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Brass Pendant Ceiling lightBrass Pendant Ceiling light
globe frosted glass  shade brass loop suspended pendant lightglobe frosted glass shade brass loop suspended pendant light
Suspended Ball of Light
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Gold Disk Ceiling & Wall lightGold Disk Ceiling & Wall light

Whether you're looking for a fancy lamp light for the bedroom, chic pendant ceiling lights for above the kitchen island or decorative led ceiling lights for the office, there are so many incredible ceiling lamp styles that it's difficult to know where to look first. At Letifly, we have that fancy ceiling light for living room renovations or kitchen updates. The LED pendant ceiling lights you can't take your eyes off of are all right here. Shopping for ceiling lamps online just got super easy.

Lighting styles
Chandeliers: Chandeliers hang from the ceiling and have multiple arms/branches that hold several lights. Most of us associate chandeliers as having dazzling crystals but they can be a more simple sputnik style as well.
Pendant Ceiling Lights: Similar to chandeliers, pendants hang down from the ceiling, but they typically have a single light suspended from a cord or chain.
Flush Mount Ceiling Lights: flush mount ceiling lights are hung close to the ceiling. Flush are right up against the ceiling, whereas semi-flush have a gap between the light shade and the ceiling.
Recessed lights or pot lights: these lights are tucked right into the ceiling and provide overhead lighting.
Track lighting: track lights sit along a track on the ceiling and provide focused lighting where needed.

What does the perfect ceiling light look like to you? Perhaps you love the look of a dramatic sputnik chandelier in an entryway, chic black and white decorative ceiling lights down a hallway or the ethereal beauty of a feather pendant above a teenager’s bed. Maybe a brass metal industrial lamp turns your head or an Art Deco-inspired layered pendant light is more your thing.

With so many unique and elegant ceiling lamps available, it can be daunting to find the right one. That’s why you have us. At Letifly, our lighting experts can guide you through the vast selection of metal finishes, wooden bases, shiny lacquer and gorgeous tinted glass. If your style is minimalist, you’ll love our Scandinavian pendant light with leather strap. If luxury lighting is what you’re after, a brass or gold metal ceiling light is a sophisticated choice. Live in a loft? Wait until you see our concrete pendants in all shapes and sizes. Looking for artistic ceiling lights that double as works of art? Check out our Rizzo Mid Century Cane Pendant Light. This fancy ceiling lamp combines colored glass stone with gorgeous cane shades and is guaranteed to have guests doing a double take.

Many of the unique ceiling lamps in the Letifly collection can be customized to suit your space. Hang our Lightbeam LED lamp series horizontally or vertically. Choose one of our many stylish pendants with single or multiple heads. We’ve got flush and semi-flush LED ceiling lights, stunning pendants, chandeliers and spotlights. When it comes to trendsetting designs and quality craftsmanship, our Letifly ceiling lamps light the way.

If your looking for beautiful ceiling lamps or decorative ceiling lights, look no more! Shop our collection at and find the perfect ceiling lights led design, or lamp you've been dreaming of for your home decor!

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