Top 15 Unique and Curated Wedding Gifts Registry

Planning a wedding can be tiring. From simple decisions like the utensils to use, color motifs, down to the bigger aspects like the venue, bridal gown, and the dress and tux of the entourage - it can all be overwhelming. But one fun aspect of wedding preparation is creating a registry of gifts and items that the couple wants to receive from well-wishers. It is more than just gifts, it is also a symbol of a new beginning of another milestone in life that the couple will be starting together. 

Luckily this 2022, Letifly has partnered with to offer every couple a wider selection of unique and curated wedding gifts registry. Because we understand that receiving usual gifts from Bed Bath & Beyond, West Elm or Wayfair can be to cliche and predictable - here at Letifly we bring you our collection of affordable gift items from home essentials to home decors curated from artisans all over the world!

Ready to make your registry? Here are our 15 picks that you’ll surely love;

Color Rich Ceramic Vases


Starting the journey of marriage always starts at home. And what better way to start this remarkable milestone by adding these vibrant Color Rich Ceramic Vases in your home! Made with high-quality ceramic and stunningly vibrant colors of yellow, teal, and black - these vases are the perfect decor addition for you. Ideal for adding a pop of bright color to any space, these ceramic vases add that extra chic homey touch to any surface, with or without blooms. 

Glacial Glass Pitcher and Cups


Impress your folks with this elegant Glacial Glass Pitcher and Cups that are perfect for your home get-togethers. Pouring a drink has never been this fancier, thanks to these gorgeous glass pieces that will give the needed touch of sophistication to your kitchen collection. Add them to your list and make your kitchen items stand out. Available in a 2 cups and a 4 cups set, the Glacial Glass Pitcher and Cups are ideal for serving drinks when entertaining. It comes in a gorgeous gradient blue shade that's the epitome for refreshing and reinvigorating vibe.

Natura Pendant Light


Adorn your homes with this boho-inspired Natura Pendant Light that will surely give your space a new nature vibe. Unlike your usual pendant lights, this Nature Pendant light gives you a wider opportunity to elevate your decorating game. Add either artificial hanging plants or a flower setup inspired by the different occasions in your life, you can never run out of style!

Crushed Velvet Round Pillow


Tired of the old rugged throw pillow on your couch? Say no more! Add these beautiful and luscious Crushed Velvet Round Pillow to your couch, reading chair, or bed to make any space more romantic-looking! With its soft velvet material, this round pillow comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from to perfectly match the rest of your home decorations. 

Faux Fur Sheepskin Throw and Rug


Furs are always fancy - but it doesn’t have to be always real. Add this soft Faux Fur Sheepskin Throw and Rug into your list to give your space a delicate touch of soft and warm feel to your space. Coming in different sizes, you have a lot of options to choose whether to add them to a couch, a chair or make it your bedroom rug to make your room a lot fancier than before.

Luxury Gold Stainless Steel Baking Utensil Set


Starting your new life as a married couple, you are expected to spend a LOT of time in the kitchen. Bring your baking game a tad fancier with this exquisite Gold Stainless Steel Baking Utensil Set. Wow your family and friends with your elevated taste with your household items. Show them that cooking can be done with style! For a seamless, sophisticated kitchen look, get the whole set which consists of an egg white separator spoon, hand whisk mixer, and the colanders in small, medium and large size.

Devon Wall Sconce with Pull Chain


Wow, your family and friends with one of our bestseller wall sconces, the Devon Wall Sconce with Pull Chain. It is perfect to use as a spotlight for your romantic framed wedding picture, bedside light, or whichever way you wanted. Designed with a statement gold pull chain adding glamour to your space. This wall sconce is ideal for the bedroom, a wall desk lamp, or for adding a chic light option for the guest bathroom.

Daisy Dinnerware


Make your dining moments much more beautiful with these classic white Daisy Dinnerwares. Designed with scalloped edges that mirror an elegant pearl shell, this dinnerware set will surely be a delightful addition to your kitchen collection as a married couple. It will be perfect for a family gathering or just your usual meals together as a couple. This set elevates the dining experience to a classy affair, and is perfect to use for the first few dinner parties you'll be hosting!

Vintage Candle Holder in Various Metal Finishes


Why dine as usual when you can dine with romance? Make dinner dates more romantic with our beautiful Vintage Candle Holder that comes in four different gorgeous color finishes. Your dinner parties and evening dates at home will never be the same with this added luxurious touch of finesse and romance in your dinner plans. Cause why dine ordinarily when you can dine fancy?

Vico Mushroom Table Lamp


Statement decors are a must in a newly wedded couple’s house. Create a statement of sophistication with this lovely Vico Mushroom Table Lamp. This dome-shaped lamp comes in 3 different color selections to match the furniture in your home. Not your usual small lamps, this sleek design enables it to give a much brighter light and spans the area it reaches, making it a perfect corner lamp. This table lamp is sure to bring an art deco flair to any space. Add it to your list and this will definitely steal attention.

Jade Prism Polygon Area Rug


Adding a staple rug to your home is definitely a must-have. But why just get an ordinary rug when you can get this beautiful Jade Prism Polygon Area Rug with its soft pastel tone color. Making it the perfect rug for your home, the subtle design and color makes it much more perfect to complement every design item in your space. Keeping your home as tidy as could be doesn’t have to be boring - add this to your registry and be delighted to have it in your homes! 

Wired Cross Hanging Magazine Holder


Because starting a new family can be overwhelming, try organizing with this modern and chic Wired Cross Hanging Magazine Holder from our variety of storage and holder collections! Choose to hang it or either place it above your cabinet top, and it will perfectly fit any design around your home. Created to become a versatile home decor and storage match with its modern aesthetics - you will never go wrong with this one. 

Mr. Ripley Textured Champagne & Cocktail Glass


Spice up your usual cocktail nights with this exquisitely designed Mr. Ripley Textured Champagne and Cocktail Glass that is perfect for your inhouse dates or just a casual couple chill after a long day at work. Drink to impress not just your family but your guests as well - as this champagne glass is elegantly designed to leave a lasting impression. Made from a high-quality grade of glass to make sure that perfection comes with quality. 

Multilevel Metal Planter and Organizer


Make your home as comfortable as possible by bringing in your favorite indoor plants. Our Multilevel Metal Planter and Organizer is the perfect organizer to make your greens much more organized in a stunning manner. Available in white, mint, black, and gold, these planters can also double up as organizers to put your towels or other stuff you need in your new home. Add them to your list and make decorating with your partner more fun and easier.

Bamboo Stainless Steel Flatware Set


Meals bring a family closer together, and as you start your own family, why not add a flare of this elegant Bamboo Stainless Steel Flatware Set that comes in either black or gold set. Perfect to cater big household events or a get together with friends - this set is the best one for you! Its glossy finish makes it a splendid addition when you host any dining event with your family or friends. 

We’ve given you fifteen among our hundreds of unique curated products that are a sure stunner to be added to your registry. With our products from diffusers, moisturizers, planters, vases, and other basic household items down to home decorations and lighting - Letifly is the perfect store for you! Breakaway from the usual gift ideas, and make your wedding registry much more personal to your needs as you become a married couple. 

Visit our page and be amazed with our products that will surely fit your style and your needs - plus it has a reasonable price and is surely high-quality! Because making your first home doesn’t have to be expensive - with Letifly, we can help you make your design imaginations come true.