Life Happens In The Living Room- Wall Lighting Ideas For The Modern Home

Thought by many to be the heart of the home, the living room is where a big part of life happens. You’ve designed your living room to have all the cozy landing spots and surrounded yourself with eye-pleasing colors and textures, favorite artwork, and collections. But, if the room is dark, there’s not much point to it all, is there?

An essential to any room, lighting can impact how everything looks. A smart lighting plan makes a space brighter and more beautiful. Like in any room, beautiful ceiling fixtures are important, but living room lighting needs a combination of light sources at different levels of the room.  

Wall lights or sconces create interest on empty walls, frame a work of art, and highlight architectural features like a fireplace. A modern wall lamp with a swing arm helps free up floor space and is the perfect solution to a cozy reading corner.

At Letifly, we know that a weekend of shopping for wall fancy lights online can change your entire living room. Our wall lamp selection has something to suit any design style and budget.

Here we take a look at some wall lamps that lend themselves beautifully to the latest living room design styles.

Start a vintage revival

Love a room with vintage vibes? Many people are embracing this decorating style as a way to bring age and character into a space. This style is very much about mixing the old and the new. Picture a favorite hand-me-down console table styled with modern abstract artwork or that marble-topped side table you found on a recent day of antiquing, topped with a modern candleholder.

Getting this look is easy - simply think outside of the box and mix old with new. Best of all you can take this style anywhere you want, by inviting in Art Deco, bohemian or industrial elements.   

Vintage Industrial Sconce Light with Plug

Vintage Industrial Sconce Light with Plug

This Vintage Industrial Sconce Light with Plug is the ultimate combo of romance and ruggedness. It mounts in different ways to make the most of any area in your home. For those shopping for wall fancy lights online for a restaurant or pub, this vintage-inspired modern wall lamp is perfect for adding mood lighting above a booth or cozy corner table. 

Petal Texture Glass Brass Wall Lamp

Angle a subtle beam of light over a piece of art or above your coveted vintage record player with this Petal Texture Glass Brass Wall Lamp. A brushed brass finish and eye-pleasing petal-shaped clear glass shade capture the eye while bathing a corner of the room with a warm, inviting pocket of light.

Armed Retro Brass Series - Wall Sconce

Look to the Armed Retro Brass Series - Wall Sconce to bring statement lighting alongside an artwork or flanking a fireplace. Shown here with the round glass shade, this design comes in four distinctive styles, including one with a tapered glass shade, shown below.

Armed Retro Brass Series - Wall Sconce

Bright, sunny Danish pastel style

Danish pastel is shifting Scandinavian design into a new mood-brightening gear. This look banishes the winter blues forever as you embrace a playful pastel palette. One thing interior designers like most about this style is that is so easy to attain. There’s no need to start all over with new furniture, a few key accessories are all you’ll need. Top your neutral-colored furniture with flower-themed cushions and add a colorful side table with curvy legs.

Ready to welcome those summer-inspired sorbet shades into your living room? This design is all about mixing pastel colors throughout the room, so adding a new modern wall lamp (or two!) in assorted hues will brighten up your living spaces instantly.

Ari Cone Wall Sconce

Pretty in pink! Add a pop of color and a warm wash of ambient light to a dull, dark corner with the Ari Cone Wall Sconce. A mix of natural wood and color-splashed aluminum gives this chic modern wall lamp its artful aesthetic. Available in assorted colors to give your living room a fresh, modern feel. 

Colored Bell Metal & Wood LED Wall Light.

Bring Nordic flair to your favorite spaces with this Colored Bell Metal & Wood LED Wall Light. This modern wall lamp comes in pretty pastels, including green, pink, blue, and yellow. 

Colored Geometric Plate & Globe Wall Light

Our Colored Geometric Plate & Globe Wall Light can act as stand-alone wall art or combine it with paintings and prints to form an eclectic wall gallery. A frosted glass globe shade diffuses the light, sending a warm all-over glow to the surrounding area.

A fresh take on Midcentury style

Love the midcentury modern look but don’t want your living room to look like you entered a time capsule? This look is easy to achieve with the right lighting and a few iconic pieces of furniture. Remember the main objective of this era was to create functional and comfortable spaces to entertain and relax.

One midcentury-style piece that seems as fresh as ever, is the duckbill light fixture. Even though the duckbill dates back to France in the 1950s, the thin, angular arms and beak-like metal shades give this style an ever-fresh sculptural look.

Serge Duckbill Wall Lamp with Swing Arms

The Serge Duckbill Wall Lamp with Swing Arms captures the eye from any vantage point. The adjustable arms and shades let you get the lighting just right, whether it’s movie night or a quiet evening with a book.

Retro Duckbill Metal & Wood Wall Lamp with Plug

Swing and tilt the Retro Duckbill Metal & Wood Wall Lamp with Plug to focus the light where needed.

Getting in a Monochromatic mood

The monochromatic design style uses the same base color in varying tones throughout the room. You’ll want to look for items and patterns in the same color but in different shades. Monochromatic spaces can range from extremely neutral or brilliantly bold. While this look can be bold and dramatic, it is surprisingly subtle on the eyes.   

Color Delta Wall LED Light

The adjustable Color Delta Wall LED Light has a swinging arm and 360-degree rotating shade for purposeful lighting above a favorite reading chair or sofa.

Adopting a completely new design style isn’t always a practical or affordable solution to updating your living room. But, you can easily change the overall feel of a room by switching out a light fixture here and there or bringing in a new pair of modern wall lamps.

Shopping for wall fancy lights online and making a few changes will get you on the way to creating a new look that you’ll love.