Congratulations, happy couple!  It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it? So much for planning! The global pandemic has tossed a wrench into many wedding plans. But love always prevails.  So whether you’ve postponed your 2020 nuptials to later this year or you’ve set a new date for  2022, you can still enjoy every moment leading up to the big day by choosing gifts for your wedding registry at Letifly

Why choose Letifly?  We’re not your typical West Elm, Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel. It’s time for change. It’s time to be different. It’s time to be uniquely YOU! Goodbye “cookie cutter” hello Letifly!

As you set out on this new and exciting chapter as a couple, you’ll want to choose registry gifts that reflect your individual style. The beauty of registering with Letifly is that the majority of our curated items can’t be found anywhere else.  With so many wonderful items to choose from, Letifly has something for every couple. Whether you love to entertain and are looking for show-stopping serveware or you prefer intimate dinners for two and would really benefit from one of our chic rechargeable table lamps, Letifly has everything you need to make your house a home.

Home Decor Best Wedding Registry Gifts for Newlywed.

1. Daisy Dinnerware


Beautiful white dinnerware brings elegance to the table. It's exquisite petal detailing and scalloped edges serve style and sophistication with your every meal. Ideal for family dinners and chic dinner parties.


2. Cezanne Glass Vase 3 pc Set


Gorgeous tinted glass vases can be filled with a floral stem or two or displayed on their own. Three shapes and sizes make the perfect wedding gift for every décor style. These exquisite glass vases bring a classy touch to any tablescape, whether on their own or with other decorative accent pieces.


3. Fine Crystal Carafe and Glass set


Let others toast to your special day with a gorgeous Carafe and Glass Set. If you love entertaining, this is a stunning way to serve beverages to guests, even if it’s water at the dinner table. Available in a gorgeous Amber or sleek Fine Smoke shade, this set is sure to offer a simple yet classy touch to any tray.


4. The Cactus Margarita Cocktail Glass


Make it an alfresco summer with margaritas on the patio! These chic glass cactus cocktail glasses are worth cheering about. Serve up sunshine and margarita deliciousness in the glasses that were designed for summer festivities. The whimsically detailed cactus stem offers a cheerful and quirky vibe that guests will surely rave about - no doubt about it.


5. Marble Ceramic Storage & Serving Decorative Trays


Serve your guests in style with gorgeous marbleized serving trays. When you’re ready to take your chic soirees to the next level, these striking ceramic trays will serve you well.


 6. Moon Cordless LED Table Lamp with Rechargeable Batteries


Picture your backyard patio or deck illuminated with stunning light created by these eye-catching moon lamps. So bright and captivating, you (and your guests) will be moonstruck by their beauty. Perfect for setting up an intimate patio dinner party for guests, or for creating a romantic dinner for two, this moon lamp creates an intimate ambience for everyone.


7. Rattan Artisanal Plant Stand & Stool


This home accessory is many elegant pieces of furniture in one. It’s a lovely rattan plant stand to showcase your favorite potted plants, a charming side table for indoors or out, and extra seating when you’re entertaining friends. Combining exquisite style with functionality, this versatile accessory is a must-have for any lovely home.


8. High Complements Glass Stand Tray


Raise your decor game with head-turning glass stands for showcasing your baked creations or displaying fruit in the kitchen. Stack the medium glass tray on the large for a multi-tiered serving stand. Whether you're serving exquisite baked goodness, fresh fruits or dainty sandwiches, these glass stand trays will elevate your food display to new heights - perfect for entertaining.


9. Light Beam LED Lamp Series

light-beam-led-lamp-seriesGorgeous lamps are a rare find at these sensational prices. Add this sleek and stylish beam of light to your wedding registry and prepare for enlightening conversations when this chic ceiling lamp is hanging above your dining table.


10. Luxury Gold Stainless Steel Baking Utensil Set


You don’t have to be the world’s best baker to enjoy using baking utensils that will make you feel as if you are. Here’s your golden opportunity to shine in the kitchen, newlyweds!


11. Nori Porcelain Condiment Dishes


Serve up soy and wasabi to accompany sushi, or specialty sauces to accompany Asian-inspired cuisine. These pretty porcelain ceramic dishes feature playful patterns that will brighten any dining table.


12. Natural Black Walnut Cutting Boards & Trays


Our cutting boards and trays have a triple purpose—look fabulous on the kitchen counter as décor, act as an actual cutting board and be used as a serving tray for bread, cheese and charcuterie. Pretty talented!


