Top 6 Decorative Accents Each Room in Your House Should Have (And How to Choose Them)

Whether you’re looking to renovate your home or redecorate a particular room, you should think about adding a decorative accent in every room. Decorative accents work to bring aesthetic interest into any space and are wonderful pieces to liven up the room. Whether it's a themed collection like a set of candle holders or a single piece such as a big bold vase, decorative accents are must-have pieces to bring style into any home.

To help you out, we’ll talk about 6 decorative accents (according to the latest home decor trends) that each room in your house should have. Read on to see the most impressive home decor products you can get.

Top 6 Decorative Accents Each Room in Your House Should Have: 

#1: A Floral Vase

This one never goes out of fashion, and it shouldn’t. Keeping a floral vase in your room gives it a refreshing and lively look. The best part? There’s a slim chance that they will go out of fashion. You can change the floral filler inside according to the trends or season - and it’ll be as good as new.

Style tip: If you're not much of a plant or flower person, twigs and wood accents are easily great alternatives for your vases.

Elegant Cut Glass Flower Vase Boho Modern Home Decor

 Floral vases work well with any decor, but they look best in sophisticated and elegant settings. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with the size or design of the vase because then it won’t serve its purpose.

modern ceramic planter textured neutral home decor

#2: Small Plants

Just like floral vases, small plants are another example of decorative accents that will add to the liveliness to your room. Plants are known to clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity, and producing oxygen.

Adler Inspired Visage Planters Modern Boho Home Decor  

Pair up your favorite plants in a small clay or ceramic pot, and place them on your side table or work table (if you have one). The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the plants get adequate sunlight and water. Or they will lose their freshness soon.

Style tip: For those wanting to preserve space in any area, get a hanging planter such as these boho chic Juno macrame plant hangers.

cotton macrame hanging planter boho home decor

 #3: Area Rugs

Area rugs can be an eye-catching addition to almost any room. Unlike wall-to-wall carpets that usually come in solid colors, area rugs can add a splash of color and different gorgeous patterns in your room. Area rugs provide decorative interest while creating a frame in which to place furniture and to define spaces within a room or area.

 boho woven cotton rug textured for home decor living room office

They also provide protection to your floor and are a good source of warmth for when you step out of your bed or are watching TV in your living room. Choose one that goes with the overall theme of your room. We recommend that your mix and match the rug with an accessory in the room like a floor lamp. For added versatility and style, get an area rug that can also be used as a wall hanging - it's great for switching up the look of any room!

 serge moie inspired floor lamp modern retro decor light

#4: Textured Pottery / Decor Pieces

Many people tend to underestimate the value of textured pottery or other decor pieces in inside decor. These home decorative accents are like the finishing touch; no matter how good your overall decor is, it will look incomplete without them. You can sense that something’s missing. Textured pottery and decor pieces can complete the picture.

modern vase textured ceramic porcelain neutral ivory  

We recommend that you look for a unique motif, style, or pattern that pops out in an otherwise mellow room. But like flower vases, just make sure you don’t go overboard because that will ruin the overall look of your room instead of enhancing it.

morandi still life ceramic textured vase spring colors modern home decor

#5: Orbs

You might have seen this one in your favorite interior designing photos on Pinterest. However, not every room can pull them off. Since orbs are large and made of metal that gives them a heavy feel, it’s imperative that you style them properly.

 Colored Fine Glass Modern Orbes for Home Decor Office

We recommend that you balance them with more natural elements like small plants to give the space a warm feel. Also, remember the odd number rule i.e. creating groups of three and five or using stand-alone pieces as it makes the place more visually appealing.

Modern Colored Fine Glass Orbes Home Decor Office

 #6- Accent Walls

Accent walls refer to painting or wallpapering a certain wall in your room to give it an ‘accent’ look. This wall has a different color, design, or texture that makes it stand out from all other walls in the room. For bedrooms, accent walls work best behind the headboard of the bed, while in living rooms, they look good on the TV wall.

Boho Palm Tree Wallpaper Modern Home Decor Office


modern art minimalist canvas posters for home office room decor

You can experiment with different colors and patterns with accent walls. The right one will, of course, depend on the theme of your room. You can mix and match home decor accents with wall accents.

 Modern Minimalist wall planter garden and office decor

While styling your home or a particular room, keep in mind that the trends keep changing. What’s in fashion today might not be next year. So keep yourself updated on decorative accents as you decorate your home. There are a lot of options out there; this article keeps you from getting confused. Even if you just stick to the 6 items here, you can breathe a new life into your home.

Happy Decor Journey!!!


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