The Top 11 Pendant Lights on Trend for 2021

The Top 11 Pendant Lights on Trend for 2022

Are you already starting your 2022 plans? Thinking of adding something new to your space to make it more appealing and vibrant? Why not add a statement pendant light to any area in your home, office, or business to spice up your place. Well-lit areas are perfect to set your starting mood for a new year ahead.


Because lighting is everything, we at Letifly are thrilled to provide you with our collections of pendant lights to accommodate your stylistic visions. Whether you want to go on simple hanging lights or go all out with extravagant and uniquely designed crafted to bring out your quirky side - we all got it for you! Collected and curated from artisans all around the world to give you wider options for your design and space, Letifly gives you our list of our Top 11 Pendant Lights to set a trend this 2022! These pendant lights are sure to add glamour and style to your home, office or even your business, because you could never go wrong with the proper light.

Check out the list below and get your designing game on!

1. Flowerpot Metal Ceiling Pendant Light


Show your quirky and vibrant personality this 2022, with these colorful flowerpot metal ceiling pendant lights. The cord extends up to 40 inches that gives you more height to  adjust the length the way you wanted. To give you a much easier process of installation, you can purchase ceiling plates that are available in our store to support the entire pendant light. Styled to provide a cheerful vibe, these gorgeous pendant lights come in two diameter sizes and eleven colors to choose from. Perfect for giving that subtle elegance in any area.

2. Single Globe Brass Pendant Light


To add a sophisticated touch to your space, try this classy single globe brass pendant light with rods that comes in two different colors; black and gold. With its sleek brass rod, it will surely add glamour to your pathway, dining area or even your kitchen island! To fit any space requirement, there are five different sizes for you to choose from. Ideal for homes with a modern minimalist or an industrial decor style, this single globe illuminates any space in chic style. With this elegant pendant, you will never go out of style.

3. Mood Glass & Wood Acorn Pendants


Bring a cabin vibe to any room with this quirky mood glass and wood acorn pendants. It comes with four phases of moon design to accommodate your project’s size requirement. Made with glass, aluminum and wood detailing, this pendant light has 200 cm adjustable wire that supports the base. Plus, the lights have a complimentary mount in either circular or straight shape depending on your specific needs. With its frosted glass lampshade, you will always achieve a trendy atmosphere. These acorn pendants are ideal for Nordic or Scandinavian-inspired homes, and adds a chic, homey appeal to any space.

4. Cone Pendant Light with Leather Strap


Be trendy and chic with this cone pendant light that is perfect to install in any area of your home. The leather strap that holds the lampshade provides it a modern-industrial look added with its metal rod holding as the base of the light. This pendant light is available in 4 earth tone color varieties for your use. Convenient for design needs, it comes with an adjustable 47 inches cord to adjust properly with a diameter shade of 10.6 inches which gives it a bright light enough to illuminate any area. This also comes with a knob switch and is made for easier installation. It’s perfect for adding an urban industrial flair to any space, be it for styling a reading nook, a bar table area, or for a cozy breakfast table nook. 

5. Feather Cloud Pendant Light


Make every area fabulous with this feather cloud pendant light that will surely leave a statement. Giving a feminine glamour to a room, it is made of natural goose feathers which are dyed in three different colors and built with two sizes to give you more options to choose from. It comes with an adjustable cord so you don’t have to worry about the length of the cloud. This captivating pendant light will perfectly be an eye-catcher to your room, living room or even your lounge area. The feather cloud pendant light is perfect for living room spaces or wherever you do your entertaining, offering a stylish visual appeal that’s sure to draw stares and admiration from your guests.

6. Mika Black Ceiling Pendant


This Black Ceiling Pendant is sure to leave a statement with its bold geometric shapes and a brass inner finish to add up the sophistication. It comes with three different shape options to choose from that are all painted with black matte finish to give it a more modern vibe. Every design comes with an adjustable cord that extends up to 31 inches in length. Styling can be done with either hanging them alone or setting them up together - it is all your choice. This ceiling light is perfect to create a warm ambiance in any part of your home!

7. Bella Glass Ceiling Pendant


Next in our list is this deco-inspired glass ceiling pendant. Designed with a hollowed globe lampshade made of clear glass stone that can be purchased in seven different colors that provides different moods for every shade. Perfect to install in your porch area, or dining area this pendant light would surely give you an ethereal vibe. With a cord length that extends up to 40 inches to let you play along with your design imagination. If you want to add a show-stopping silhouette in your place, this Bella Glass Ceiling Pendant light is perfect for you.

8. Soft Palette Pendant Lights in Metal and Wood


This next pendant light is sure to add a pop of color to your place with its retro design and a palette of soft colors for a breath of fresh air. It comes in six available choices of shape and diameter that is ideal if you want to install it either to your personal space or a shared space, or to simply show off your artistic vision with your friends. Made with aluminum material and a wood base detailing, this pendant is made not just for style but with ensured durability. It has longer cord length that extends up to 48 inches that is perfect to hang even in high ceilings.
It has a modern contemporary appeal that’s ideal for minimalist or Nordic interior styles, giving off a stylishly chic vibe that perfectly tops off the look of any room.

9. Colored Layered Pendant Lights


Talk about a unique and trendy shape that is spot on to place in any area of your personal home, office or business - this colored layered pendant light is what you are looking for. Made with aluminum and brushed nickel, this pendant light comes in three diameter sizes with seven body colors to choose from. This layered pendant light is sure to make your space fun and will always remain on trend.

10. Suspension Sphere Glass and Brass Pendant Light


This Suspension Sphere Glass and Brass Pendant light is a perfect balance of form and function that delivers a sophisticated and exquisite glamour to any area it illuminates. Designed to steal attention, these pendant lights are made of brushed brass finish that comes in three different sizes from small to large spheres that accentuate your desired area. Even with its complicated yet sophisticated look, this pendant light is surprisingly easy to install. To top it off, it comes with a matching floor lamp to elevate an ambiance of elegance wherever you placed it!

11. Sven Disc Pendant Light


Last but definitely not the least, is this majestic Sven Disc Pendant Light that will make you feel like you are living in a fairy land! The sleek design of its pendant disc comes in seven different colors for its soft palette look with either an option of small or big size of disc. With its light color modes whether to go warm or white, it would surely add a personality to your space. To maximize your design view, these chic pendant lights come in cord that can be extended up to 150 cm. This lacquered metal pendant light is sure to give your space a magical vibe and will definitely earn you compliments.

Setting any area in your home or office into the ambiance that you wanted to achieve is always possible with the use of the correct light fixture. In Letifly, we value your vision for design and aesthetic balance by providing you numerous selections to choose from. Not only do we offer the finest curated light fixtures, but we also provide the best and most reasonable price so you won’t have to worry a lot about your budget.

Bring in that glam and spark of 2022 with your new lamps or ceiling pendants. Each curated pendant light in this post is guaranteed to spice up the look of any space in your home. Surely, you would feel more energized and ready to start a new year with a whole new vibe. You may also check out our whole other collections to fully put your vision into life!