13. Suki Ceramic Soup Bowls


Soup’s on!  Our gorgeous ceramic bowls steal the show with their stunning aesthetic. Mix and match patterns or purchase a set of the same design. These eye-catching bowls are a great size, making them equally ideal for rice and noodle dishes.


14. Boca Woven Rattan Tray


Serve guests in style---or be served breakfast in bed by your significant other. Try making that part of your new married routine! Our handy woven rattan tray has organic beauty that’s ideal for serving breakfast, drinks or rolls at dinner.


15. Orange Blown Glass Candle holders


Firstly, these are gorgeous blown glass in exquisite silhouettes. Secondly, they’re orange. Need we say more? This is as perfect as it gets when you want unique décor that no one else has. Instant sunshine in any setting!


16. Double Wall Colored Glass Mug


These colorful mugs are twice as nice with a double insulated wall so you can see through to the chic colors inside. Enjoy your morning coffee together in stylish mugs that reflect your excellent taste.


17. Colorful Glass Bud Vases


Add natural beauty and charm to your decor with colorful vases in all shades and sizes. Mix and match, add one of each color to your registry.


18. Horizon Abstract Multi Colors Canvas Prints


Happily ever after is on the horizon.  Add these colorful canvas prints to your home and let abstract beauty bring color and joy to each room. 


19. Artzone Bath Mat


Surround yourself with works of art in every room of the house! Whether the creativity shines on your walls or underfoot, our abstract bath mats feature eye-catching patterns that give artistic flair to any bath.


20. Vibrant Color Balloon Dog Sculpture


Meet your new best friend in decor. Our whimsical balloon dog sculpture is dressed in vibrant colors and has a fresh matt finish to bring charm to a bookshelf, desk or coffee table.


21. Scandi White & Black Ceramic Vase


Another match made in heaven--black and white are always the perfect pairing. Chic stripes and sleek silhouettes give these captivating Scandi vases their head-turning appeal.


22. Madrid Leather Storage Trays


Iron and leather--could it get more luxurious than that? These tiered trays are ideal for him or her. Use them to organize a desk, on an entryway table for car keys or on a dresser for jewelry or pocket contents.


23. Modern Blue Wave Glass Vase


Just as you can’t take your eyes off your partner, your gaze will be transfixed on these stunning beauties as well.  Each vase dazzles in a magnificent shade of blue, lending a burst of mesmerizing style and color to any decor scheme.


24. Roman Goddess Decorative Bookends


From the moment you say “I do”, you’ll be a God or Goddess in your sweetie’s eyes. Our Roman Goddess Decorative Bookends are ideal if you’re a lover of Roman mythology, or just want to be reminded of how divine you truly are.


25. Arizona Whimsy Tinted Glass Vasearizona-whimsy-tinted-glass-vase

 As lovely as the Arizona landscape, these chic glass vases feature warm desert colors and whimsical silhouettes. A must-have accent for your home decor.


26. Textured Dot Footed Ceramic Planters


Potted plants add a natural touch to any setting. Pop a beautiful plant into our footed planters and add life to a home already filled with love and laughter.


27. Elegant Curve Wood & Metal Wall Lamp


You light up each other’s lives, but why not let this elegant white and natural wood metal wall lamp light up your bedside, reading corner or office space. 


28. Chevron Soft Throw Blanket with Tassels


Snuggle up together and get cozy under a gorgeous Chevron Blanket with Tassels. Every sofa should have one of these soft blankets within reach for movie night or binge watching your favorite series.


29. Vintage Cotton Crochet Round Pillows 20x20"


Every home needs pillows, and who can resist a pom pom trim? Turn your bedroom or living space into a cozy sanctuary with the addition of vintage style crochet pillows


30. Balancing Act Organizer


Our luxurious rotating storage rack shines on so many levels. With a chic gold wire frame and glass base, this storage organizer provides a stylish display for keeping essentials contained.


31. Glacial Blue Glass Drinkware


Cheers to magic moments and many more adventures together. Raise a glass to happiness with a captivating glacial blue glass drinkware set that’s ideal for serving guests and enjoying some elegant service yourself. 


32. Lakeside Stoneware Bowls


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue! Here’s to the most gorgeous blue bowls you will ever lay eyes on. These beautiful crackled bowls bring something striking to the table.


33. Lumina Colored Pendant Lights


Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Pick your perfect pendant and design your own lighting centerpiece above a dining table or reading nook.


