Knitted Floral Jungle Pillowcase

We’ve all seen those beautifully styled rooms on Instagram with luxurious sofas topped with eye-pleasing throw pillows that magically create cohesion throughout the space. How many times have you looked at throw pillow collections and thought: I would never have guessed that grouping would go together so well!

While it may look complicated for the novice decorator, the truth of the matter is this styling trick is not difficult to grasp, once you’ve learned a few simple tips and formulas. We’ve rounded up some square throw pillows (and yes, a round pillow cover or two) that will pack a punch when it comes to boosting your living room and bedroom décor.

Crazy for color?

Choosing colors for your throw pillows will depend on the color palette throughout the room. If most of the space has neutral colors and your sofa, especially is a light color, this is your chance to add a bold pop of color into the room.

This is a surefire way to freshen up a space. And if you find the idea of tossing in some bright colors intimidating, you can always swap out one or more pillow covers for something you’re more comfortable with. Adding or changing your throw pillows is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to change the whole look of a room.

Zena Zig Zag Cushion Covers

Our Zena Zig Zag Cushion Covers bring a fun pattern, cozy texture, and an eye-pleasing pop of color to a favorite space. The Zena comes in square and lumbar shapes. 

If you like the calming aesthetic a neutral palette brings, you can get the look easily by pulling the less dominant colors from a rug, a prominent piece of artwork in the room, or even a favorite throw blanket.

The pairing below is a great example of using a softer color palette. A difference in color shades and tones adds interest to this combination.  


Vintage Blue Texture Pillow Cover with Tassels

The plush blend of soft velvet and cotton linen makes our Vintage Blue Texture Pillow Cover with Tassels a pleasure to cozy up to on a chair, sofa, or bed. 

Tip: When it comes to choosing colors for your throw pillow collections, treat your sofa as a blank canvas. If you have a dark-colored canvas offset it with a large pillow in a light color. For light-colored sofas, you can start the grouping with a dark color.

One, two, or three?

For an accent chair, adding a single round pillow is the perfect finishing touch.   

Crushed Velvet Round Pillow

Our Crushed Velvet Round Pillow is the perfect finish to an accent chair. Made from luxurious crushed velvet, this 15-inch pillow comes in a bounty of colors, perfect for mixing and matching.

While there is no right or wrong answer to how many throw pillows you should have on your sofa, having too many throw pillows can get impractical at some point. You don’t want your guests to stand because they have no room to sit!

Opt for two cushions on a smaller sofa or bench, with the larger one at the back and a smaller round pillow cover or lumbar-shaped pillow in the front. 

Contrast Stitch Cotton Pillow Cover

Better by the pair, our Contrast Stitch Cotton Pillow Cover adds a cozy, textural touch to this entryway bench.

A large sofa or an oversized sectional can usually accommodate 3-6 cushions, depending on the depth and length.

Tip: Consider using 3 cushions. Three is a universal number, found everywhere in nature and art. Considered a magical number in the design world, you’ll often see decorative items and throw pillow collections in groups of three.

Vary the scale of the patterns

Layering your throw pillows in an assortment of patterns can transform a flat-looking space into one that has depth and volume. Mixing patterns and solid-colored throw pillows with loads of texture bring interest and dimension to a sofa or bed.

Does mixing patterns send you into panic mode? Here’s an easy formula that even a pattern picking newcomer can use to give your favorite space that designer’s touch:

How to mix patterns in a trio of throw pillows:

  1. Start with a solid colored pillow
  2. Next pick a pillow with a large-scale pattern in coordinating colors, like bold stripes, large squares, or a bold tropical botanical print.
  3. Finish with one pillow in a smaller print or with a unique texture

Mix up sizes and shapes

Throw pillows come in all shapes and sizes, from large square to smaller lumbar or rectangular pillows. Don’t rule out adding a round pillow to the mix! Round pillows in round pillow covers are great additions to throw pillow collections and instantly add that eye-pleasing visual dimension you’re looking for.

Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite round pillow covers as well as some other playful pillow shapes: 

Vintage Cotton Crochet Round Pillows 20x20"

Showcasing a hand-knitted design and a bedecked with a border of plush pom-poms, these Vintage Cotton Crochet Round Pillows 20x20" add cottage chic decorative flair to your sofa or bed top.  

Checkered Embroidered Round Pillow

Our Checkered Embroidered Round Pillow lends a classic touch to a favorite space.


Dusty Tones Pleated Velvet Pillows

Our Dusty Tones Pleated Velvet Pillows showcase a single button tuft center with eye-pleasing blossom-inspired pleats for a chic finish to a chair, settee, or sofa.

Fly Ball Fleece Cushions

Play ball! Our Fly Ball Fleece Cushions are as plush as can be. Perfect for cuddling on the sofa on movie night or relaxing in bed with your laptop on Sunday morning. Add a playful pop of color to your living room, playroom or bedroom.

Good Morning Stuffed Pillows

Crafted from cozy cotton fleece, our Good Morning Stuffed Pillows are wonderfully whimsical. Choose from a donut-shaped throw pillow (shown), a plush pastry, or a coffee-colored bread pillow.

Triple Knot Cotton Fleece Pillow

Our Scandinavian-inspired Triple Knot Cotton Fleece Pillow pop with color and texture. A stylish cuddle buddy to mix, match and collect!

Toss on the texture!

When it comes to decorating with throw pillows, tossing on the texture can have the same statement-making power as bold colors and unique shapes. A round velour pillow brings a luxurious touch while tufted and fuzzy fabrics cast a bohemian vibe. 

Other touchable details like fringe, tassels, and pompoms invite style and personality into the space.

Terra Tufted Pillow Covers

The temptation of plush tufts in warm, earthy tones gives these Terra Tufted Pillow Covers a place of honor on a bench, chair, or sofa.

Sunshine Tufted Cotton Pillow Cover 18x18 inch

Our handmade embroidered Sunshine Tufted Cotton Pillow Cover 18x18 inch is oh-so-soft and fluffy. The double diamond pattern adds depth and dimension to a bench, chair, or sofa.

Craving change? We hope this round-up of decorative throw pillows will inspire some ideas.

Now that you’ve seen what a few new throw pillows can do to freshen up your home, you’ll want to shop our throw pillow collections.