Looking to instantly update any room with minimal effort and expense? Consider a vase full of flowers, a single stem or an empty vase that acts as a work of art all on its own. A vase's main purpose is to be a source of water for cut flowers to keep them fresh longer, but it also serves as a decorative accent that adds a ton of interest to any tablescape or area, depending on the size and design.

At Letifly, we have a vast selection of vases at incredible prices. They look unique and expensive, but they’re actually affordable décor solutions that can elevate the elegance factor in your home, without the expense. Here are 19 popular Vases that our Customers and Designer friends purchase most frequently: 

Best inexpensive Vases to grace to your home.

In the Loop Hydroponic Vase


These colorful hydroponic vases add color, shape and movement to your space. Gorgeous curves and perfectly imperfect forms give these vases their irresistible charm. Rich colors bring any table top, desk or bookcase to life. Use these vases for a single stem or to hold a taper candle. They’re also gorgeous empty, showcasing their unique beauty. Pop them on a window sill and let the light shine through them. They're available in a delicious array of bold colors and eye-catching shapes that's sure to add statement-making style to your area of choice.

Mod Ceramic Vase


Stunning, soft hues with sharp curves and rounded edges--that’s what makes these striking and shapely vases so spectacular. They add wow-worthy style and an artisanal touch to the table (shelf, dresser or fireplace mantel.) Whether you display these trendy vases with a floral stem or leave them to shine solo, they definitely have extraordinary appeal. Group three on a coffee table or display them on a chic tray on a dining buffet. They're available in an array of stunning colors and lovely shapes that bring life and style to any surface.

Water Drop Vase


Pure white porcelain is anything but plain. These gorgeous vases are shaped like water drops and come in three sizes. Pure poetry in motion, their stunning silhouette and sophisticated finish lend a breath of fresh air to any space. So sleek and lovely, these vases look elegant and sophisticated when you line them up along the center of a dining table to form a mesmerizing tablescape. They're available in a selection of heights in a lovely neutral ivory shape, serving as stunning backdrops for your lush and beautiful florals.

Garden Weave Basket Ceramic Vase


Shaped like a woven basket, this stunning vase is crafted in ceramic porcelain. Pick and display a bouquet of fresh or faux florals in our delightful ceramic Garden Weave Basket Vase. The chic, high-quality ceramic porcelain has a woven texture and is absolutely brimming with charm. You'll love how it naturally enhances any décor style. With a matte paint finish in rich Red or Ochre, our stylish woven basket with handles would suit a relaxed farmhouse kitchen as well as a modern dining room.    

Earth Tone Petal Texture Glass Vase


Soft, feminine and sophisticated, this lovely vase has eye-catching pleated details like the petals of a daisy. Gorgeous tinted shades give this luxurious vase breathtaking beauty and adds a dainty and delightful touch to any tablescape. This is the ideal vase for a bedroom vanity or glass side table.    

Rainbow Ripple Acrylic Vase


Who knew that acrylic could be so stunning? Our multi-faceted Rainbow Ripple Acrylic Vase and Desk Organizer is just what you need to refresh your workspace. This multipurpose vase features a rainbow of colors that shimmer in the light. Pop some flowers into it to add instant beauty to a desktop or bedside table. Or use it to keep pens and office essentials close at hand. The ridged design reflects the light in a rainbow of colors. They’re so much style at the end of this rainbow!

Silver Mirror Modern Glass Vase


Let your home decor be a reflection of your exceptional taste in vases. Our pretty vases are sophisticated and sleek with their elegant mirrored finish. You'll love how these luxurious vases reflect the light from every angle. Simply spectacular! The secret to their chic styles is in the silver electroplating technique. It gives these vases the look of luxe without the outrageous price tag.

Optic Decor Ceramic Porcelain Vase


The simplicity of black and white is always a modern choice. These Optic vases with geometric designs are showstoppers to add to your decor. With an Art-Deco flair, these timeless pieces have dynamic shapes that, combined with the optic line and geo paintings, give a sophisticated and unique feeling. Mix and match or display just one. 

