The Best 7 Trending Home Decor Accessories for 2020

With our ever-busy lifestyle today, we often seem burdened and require a fresh pace to start over or simply give ourselves a break. What better than to revamp your house and give it the makeover it needs! Not only will it be a fresh breath of air but it will also bring you peace and tranquility as you add pieces that speak to you. 

Refurbish your safe haven and amplify your surroundings with the latest home decor accessories. To address what the Best 8 Trending Home Decor Accessories are, we have curated a budget-friendly list for home decor ideas just for you! Whether you like bold statement pieces or aesthetic wallpapers, you are bound to find something you will absolutely love. 

The Best 8 Trending Home Decor Accessories for 2020

#1- Light Transit Acrylic Vases

Modern acrylic flower vase object office decor room decor

We are well aware of how different vases can amplify the aesthetics of your surroundings. While there are a lot of different options, adding fun acrylic vases can add more color to your living space. They come in fun shapes and their translucent colors are what make them so unique. Keep them against a source of light and see the beautiful colors bounce off your walls. Light transit acrylic vases are unique and modern home decor accessories that you can add for the perfect tinge of color to your house. These dainty-looking acrylic vases are available in an array of stunning colors and chic shapes to choose from, and are sure to bring new life and color to your chosen area and table surface.

#2 - Bookcase Storage Table

gold metal bookcase for home library modern office and decorLiving room accessories are tricky to shop for. If you are someone who wants something that will elevate the look of the room while serving a purpose and having storage space, look no more. Keeping a bookcase storage table is just the thing for you! These tables are versatile and can serve as a mobile bookshelf or a coffee table. They come in a variety of different forms but this retro-inspired Gold Librarie Bookcase Storage Table will give an exquisite and artistic touch to your living room. Adding a glamorous vibe with its gold mesh texture, this particular piece will sure bring an eye-catching style to your personal space.


#3 - Palm Tree Wallpapers

Palm Tree Wallpaper for room home decorAdding plants to your surroundings has never been out of trend. In fact, this trend saw a dramatic rise in recent years. Whether it be actual planters or pots kept in your room or tropical tree wallpapers, the green color gives your place a vibrant look and brightens it up. It also signifies peace and growth which are exactly the things you look for in your place of comfort. This Palm Tree Paradise Printed Wallpaper gives you the perfect pop of color.

#4 - Patchwork Woven Rugs

kilim rug modern ethnic Boho Home Decor

Rugs are a foundation of your room and they can tie in everything together. They can set the style of the room and give it an elevated look. With a variety of rugs available in the market, a good woven rug never goes out of style and is amazing for bringing in some energy to the room. The Pashto Kilim Rug can be a perfect layering in an otherwise dull room that would be great with a Bohemian theme! It provides unlimited possibilities- spread it out on the floor or hang it up on the wall, the options are endless. For those who love the boho chic vibe, this area rug will surely bring new life and artistic interest to your room, whether on the floor or wall!

#5 - Ottoman Sofas

modern ottoman puff velvet bright room decor

When one thinks of luxury home accessories, Ottoman sofas are among the first items that pop into our heads. This versatile furniture is highly popular and makes a sensible addition to your house owing to its adaptability. They can be used as extra seating sofas, footstools, or simply for aesthetics. Some also come with ample storage space hidden inside. Their distinctive patterns and colors make them the perfect treat for your eyes. The Crayon Puff Ottoman is extremely comforting and will brighten up your space! They're available in an array of gorgeous shades to choose from, with each lovely color adding a lively look and feel to your living room.

#6 - Wall Art Work

Mattisse Wall Art Canvas Poster Modern Home Decor Room Office

A room full of blank walls seem quite empty. Adding an art piece to it immediately draws attention to it and catches the eye of your guests. Be it abstract art, scenery, or figures, wall art is an easy way of giving your walls an upgrade and bringing in a pop of color when needed. The canvases can set the tone for your room and make great conversation starters. Hence, these Matisse Figures Canvas Prints are ideal for a unique style and to bring multiple colors into play. Creative and artistic pieces, these canvas prints will surely steal glances whenever you have guests over.

#7 - Wall Lamps

modern future retro wall light minimalist art home decor

Lighting is an essential component in setting the character and tone of a room. While you could simply opt for the same boring light sources, adding wall lamps is a distinctive option that not quite everyone opts for. Possibilities such as a dangling wall lamp do not only give a modern touch to your room with the sleek rod and minimalistic design but also adds beauty to the place.

#8 - Pots and Planters

Cement Planter for Garden Patio Porch and Home Decor

An easy way to elevate the aesthetics of your room is to incorporate nature into it. Pots and planters bring in a fresh perspective and break the mundane array of materialistic decorative objects. They go great with all sorts of theme sets in your room. The Quinn Cement Flower Pots are great for a rustic look and the hemp rope adds texture. Different contrasts of material and textures is exactly what a room needs. Shop our selection of stylish planters and pots and you'll be sure to find one that fits right into your home and personality.

    We invite you to use decorative accents and wall art to amplify your aesthetics and take your living space to another notch. The little things are enough to make your room stand out and make a good impression on others. It is your surroundings that reflect you and your personality. Therefore, it is imperative that you stay on top of your game.

    We would love to keep you updated with home decor accessories as you explore your style and the unlimited options available to you. In case you want to explore our top picks for home decor accents, just click here!

    Happy Decorating! 


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