Colored Bell LED Table Lamp

As the trend toward working from home continues to grow, the need for creating a comfortable home office or workspace becomes more important. While setting up a desk and finding a comfortable chair is certainly a big part of the equation, it’s important to think about the lighting in the room. Even if the space has a ceiling light for overall illumination, you’ll need a task light for darker seasonal times or those “burning the midnight oil” kind of nights.

Task lighting, as the name implies, is concentrated light for doing specific tasks in a room. Useful for seeing small objects and working on fine details when sewing, crafting, reading small print, or catching up on computer work, the best source for this extra lighting is a decorative desk lamp.

Along with providing much-needed task lighting, desk lamps are also a huge decorative element in your home office décor.

What to look for in a desk lamp

Finding a decorative table lamp for your desk in a style that you like may be easy, but you want a lamp that is high on function, too. So, what qualities should you look for in a desk lamp?

Here are a few things a good decorative desk lamp will provide:

  1. Lighting that isn’t too dim or bright, as either extreme will quickly fatigue the eyes.
  2. Clear light that doesn’t flicker or produce a lot of glare.
  3. In areas used for a range of tasks, look for an adjustable lamp that you can easily move into position.

Barney Metal & Wood Table Lamp

Oak accents give our charming Barney Metal & Wood Table Lamp its fresh outlook. A non-slip base keeps the base in place as you adjust to shade to direct the light to where it’s needed most. Available in black and white to suit any space.

Serge Duckbill Post Modern Table Lamp

Look to the Serge Duckbill Post Modern Table Lamp to bring midcentury moxie to your desk. The shade provides a wide swatch of light and tilts to control the direction of the light.

For a large desk, look for a lamp that has some extra reach. Smaller workspaces do well with a modern decorative table lamp with a small-scale base.

Jax Linear LED Table Lamp

Sleek and sophisticated, the brushed brass and wood Jax Linear LED Table Lamp features a slim wooden shade held securely by an adjustable tubular metal arm on a solid cylinder base. Ideal for a large desk, the powerful LED light source covers an area of 3-5 meters.

Black Linen & Metal Table Lamp

The Black Linen & Metal Table Lamp showcases a metal base and arm and lofts a stylish tapered linen shade. An angular rod arm and thin circular metal base give this decorative desk lamp an open airy feel. The tapered shade diffuses the light, sending it downwards and slightly outwards, perfect for illuminating a medium to a large-sized desk.  

Loft LED Table Lamp with Rechargeable USB Batteries

With its sleek lines and small footprint, the Loft LED Table Lamp with Rechargeable USB Batteries is ideal for a smaller desk. Made of aluminum alloy it has a distinctive disc-shaped top with integrated LED lamps. Battery operated with no cord to get in the way, this modern decorative table lamp goes anywhere on your workspace that needs concentrated light. To cut down on eye strain, the lamp is dimmable to 2 different light levels.  

Take advantage of natural light

When it comes to brightening up your home office, don’t rule out the natural light that streams from a skylight or window. Natural light can warm up your office space and improve the environment. But, just as having a light source behind you when you’re working can create unpleasant glare spots on a computer screen, the same applies to natural light from a window.

In general, having natural light in front of or next to your work surfaces will make it easier to avoid glare while making the most of outdoor views. Try to position your desk or workstation so that it faces north or south to avoid shadows throughout the day. And for those few hours where sunlight pouring in might produce glare, window blinds can help.

Wherever your window light comes from, it’s important not to rely solely on natural lighting to get you through that assignment on a dark dreary day. Day or night, a decorative table lamp will give you the task lighting you need.

Add a pop of color

Could your neutral office space use some pizzazz? A decorative desk lamp in a bright and cheerful color will brighten the space and elevate your mood.

Modern Studio Colored Metal LED Table Lamp

The Modern Studio Colored Metal LED Table Lamp will shed some light on the task at hand! Made of iron, it has a powder-coated finish in a range of popular colors that put a smile on your face as you catch up on work.

Colored Bell LED Table Lamp

Bring a bright, sunny touch to your workspace with our Colored Bell LED Table Lamp. The cool eclectic design in a mix of metal and wood make this a top choice for a decorative desk lamp.

Kids or Teens Study Space

Like, adults, students need an organized place to study. Help them create a quiet spot away from noisy siblings, where they can easily concentrate.

Whether they need to dive into a book or cram for a test, a comfortable desk chair is important for serious study. Work with your child to give them a desk or workspace that they will enjoy using. A colorful and decorative table lamp can add personality to the space. Or if your teen likes to roam around when they study, a rechargeable table lamp is the ultimate solution for your wandering scholar.

Colored Spotlight Table Lamp

Add a pop of cheerful color to a student’s desk with our Colored Spotlight Table Lamp. An adjustable lampshade lets you direct light directly over the study area.

Dainty Waterproof LED Table Lamp with Rechargeable Batteries

For the sophisticated student who likes to learn on the go, the Dainty Waterproof LED Table Lamp with Rechargeable Batteries is the perfect solution. Made of weatherproof aluminum, it can go indoors or outdoors and offers two levels of lighting.

Could your home office use some brighter days? Check out our decorative desk lamp selection today!