Giving gifts to a colleague has always been proven to uplift happiness and joyous spirit. Who wouldn’t be delighted to receive even simple gifts from a boss, or a work friend especially in starting a new year ahead? Giving gifts to your co-workers, boss or subordinates not only bring joy to them, but also a sense of closeness not to mention boosts morale and increases productivity, too!

We here at Letify have compiled our list of Top 25 corporate gift ideas that could surely leave you a good impression.

Best Well research best corporate gift ideas

Paintings Make it Better 


Plain office walls can be sad, but not anymore. With this Modern Classic Fantasy Canvas Posters and Prints that comes in a variety of designs and sizes, your recipient would be sure to love it. Hanging colorful and classical prints around an office space or personal home is a perfect addition to give more personality to the room, as well as also help bring style and a pop of lively color to any office setting.

Bring Color with a Sculpture


Keeping office decorations are normal, but adding this Handcrafted Resin-made Vibrant Color Balloon Dog Sculpture elevates any office desk or corner. It’s a great gift reminder to still keep color in your life. Also, it’s a perfect gift for someone who loves these cute canines! This balloon dog sculpture is available in an array of fun, bold colors to choose from, bringing a stunning color pop onto your recipient's desk. It's a fantastic mood booster, too!

Gold is a Perfect Statement


Placing fresh plants inside an office is always a good idea. Gifting this  Gold Mesh Planters with Pedestal is a delightful addition to make your working space more environmental-free and much more pleasing to the eyes. Receiving this gift is a pleasure to the heart. 

Comfort Plush


Comfort is everything, so why not send your colleague this Vintage Cotton Crochet Round Pillows? They will never experience discomfort at work again as they cuddle it in between work. With its variety of colors to choose from, you can match the pillow color to your colleagues’ personality!

Keeping it Lit should be Fancy

Post-Modern Frosted Sphere Brass Table Lamp

The Post-Modern Frosted Sphere Brass Table Lamp is a bougie yet fancy gift to give to a colleague. It is versatile to use at home and at work thus they can easily decide whether where to use it. It looks stunning and classy - perfect way to show them you care!

Marble’s are a Thing


Let’s admit it, flowers make a wonderful addition to a workstation or home office.  So, this Textured Marble Flower Vase is an amazing choice to give for a workmate who enjoys having greenery or flowers in their work space. A stunning work of art, this gift is sure to bring pleasure to your target recipient.

A Treat in a Glass


Give this Crystal Glass Candy Jar Container to your colleague and they will sure to have some container for their little munch breaks every once in a while. It’s always fun to have a little something while working, and this glass candy jar container definitely is perfect storage for small treats for them to grab. Aesthetically-pleasing and filled with delish goodies, what more can they ask for?

Keeping Fun in the Loop


Tired of giving an ordinary-looking vase as a gift? Why not gift this In the Loop Hydroponic Vase to your colleague. With its quirky shape and colorful variety of vases, you are sure to fit them into their personality and style. Whether they keep it empty or fill it with colorful flower stems, this eye-catching vase will surely keep their mood uplifted throughout the day.

A splash of color and shape


Treat your friend with this gradient beautiful Prism Light Acrylic Vase. It’s the ideal size for a work station desk as it does not take up too much space. Made with beautiful vibrant colors, this vase will surely be a fun desk decoration.

Be Hydrated in Style


Health is important, and show them you care with this fabulous Diamond Carafe and Glass Set that would definitely elevate their motivation to keep hydrated. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive this gorgeous glass set that they could use at home? Well, I for one would be so happy to receive this gift. 

Something Bright


Running out of gift idea? Then try this Jax Linear LED Table Lamp that looks really fancy with its affordable price. The gold glossy paint finish of this linear table lamp is an interesting table feature. Expensive looking yet very affordable price - the perfect gift, right?

