Joseph Eichler home with globe light

Globe lights are one of the most popular lighting styles and they continue to pop up everywhere. From the rechargeable globe lamp on your bedside table to the globe pendant lights in a newly opened restaurant, this classic light style continues to shine.

Joseph Eichler, a California real estate developer gets the credit for making the globe light popular. His vision was to bring modern design to middle-class communities. Between 1949 and 1961, Eichler collaborated with renowned architects to build thousands of A-frame homes with open floor plans, all completed with globe lights.  

That may be where the light design began illuminating a midcentury California cool vibe but it doesn’t explain the serious staying power of the globe light trend. One reason could be the design’s simplicity. It’s so easy to live with and seems as natural as looking at the sun and moon. The orb-shaped light complements the bright shapes we see every day and night.

Lighting designers have created a wide array of lighting fixtures featuring the globe shape, in many styles and colors. 

Letify offers a wide range of globe ceiling lights, from a single globe pendant to a sputnik-style chandelier. And let’s not forget globe wall lights and table lamps. Whether you want to ramp up the midcentury modern look in your home lighting or you just prefer contemporary lighting, our selection of globe lighting has something for even the most discerning tastes.

Here, we take a look at 9 different globe lighting designs for your home. Plus we’ll look at one lamp style that is trending. It’s decorative but versatile and eases from indoors to outdoors. What’s more, it comes in many colors. Can you guess what it is? Read on to learn about how the rechargeable globe lamp is blurring the lines between fashion and function.  

The Pendant Globe Light  

If you’re looking for lighting that is both modern and classic, the globe pendant hits the sweet spot for a cool, minimalist aesthetic with a bit of retro charm.

Pendant lights are a versatile way to light up a space. Hang a single pendant in a small space to make a statement or create an eye-pleasing cluster of pendants wherever space allows. 

Single Globe Brass Pendant

Single Globe Brass Pendant: Simplicity meets sophisticated style with this minimalist globe pendant. Suspended from a sleek brass rod, the single globe lampshade comes in assorted sizes. A great look above a breakfast nook or lined up across a kitchen island or dining table.


The Sputnik Chandelier

Inspired by the first satellite to orbit the earth in 1957 and a throwback to the Atomic Age from the 1940s to the 1960s, the Sputnik continues to be a favorite lighting choice.

With multiple arms, each with a bulb, these ceiling lights illuminate a foyer or lofty staircase and make a statement in living and dining spaces.

Modern Sputnik Chandelier Pendant Lights

Modern Sputnik Chandelier Pendant Lights: A distinctive design that starts with a single stem. Create a unique look and provide the illumination you want with a choice of up to 8 bulb holders. 



Glass Bulb & Metal LED Chandelier Pendant Light

Glass Bulb & Metal LED Chandelier Pendant Light: Perfect for lofty spaces, this semi-flush mount sputnik-style chandelier offers a unique blend of materials and finishes that catch the eye from every angle. A choice of white or clear bulbs brings a retro or contemporary vibe.


Globe Wall Sconces

Wall sconces add another layer of lighting to areas that could use ambient lighting. Best in pairs, wall sconces on either side of a doorway, mirror or artwork are a natural choice and can really dress up your home. 

Glass Torch Brass Wall Light

Glass Torch Brass Wall Light: The historical torch lamp gets a modern look with this brass globe wall light. Its prominent size makes it a valuable lighting source in a foyer or hallway. But, don’t rule this beautiful torch out as bedside lighting or flanking a fireplace in the living room. A choice of glass shades lets you set the mood in any space. 

Ball of Light Wall Sconce

Ball of Light Wall Sconce: Put the spotlight on midcentury minimalism with this global light sconce. A white glass shade floats above the L-shaped arm, adding a sculptural element. This classic sconce configures up or down to create the perfect mood. Its depth makes it ideal for placing high on the wall or above a permanent furniture piece, such as an entryway console or bedroom side tables. 

Globe Lights on the Table

If you enjoy midcentury globe lighting but don’t want the hassle of installation, you might want to opt for a globe table lamp. Globe lamps are perfect for adding a midcentury touch to a side table in the living room, bedside table in the bedroom or desk in your contemporary home office.

Opt for a plug-in lamp for a permanent light source or look into a rechargeable globe lamp that can easily float from one room to another, including on the patio table for a warm inviting alfresco dinner. 

Triple Glass Globe LED Table Lamp

Triple Glass Globe LED Table Lamp: A triple classic, this LED globe lamp makes a statement on a console table or credenza. Juxtaposed lights create unique light play and the brass-plated base plate and column add a warm luster to the space.  

Post Modern Frosted Sphere Brass Table Lamp

Post Modern Frosted Sphere Brass Table Lamp: Bring an artful touch to a side table or console with this frosted globe lamp. This design is available on different bases to create a unique silhouette that elevates the look in any room. 

The Rechargeable Globe Lamp

The rechargeable globe lamp is taking the old and making it new again. In fact, with cordless and rechargeable options, you might say the globe light has come full circle.

If you associate cordless lamps with camping and emergency equipment, you may be surprised to learn that cordless lamps are also practical and decorative around the house.

Great for use in entryways or halls that might be short on electrical outlets, cordless lamps come in many styles. Along with providing the main source of light in many rooms, they work well as accent lighting in or around bookshelves and nooks. What’s more, they are ideal for illuminating patios for an evening party and many commercial establishments use them for outdoor tabletop lighting. 

Rechargeable lamps are equipped with powerful batteries that can run for about eight hours. These cordless lamps come with USB ports that plug into the base of the lamp and connect to an electrical outlet for recharging. 

With the absence of cords and other lamp components, many rechargeable lamp designs come in artistic shapes for decorative interest. One of those shapes is the globe, with its moon-like celestial qualities that make a statement in any décor scheme.

Moon Cordless LED Table Lamp with Rechargeable BatteriesMoon Cordless LED Table Lamp with Rechargeable Batteries

Moon Cordless LED Table Lamp with Rechargeable BatteriesMoon Cordless LED Table Lamp with Rechargeable Batteries

Moon Cordless LED Table Lamp with Rechargeable Batteries: Our rechargeable globe lamp comes in an assortment of sizes to suit indoor and outdoor settings. Integrated LED lights set the mood and the remote control lets you select from 16 different colors.

The globe light has transcended trends to become a staple in many modern homes and since good lighting has the power to make or break a room, our selection of globe lighting has many versatile and decorative options to choose from.