Bright Color Ceramic Flower Vase


Let organic design and modern beauty take shape in these stunning Ceramic Vases. Display them in your living room, dining room or bedroom to effortlessly create a simply mesmerizing look. These striking handcrafted pots contrast their surroundings, elevating the elegance factor and capturing many an admiring glance. Available in bold colors and varying shapes and sizes, these vases are sure to bring a stunning color pop to any surface.

Arizona Whimsy Tinted Glass Vase


Prepare to be smitten by the gorgeous Arizona colors and whimsical shapes of these captivating works of art. Each color-tinted vase is hand blown glass, making each piece unique. Choose the Clear & Amber, Clear & Green, or the Colored Vase which is a combination of all colors. Of course, these vases make lovely vessels for displaying a flower or two, but don’t feel it’s necessary—they’re pretty darn charming displayed on their own.

Textured Marble Flower Vase


Ideal for fresh flowers and faux greenery, this gorgeous textured marble vase will make a statement on a mantel, office shelf or bedroom dresser. Use this stunning vase to brighten any space as a vignette with other vases or shining solo.

Modern Blue Wave Glass Vase


Even the most exotic bloom will have serious competition when displayed in one of these stunning glass vessels. Eye-catching displayed alone or stunning displayed as a group, each individual glass vase dazzles in a magnificent shade of blue, lending a burst of mesmerizing style and color to any decor scheme.

Frosted Blown Glass Vase


These gorgeous Vases will definitely earn you some style points with your besties. Use these striking blown glass vases on their own or pop some fresh blooms inside and let them pack an even more elegant style punch. These vases have unique shapes and can be used to hold candles, candies, keys or jewelry. They’re so versatile and sophisticated, you can use them to decorate any room of the house.

Fruity Ceramic Vase


Hand-painted ceramic porcelain gets a pop of fun patterns and colors. These whimsical vases are instant conversation starters. Designed to capture attention in vibrant shades and trendy shapes, these delightfully funky vases would make a striking addition to a kitchen counter, bathroom vanity, or at the center of a table to add a fun touch to your next dinner party. Also the perfect accents for a teen’s bedroom or college dorm. You can use them to hold pens and pencils too!

Tahiti Floral Ceramic Vase


Let’s face it--these romantic vases with elegant face design would add a charming touch to any decor. Designed in ceramic and porcelain, with a soft textured surface, and available in three shapes, these classy and exotic vases transform your space effortlessly. And they look fabulous when you display more than one.

Flower Cutout Ceramic Vase


Whether you enjoy flowers IN your vases, or ON them, you’ll love these fun decorative accents in whimsical patterns and colors. One look and you’ll quickly see that they’re cut out to be so much more than just a vase! They make great accents on a shelf or bookcase and are the ultimate gift to brighten a new apartment and congratulate new homeowners. Available in several gorgeous colors, our ceramic vases have whimsical floral motifs that are sure to add an artistic touch to any space.

Contrast Ribbon Textured Ceramic Vase


Get ready to fall in love with the captivating organic design of our eye-catching two-tone vases. A gorgeous black ribbon wraps around the center of the chic white ceramic vase, just as a white ribbon wraps around the black. The contrasting ribbons elevate an already striking silhouette. These textured vases will lend a modern touch to your favorite florals no matter where you choose to display them.

Modern Silhouette Ceramic Vase


Be dramatic! Create a scene with vases that command attention. Let your home become an elegant showroom for the stunning silhouettes of our elongated black and white ceramic vases. Each tapered vase can hold its own as a striking accessory to inject sleek elegance into any space. Display them empty or add single foliage stems for additional height and drama.

Color Rich Ceramic Vases

color-rich-ceramic-vasesAvailable in 4 trendy colors and styles, these rich ceramic vases set the stage for natural beauty. Display your favorite floral sprays and pop these cuties on a bookcase for color and texture. Graceful shapes and muted matte shades give these lovely vases their eye-pleasing aesthetic. Display them alone or create a colorful vignette on a dining table and beauty will bloom year round.