Top Battery Rechargeable Wall Light In 2022

Looking to give your space a quick refresh by using rechargeable wall lights? If you're thinking of switching up your light fixtures to include some of the newest trends to hit the market, you're sure to have quite a hard time searching with the myriad of different products available out there.

But we're here to make your life easier by introducing you to one of Letifly's bestsellers, our top battery rechargeable wall light in 2022 - the Ultra USB Battery Rechargeable Wall Light.

I've ordered this particular wall light as it intrigued and piqued my curiosity and below is my full review after receiving, installing and testing it.

What is the Ultra USB Battery Rechargeable Wall Light?

It's basically a wall sconce that's versatile, functional, and oh so easy to install. Made from a combination of wood and resin, it's a stylish light fixture that will definitely add a pop of interest onto any space. This wall light works in a multitude of ways but to keep it simple - it's a rechargeable light that you can either mount up on the wall as a sconce or just lay on a table like a cordless table lamp.



Looks-wise, this wall light comes off as a modern, ultra-stylish light made from wood and resin. This is perfect for those who are into modern contemporary decor and Scandinavian-inspired styles as this light will fit right into your decor aesthetic. It comes in 2 wood shades: Walnut and White Wood.

The actual light comes in the shape of a wand with a length of 7 inches and 1 inch wide with a round wooden base. The base holds the wand in place through a magnetic suction design, making for easy grasping and detaching whenever you need it.

What I really like about this light is that I could put it up in any way and position I want - light side up or down in a vertical position or even horizontally. 

Breaking down key features:

Wireless, battery-operated

This wall light does not come with any electrical wires as it's cordless and battery-operated, so there's no need for an electrician to have this installed, it's so easy and effortless that you can do it yourself! The base comes with a self-adhesive patch so you can just mount it on any wall - just as long as it's a smooth and flat surface.

The light fixture includes a USB charging cable for charging the lithium batteries while the bulb design life is at around 10,000 hours. The light lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge and can even last longer, depending on your usage and mode setting preferences.

The LED bulb itself offers 740 lumens in a warm white color, a soft and cozy illumination that's adequate and bright enough to light up dark spaces like hallways and bedrooms, or ambient lighting for dark corners of the living room or kitchen area.



This is one cool feature that's one of the main reasons why this is a best seller. As the wand is detachable from its base, this offers users extreme portability in whatever situation calls for it.

I find this light perfect for mounting outside my bedroom door, and I just take the wand with me when I go to the bathroom on the other end of the hallway during the night.


I also use this for looking into my closet when I'm searching for something as the illumination from my bedroom's ceiling light does not reach into the closet. So instead of using my phone's flashlight, I use the wand - definitely very handy!

Another situation I found this to be extremely useful is during emergency power interruptions and blackouts during storms! Again, I no longer need to use up my phone's precious battery to use the flashlight feature or make use of candles that are frankly, fire hazards, if not carefully watched over. 

Besides its cool functions, this light wand works great in any area of the home, lighting up hallways, stairs, bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, storage areas and so much more.


Motion sensor

Another cool feature of the Ultra USB Battery Rechargeable Wall Light is its motion sensor capability. The light comes in 3 control modes: the ON or the permanent light mode, the OFF mode, and the intelligent induction or what we call the motion sensor mode.

The smart motion sensor light automatically identifies whether it's daytime or nighttime and will only illuminate at night when movement is detected within a range of 10 feet. It automatically turns off after 15-30 seconds if motion is no longer detected and within range.


This is pretty cool and nifty if you don't necessarily want lights remaining on for the duration of the night as I do.


The verdict:

The Ultra USB Battery Rechargeable Wall Light is definitely at the top of the rechargeable wall light spectrum. And it's not really surprising, considering the tons of positive, 5-star reviews it garnered on Letifly by satisfied customers.


Power-saving, has a chic aesthetic, gives off great illumination, portable and ultra-handy to have around, the Ultra USB Rechargeable Wall Light hits all points when it comes to key features we would normally search for in a rechargeable light fixture.


You get so much style, quality and great features from one that's affordably priced, clearly making the Ultra USB Battery Rechargeable Wall Light a winner by any standards and definitely a top-notch wall light in 2022.