plants? You can use a plant stand as an organizer holding face towels and toiletries, or place a ceramic planter on a vanity to store makeup brushes or hair accessories.

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