Talk to any plant lover and they’ll tell you that life just wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t have indoor house plants. Some would tell you they started collecting plants after a friend brought over a pair of indoor plants in decorative indoor flower pots to cheer them up. Others simply grew up having beautiful plants around.

Filling our home with plants is perhaps one of the easiest ways to bring extra life into a space. Whether you’re new to having plants in your home or have always enjoyed this beautiful hobby, one thing is for sure, focusing on the growth and beauty of our indoor plants helps us to “get out of our heads.” In short, growing indoor plants is great therapy!

And ever since the 2020 world health crisis happened and people are forced to stay at home, the number of home decoration and plant lovers exponentially grew!

Best of all, plants can become a statement piece in your home, an easy replacement for expensive art. However, finding the best indoor house plant pots to keep our greenery can be challenging when it comes to style and function.

Here we take a look at finding some cute indoor house plant pots that will make your indoor house plants feel right at home. 


How does your indoor plant garden grow?

Potted plants are like living décor in your home. The Letifly indoor decorative plant pots collection includes planters in many different sizes, shapes and styles.

The main materials used for planters and decorative indoor flower pots are ceramic and terracotta but you’ll find planters come in many materials, each with its own set of benefits and tips for best use.



Terracotta is an Italian term meaning “baked earth” and usually refers to unglazed, porous ceramic made from clay. The terracotta pot's porous nature allows air and water to easily move through the walls, which benefits the plants by preventing soil disease and root rot from taking place. Terracotta planters are great for cacti, succulents, and other indoor plants that prefer drier soil.

The earthy red-brown clay color of these pots makes any house plant look great. Plus they make a beautiful patina that just gets better with age, giving your space a chic vintage touch that adds contrast to the liveliness of the plants.




Beautiful ceramic pots for plants are denser than earthen materials, with glazing on the inside and out. Glazed ceramic planters are very durable and can last for many years.

Ceramic pots come in many colors, with matte or glossy finishes.

Whether you’re feeling naughty or nice, our DIY Doodle Ceramic Planters are a fun way to express yourself. Use chalk to doodle on these colorful matte finish planters. Showcasing unique handles, each planter includes a saucer


Look to the Round Bubble Vase & Planter to bring a modern outlook to a tabletop or desk. The stacked ring design comes in many colors, from light to dark tones to mix and match with any décor, easily bringing a chic aesthetic interest to your tabletop or area. 



Waterproof Resin

Most people think resin is a type of plastic, but resin is an organic material derived from plants. Part of its popularity comes from its versatility – it can be poured into molds and baked into a solid, pliable material.

Resin is lightweight, durable and known to withstand extreme weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor planters.


Celebrate your fondness for neoclassical art with our Ancient Figures Neoclassical Vases and Planters. Finished in a matte white, these planters make a bold impact in a living room, home office or outdoor patio. Drop in your favorite house plant or display a beautiful bouquet of blossoms. Available in assorted sizes to mix and match to your heart’s content.



A subtype of ceramic, porcelain is strong, non-porous and practically impermeable.


Enhance your décor with an indoor planter from our Visage Clay Ceramic Planters & Vases collection. Inspired by Italian artist Pietro Fornasetti, this perpetual face planter is a real conversation starter.



Metal planters offer durability, with aluminum offering a lighter weight planter that is easy to move.

This shimmering Amir gold plant stand makes an elegant statement piece in an entryway, living room or bedroom. It's perfect for those wanting to add a bold, sophisticated touch to any space.




Wicker and fabric baskets

Home stylists love the versatility of wicker baskets. Not only are they multi-purpose, they bring warmth and texture to your favorite spaces. Belly baskets have a distinctive shape, flexibility and handles which make them a popular choice for indoor plants and pots.


Our foldable Spring Weave Wicker Basket Planter comes in an eye-pleasing chevron weave in a choice of hues to match any décor.


Which came first: the plant or the plant pot?

When it comes to picking indoor plants and pots, you’ll want to consider the reason for looking for a new pot. 

Are you buying a pot for a brand new plant? If so, you want to buy a pot that is the same size. This will give your plant time to adjust to its new home before it settles down and starts expanding its roots.

If your plant currently lives in a 10” diameter pot but has outgrown it, look for a pot that is about one to two inches bigger than the current one. For larger plants or fast-growing plants, shop for a pot that is two to four inches bigger in diameter.


Planters versus Cachepots

The word cachepot is French for “to hide a pot” and refers to any pot without a drainage hole.

Many decorative indoor flower pots don’t have drainage holes and those that do, don’t always come with a matching saucer. The beauty of a cachepot or nursery container is that you can keep your houseplant in it by dropping both plant and pot inside your new indoor plant pot.

Generally, a newly purchased plant can stay in its growing pot for a long time. Many plant lovers use the cachepot method because it allows them to buy eye-pleasing indoor decorative plant pots without disturbing the growth of the new plant. If the cachepot is visible, layering on some moss will hide the interior.

Hint: To water your plant, take it out of the planter and place it in the sink. Once the excess water has drained through, replace the plant into its home. This is an easy way to water, plants love it and you can keep your indoor plant pots looking their best for years to come.


Tips for decorating with plants

Plants liven up a space and with so many varieties, the possibilities for decorating your apartment or home are endless.

Some plants are easier to place than others. A tall skinny plant will bring life to a small empty corner but what about that mid-sized plant you want to showcase? Experiment by adding height with a stack of books or a small stand.


Give your favorite greenery a lift with our Hard Wood Plant Stand. Made of natural or dark wood, this modern tripod brings a decorative touch to any space.

Living in a small space shouldn’t stop you from enjoying some plant life. Think vertical, like a shelf hung high over a window (a solution for those with pets) or fill up an empty corner with a hanging planter brimming with a vibrant green vine.


Bring on the boho-chic with our Juno Macrame Plant Hangers (set of 4). A plant lover’s dream, this set of 4 macramé hangers comes in different sizes to match an assortment of planter styles.


Shopping for new planters? Check out our wide selection of decorative indoor flower pots, designed to dress up your home and brighten up your plant collection.