Best 7 Decorative Wall Lights

Lights are special parts of our homes. They are necessary in our homes that play an important part in achieving our day to day tasks. But not only does it serve an important purpose in illuminating our homes, but it can be used as a decorative accent as well! It gives an additional flare of your personality, adds charm, and sets the mood for your entire space. Whether you put on an extravagant chandelier,  a gorgeous crystal pendant light or a simple modern wall light fixture, it would definitely create your space more inviting and relaxing. 

This 2022, why not start with adding a decorative wall light into your homes? But choosing a wall light must be stressful to do, so we at Letifly is glad to help you in giving you different and variety of options.  We have prepared our best seven picks for the most efficient and stylish wall light among our wide array of light fixture options. From our collection of sconces and wall lamps curated from the most talented artisans and craftsmen around the world, these wall lights are sure to give you a stylish touch of convenience.

Check out these wall lights available in our wall light collections, and let us know which of our picks is your favorite!

1. Devon Wall Sconce with Pull Chain



Coming on top of our list is one of our bestseller wall lights, the Devon wall sconce with pull chain switch. This wall light will definitely give a timeless touch to your homes, with its selection of eight different colors to mix and match. Made from metal material, this wall sconce is made to stand time. It’s wooden base detailing makes the entire wall light become more noticeable and attractive and a lampshade that is made from the highest quality of premium stainless steel to make sure that the lamps are both pretty and durable. Plus, the added gold pull chain is a great addition to that completes the design of this amazing light. But you could either purchase a similar wall sconce that is available in our collection that doesn’t come with a switch if you prefer it. With an up and down lampshade rotation, this Devon sconce is a true combination of style and comfort. 


2. Colta Delta Wall LED Light


Next up is this colorful and fun Colta Delta wall LED light! Made with anti-corrosion and anti-oxidizing iron, this industrial looking wall light is perfect for your reading nook. It’s head allows a 360 degrees rotation that makes reading easier in your bed as easy as it can be. With its movable arm, you can direct the light to where you wanted it to be. Also making sure that this is not just functional but a great decorative addition, the colta delta wall LED light comes in seven delightful colors to choose from. You will surely never run out of options! Not only that, it offers a selection of either choose to purchase it with a switch that has a touch on/off command, or a simple plug - it’s all your choice. Make use of this light to cozy up any space that you like. For sure, you could not definitely go wrong with the Colta Delta lamp.


3. Double Light Arched Metal Wall Sconce


Third on our list is this quirky and funky looking wall sconce, the double light arched metal wall sconce. It’s unique design of a U-shaped metal sconce that has light bulbs on each end, resting on a metal circular base is indeed a work of art. The double light capacity of this fine light arched wall sconce will surely provide more light capacity to illuminate an area. Plus, it comes with an option to choose your light color temperature to make sure that your preference is what matters. Talk about style and efficiency - painted with black matte finish, this wonderful wall sconce would surely become a statement piece in the comforts of your personal space. 


4. Retro Duckbill Metal & Wood Wall Lamp with Plug


It’s impossible not to include this chic Retro Duckbill Metal & Wood Lamp with plug wall sconce! A sophisticated and timeless sense of design, this beautiful wall lamp promises to make any space feel fancier. Available in two classic colors of gold and a shiny black tone, this wall light is made with a perfect combination of metal and wood. Perfect for your work area or even in your bedside, it makes lighting more accessible and easier as it can be rotated to angle it based on your needs. You can even direct the light to go either up or down to make any task much more convenient to do. Plus, you can have it in two different shades of light whether you want it in cool white or warm white, the choice is yours.


5. Disk Rotate Metal LED Wall Lamp with Pull Chain


Fifth on our list is this simple yet modern wall sconce, the Disk Rotate Metal LED wall lamp with pull chain. Made with non-corrosive materials from high quality Aluminum and PMMA base, this stunning wall lamp comes in three different light color temperatures of either warm white, natural white or cool white! Not only that, you can either customize other features as well such as choosing between gold or black for its base color and pull chain, or to either choose to have it with pull chain or not! Perfect to mount in even your smallest spaces as its design allows a 360 degrees full turn to give you the light that you need. Adding to its convenience and unique style, it lights an entire room with much brighter light as it has 12 watts capacity to illuminate any area you like!


6. Armed Retro Brass Wall Sconce with Glass Shade


Next up is the Armed Retro Brass Wall Sconce with Glass shade that comes in 4 different designs to give you a wider style choices to match your need and aesthetic vision. This amazing wall sconce is a sure eye-catcher with its brass material that gives a classic and elegant feel into the space. It comes with a touch on and off switch to give you an easier control to the light whenever you need it. Adding to its beauty is the gorgeous glass detail design in different ways to match the full built of the lamp. Use it wherever as it will surely complement any area that is installed. 


7. Globe Wall Sconce Wood & Metal with Pull Cord


Last and surely not the least in our top seven picks, is this pretty pastel-colored Globe Wall Sconce Wood & Metal with Pull Cord. These quirky lamps are not just pretty decoratives but also very convenient to use. Made from a combination of aluminum and wood materials to make a stunning yet durable lamp base and a frosted glass lampshade to add to its chic. It comes with a cute pull cord with a cute wooden sphere at the end. It’s design of modern with a touch of the classic mid-century style makes it very versatile to use, either in your bedroom, living room, bathroom, or install it next to your vanity mirror, it won’t be a problem as it is designed to give you a fresh sense of aesthetic. Not only that, it comes in four different pastel colors that you could choose from. 

Surely indeed that lighting is everything. We all needed it as a staple part of our homes to give us light whenever we need it. But why just put on a simple light if you could step up your game and have these gorgeous and stylish decorative wall lamps in your home, office or business! In Letifly, we want to give you the comfort of having wide choices of light fixtures so you won’t have to worry about achieving design and convenience all at once. With our set of collections that ranges from big and unique pendant lights to efficient and tested USB charged lights, we have it all for you offered at the most affordable price!

Make your space shine brighter with your new decorative wall lights. Be ready to welcome a new year with a new decorative wall lamp to set your year in a gorgeous and wonderful start. Visit our site at and check out the rest of our available variety of collections.