34. Mushroom Cordless Table LED Lamp with Rechargeable Batteries


Bring good food and bright conversation to the table with the Mushroom Cordless Table LED Lamp. Romantic dinners just took a new direction. Goodbye messy candle wax, hello subtle table light.


35. Plume Stainless Steel 24 Piece Flatware Set

plume-stainless-steel-24-piece-flatware-setWhether you’re enjoying your first meal together as a married couple, or entertaining family and friends, this chic flatware set with your choice of gold, silver, black (or combinations) is sure to elevate your dining table.


36. Earth Design Stoneware Dinnerware


Japanese stoneware ceramic is the perfect complement to an elegant table setting. How gorgeous is this stunning dinnerware? The perfect down-to-earth style will complement your down-to-earth love for one another.


37. Flower Cutout Ceramic Vases


You’ll love these versatile vases in quirky, fun designs. They’re the perfect accessories to complement your original style while adding a touch of whimsy to your home. 


38. Colorful Glass Champagne Goblet


With ornate embossed details, these stunning colored Borosilicate champagne goblets are a must for the newlyweds! Way too gorgeous to keep in a cupboard, these are the ideal glasses to showcase on an open kitchen shelf or dining room sideboard.


39. High Shine Translucent Acrylic Vases

shop High Shine Translucent Acrylic Vases

You’re sure to take a shine to these striking translucent vases. Acrylic is the hottest trend in decorative accessories and one look at the eye-catching colors and shapes of our translucent vases, it’s easy to see why. 


40. Blue King Eco Friendly Dinnerware 4 / 8 Pc Set

shop Blue King Eco Friendly Dinnerware 4 / 8 Pc Set

When it comes to trendy design and eco-friendly dinnerware, this set is king! Designed for everyday use, at the dining table or on the patio, this set is a wonderful alternative to traditional plastics or flimsy paper plates.


41. Indigo Ceramic Serving Bowl

shop Indigo Ceramic Serving Bowl

Impress your guests with this jaw-dropping Indigo Serving Bowl. This elegant serveware will reflect your sophisticated style. It’s a generous size and can be used for pasta, salad or your favorite side at your next dinner party.


42. Pinstripe Porcelain Rice Bowls

shop Pinstripe Porcelain Rice Bowls

These charming rice bowls are full of character and perfect for holding rice, your favorite dips, fruit or ice cream. They feature a sophisticated pinstripe design and shiny glazed finish. As an added bonus, they’re a close match to our pinstriped mixing bowls (#49 on this must-have list).


43. Wood Salad bowls

shop Wood Salad bowls

Our Bamboo bowls are available in natural or dark wood, lending an organic touch to your table setting. Eco-friendly bamboo is always a natural choice to bring chic simplicity to the party.


44. Hexagon Cocktail Glasses

shop Hexagon Cocktail Glasses

There’s so much to love about our shapely hexagon cocktail glasses with their stunning silver or gold rim that we don’t know where to start. Thankfully the picture says it all. These are a must-have!


45. Classic Greek Bust Statuette

shop Classic Greek Bust Statuette

These perfectly crafted resin statuettes are perfect for the home library, to add a distinctive air to your living room or to adorn your entry table. Choose the male or female form (or better yet, get both!)


46. White Porcelain Cactus Collection

shop White Porcelain Cactus Collection

This is one cactus collection you are definitely going to want to get your hands on! Our simple ceramic cacti lend texture and style to any room. Prop them on a bookcase and group them with live succulents on a coffee table tray.


47. Savoy Wall Lamp, Planter & Organizer

shop savoy wall lamp, planter & organizer

Fall in love with this perfect duo—a sophisticated globe lamp on top and a pretty planter basket below. It’s the perfect combination of light and greenery. 


48. Faux Leather & Canvas Stripe Pillow Covers

shop Faux Leather & Canvas Stripe Pillow Covers

Create a stylish space with stylish faux leather and boldly striped cushion covers. They bring understated elegance to any room.


49. Pinstripe Porcelain Bowls

shop Pinstripe Porcelain Bowls

Our pinstripe porcelain bowls are more than just a pretty face. Use them as mixing bowls when baking or add beauty to the dining table as serving bowls. Pair them with the Pinstripe Porcelain Rice Bowls (#42) and you’ve got an elegant table.


50. Prism Aura Floor and Table Lamp

shop Prism Aura Floor and Table Lamp

Let your love shine in technicolor! These sensational table and floor lamps surround you in a rainbow of colors for a feel-good vibe and dreamy display. Perfect in a living room, to leave guests awestruck.