Sunny Accent


It might not be the usual choice for a gift but consider giving this Sunny Day Wicker Mirror to your colleague. It’s a perfect aesthetic decor and it is absolutely lovely. Not too big to wrap but totally a surprise to receive!

Wooden Additions


Decor materials are always a go-to in gift giving, so considering this Beech Wooden Cutting Board with Grooves is definitely a good thing! Made with wood planks carved with waves and lines, this beautiful board serves a one or more purpose. Either make it as a table decorative plank or style it standing next to the wall, it both works.

To Break Down Plain Walls


Coming in our list is this geometrical and textured Abstract Texture Ceramic Vases. It is an ideal gift to give for those who enjoy making vases as decoration or to hold flowers, with its unique shape and linear texture. You can even give it to either your male or female workmate as it comes in a monochromatic palette that fits both gender.

Nothing Wrong with Being Royal


Leave a good impression to your colleague by giving this Vintage Gold Engraved Stainless Steel Flatware. It comes with a complete set of engraved stainless steel flatware consisting of table knife, spoon, fork and a teaspoon. Designed with intricate engraved patterns that exude finesse, it is definitely a fancy gift to give.  

Agh, it’s like Sitting on the Cloud


Sitting for long hours at work is uncomfortable. Give comfort while working with this classic and puffy Cloud Seat Pillow that is perfect for office chairs. Available in vibrant colors and three sizes to choose from, you are sure to have all the options you need. A stylish yet ultra practical gift, your colleague will surely thank you for it!

Getting the energy going
Encourage relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle of work with this Lavender Diffuser. Perfect gift for those who love to relieve stress with diffused essential oils. If your colleague loves aromatherapy, this is the gift that you should consider. 

Something to put the Flowers in


Stylish pottery has always been a pleasure to receive as a gift especially if your colleague is a plant aficionado. Consider giving them these Geometric Marble Vases that have a geometrical shape finished with a marble white coat. It complements any office space or even at their homes. 

Keepin’ it Warm


Give a more personal gift with this Oversized Sweater Knit Throw that fits perfectly in bed or in a lounge couch. This knit throw is made to provide utmost comfort and add personality to a room. It’s the perfect gift to make them know you care. 

Three Isn’t a Crowd


Having an extra budget to go all out with your gift? The Three Bulb Dynamic Floor Lamp in Brass is the right gift to consider. With its size and structure, it definitely is a gift that sures to wow the receiver. It’s glossy brass finish gives off an elegant sense and sophistication. 

Makes working “knotting” but comfortable


Tired of the usual pillow gifts available in your local depot store? Try this Bright Knot Pillow as a gift that is as beautiful and as unique as it can be. Bringing comfort to anyone who receives it, it is also a fun addition to any space with its knot and twisted design that comes in 6 amazing colors. 

Give lunch a pattern


Show that you are not all work but fun as well, with these festive-looking Tile Ceramic Plates and give them to your colleagues who enjoy a festive gathering. These ceramic plates come in three with different designs to choose from. Designed with various patterns and vibrant colors - these plates are set to impress. 

Relieve the Stress with Tea 


Adding another aromatherapy gift option for you is the White Tea and Ginger Reed Diffuser. Relieve your workmates’ stress with the relaxing aroma of this comforting diffuser. Affordable but a sincere gift to give. 

Hydrated Skin is Everything


Make your colleagues know that you value their self worth, and give this amazing Siren Silk Multi-tasking Hydration Creme as a humble gift. Coming in as one of the store's latest products, this hydration cream is perfect for keeping their skin moisturized anytime, anywhere.

Store Stuff in Style


Last but definitely not the list in our list is this fancy Isosceles Hanging Organizer. Suitable gift idea for both home and office use. It’s a classic combination of efficiency and beauty that would surely not disappoint as a gift. 

Voila, we reached the end of our list for top 25 corporate gift ideas that you can give to your work friends and even bosses! If you still haven’t found anything in mind, check out our website at Letifly as we have hundreds of different items available for you!