Bell Wood & Metal Sconce

Wall sconces are one of the most beautiful lighting solutions you can install in your home. They offer ambient light in an office, entrance, dining room or living room. They can also be used as mood lights and are flattering in a bathroom, bedroom, along a hallway wall or lining a staircase. When used in a powder room or master ensuite, wall lamps offer a subtle glow to create a spa-like atmosphere that encourages relaxation. 

While a comfortable bench is always an ideal piece of furniture in an entrance, beautiful lighting is just as important to make friends and family feel at home the moment they step indoors. In an entryway or hallway, wall sconces can be warm and welcoming, offering enough light for visitors to sit and remove their shoes and outerwear, without having a glaring bulb in their face. 

When decorating with wall sconces, there are so many ways to brighten your home with the placement of these magnificent decor accessories. Here are a few ideas to consider when choosing the perfect wall sconces for every room in your house.


  1. Pair them up

gold globe wall sconces bedroom

Have you ever noticed that some things are just better in pairs? That’s how we feel about wall sconces. Using a pair of wall sconces in living room, bedroom or bathroom décor is a great way to add a touch of elegance and symmetry to a space. A set of two wall sconces always looks sophisticated on either side of a mirror, above a mantel or over an entryway table. Using wall sconces on both sides of a bed provides a decorative as well as practical touch. And of course wall sconces in shimmering finishes like gold or brass always enhance your decor when placed above a dining room sideboard, flanking metal art work, canvas paintings or black and white photographs.


  1. Line them up

wall lamps for stairsA row of wall sconces to light the way indoors or out is another great use of these stunning light sources. Think about a hallway, stairway or outdoor path.  Decorating with wall sconces is a brilliant way to incorporate wall décor with lighting. For a large space, wall sconces can brighten areas where other lighting options are not practical or stylish. For example, if you have cathedral ceilings in a living room, a floor lamp just wouldn’t cut it visually if you want to enhance the grandeur of the room. Use a floor lamp in a dim corner, beside a sofa or behind a reading chair. The main focal wall is bound to capture attention if you enhance it with a few stunning wall sconces. You can direct the light upward or opt for a living room sconce that shines light in both directions. Light creates ambiance in addition to highlighting a room’s architectural features.


  1. Use wall sconces to create a focal point or highlight a room’s features

wall lamp dangle design

Older buildings have so much character and plenty of architectural details. Wall lights are perfect for showcasing a textured wall and bringing out fine architectural details in older buildings. Cathedral ceilings can be highlighted using wall lamps that draw your attention upwards. Even rooms that don’t have a lot of distinct features can be decorated to look as if they do. Installing one or two striking wall sconces can take an ordinary living room from so-so to so-sensational. If your room doesn’t have a feature that gives it character, such as the focal point of a stone fireplace or a magnificent window with a view, you can create your own focal point through lighting. A track light on the ceiling that shines in the direction of a striking piece of art or a large mirror with an ornate frame can really catch the eye. Use decorative wall sconces or picture lights above glorious artwork. Use bold colors and abstract shapes to create visual interest. 

If your room has a few focal points (a stone fireplace, an amazing view, beautiful piece of antique furniture or even architectural features), select the one focal point that you most want to emphasize. A wall sconce that shines a light directly on the focal point will automatically capture the attention of everyone who enters the room.  Other secondary focal points can have light that is less brilliant.
In addition to highlighting an object or room’s feature, you can shine a light on texture and finishes. A luxurious wallpaper with a shiny, metallic finish, bamboo window coverings or brass accessories can all be enhanced by the light that you shine upon them. 


  1. Use wall lamps to hide imperfections

Linear Wall Sconce brown wood

Just as you can emphasize the beautiful features in a room, you can also hide a room’s flaws. Light can shine brightly on a wall or object or it can simply graze it, drawing the eye in any direction. You can use wall lamps to highlight a room’s best features or cast a warm glow on them to hide any imperfections.


If your room is dark due to lack of natural light, use a ceiling light, floor lamp and a few wall sconces. Putting the light on the wall draws attention to the space while adding a touch of elegance. Wall sconces can lighten up walls along the perimeter of a room, while a central ambient light or table lamp can add brightness to the middle of the room.


Want to make a small room appear larger? Light can change the perceived size of a space. When light reflects off of walls, a room can appear larger than it actually is. Illuminate your walls with track lighting, recessed wall washers, a floor lamp that shines upwards or wall sconces that shine in both directions.  

  1. Use wall sconces to create a mood

wall lamp with Leather Strap

Just as lighting can change the look of a space, it can also change the feel or it.  Lighting creates a mood. Wall sconces can make a room feel soothing and comfortable or lively and joyful.  They can be casual or elegant. A small, mixed metals wall sconce with pull chain is a charming addition above a bed, creating a welcome invitation to relax and enjoy a favorite book. 


  1. Use elegant wall sconces to elevate any décor

 Black Glass Ball & Gold Sconce

No worries if you don’t have money to invest in a new living room sofa right now, or if you’re still using nana’s dining set. You can add a touch of elegance in other ways, specifically through your wall sconce choices. A living room sconce that has a brass finish and gorgeous black glass globes lends a sophisticated look to the room. A natural, wooden wall lamp, on the other hand, can add modern, minimalist appeal. There’s a wall sconce for every style.


  1. Use wall sconces to cast a warm glow
black Metal Cube Led Wall Light

Soft lighting offers comfort. Use wall sconces in the living room to create a relaxed environment for watching movies, playing video games, listening to music or chilling with the family. The more subtle and warm the lighting is, the more soothing the atmosphere.


  1. Use brighter wall lamps for uplifting activities

 black Metal Cube Led Wall Light

Bright light keeps things lively.  When you have friends in for game night, are celebrating a special occasion with family, hosting a bridal or baby shower or just need enough light by  to read or exercise, consider bold, bright and beautiful living room wall sconces. The brighter the light, the more energetic and awake the atmosphere will be.


  1. Use wall lamps in tight spaces

Minimalist Wall LED light in Wood and Metal

 A cozy corner is a perfect spot for meditating, reading or simply chatting online with friends. No matter where you feel the most comfy kicking back, there’s a wall light that will fit the space perfectly. Some wall lights are simple linear beams that grace a wall with a single rod of light. Others are wooden bars that can fold down and be out of the way when not in use, yet are easily opened for reading or activities. You can shine a light against the wall for a relaxing atmosphere, or shine the light down on a bean bag chair for studying in a dorm room or reading in the family room.

While wall sconces were typically used as accent lighting over the years, today they are designed with multiple purposes in mind.  They highlight a detail or feature of a room, they pull the eye towards plants, artwork, textures and architectural features in a space. When used correctly, wall sconces will capture attention by what they are highlighting with light, vs the wall sconce itself. People will focus on the object or detail being lit, not the source of the light used. However, even when the lights aren’t on, everyone is captivated by a gorgeous wall sconce!

Imagine the jaw-dropping reaction this Fountain of Light wall lamp would bring. For all styles of wall lamps from modern to traditional, along with table lamps, floor lamps and head-turning pendant and ceiling lamps in every shape, size and color, be sure to check out the lighting section of our website.