Pendant lights come in all shapes and sizes, which is why choosing the perfect one to fit your home can be a bit of a task. It's no secret that pendant lights are beautiful, but the variety of choices make shopping for the right one extra difficult. So, before attempting to sort through dozens of furniture stores, you need to establish your home's style and theme. This way, you'll have a clear vision of exactly what you want to have hanging on your ceilings.

If you admire the combination of natural wood and modern lighting, then maybe a Wooden Pendant Light is exactly what you need to complete the aesthetic of your home. But, there are still a few things that you need to consider before deciding on which Wooden Pendant Light to add to your home.

Here's a list of tips and suggestions that might help you to finally make up your mind!


Go With Something Simple & Chic


Ingrid Nordic Wood & Metal Pendant Light

If you're looking for a sure way to give your space a bit of an upgrade, then adding a cute and simple  pendant light will surely do the trick. This is especially perfect for new homeowners that are still experimenting on their home's style. A Wooden Pendant Light with basic shapes and solid colors is extremely easy to incorporate to any part of your home. In fact, it's well suited for places like the bedroom, kitchen, study room, and more! The mixture of wood and soft pastel colors give your space a young and bright aura that only spreads positive vibes all around. Despite its compact and space saving design, the Wooden Pendant Light still produces a vibrant glow that's only muffled by the lampshade that surrounds it. It's simply beautiful, trendy, and stylish! 

Incorporate Unique Shapes Into Your Home


Batisse Minimalist Pendant Light in Metal and Wood

Even though Wooden Pendant Lights aren't the largest pieces of furniture that you have in your home, their style and detail still have a huge impact on the overall look of your space. This is why experimenting on shapes and designs is very important if you want to give your space a bit of a unique edge. The Batisse Minimalist Pendant Light in Metal and Wood that's shown above perfectly displays a mixture of uncommon shapes with traditional lighting. The round disc shape of this Wooden Pendant Light makes it extremely eye-catching, turning it into an art piece all on its own. Before you dismiss its wooden details as simple connector pieces, first watch how they can tie in your whole space once you hang up the Wooden Pendant light to your ceiling.

Get Your Hands On Beautifully Architectured Lights


Octo Amira Caged Pendant

Lights and architecture work hand in hand to provide you with only the most amazing Wooden Pendant Lights. Beautifully structured pendant lights just land differently when placed amongst your other furniture. Their carefully thought out designs make these Wooden Pendant Lights a star in both modern and bohemian-styled homes. Looking at the Octo Amira Caged Pendant Light, you'll see how its unique build can elevate the overall look of a space. It has the potential to make your space look more premium and expensive, just like it's something straight out of the magazines. Almost every inch of the pendant light is made of sturdy and high-quality wood that's extremely easy to pair with other wooden furniture. Its smooth and bulbous shape gives it a clean finish, while each rib exudes sturdiness and outstanding detail.

Experiment With Modern Shapes


Astrid Metal & Wood Pendant Lights

If you're tired of your usual style patterns and you want to venture out on something new, then maybe you should start incorporating unique shapes to your home. Wooden pendant lights are already so beautiful, but the addition of unconventional shapes make each light even more appealing to anyone who enters your home. Not only do they catch people's eyes, but they also add much-needed dimension to a plain and simple space. Experimenting with shapes can take you on a bit of a journey since there are so many modern pendant lights that offer mind-bending designs. The Astrid Metal & Wood Pendant Lights give you unique yet muted shapes, making it a good starter piece for when you want to try out something new.

Bring Nature Into Your Living Space


Moon Glass & Wood Acorn Pendants

Do you enjoy striking wooden accents and want to maneuver the style of your home towards the more modern boho look? Then it might be best for you to emulate the beauty of the outdoors and bring it into your home. The Moon Glass & Wood Acorn Pendants are the perfect example of when nature meets the living space. Its balance of glass and wooden furnishings make it an even more beautiful piece of furniture to have in your home. Not to mention the soft glow that it produces once the light touches the frosted lampshade. What makes this type of wooden pendant light even better is its ability to fit in with almost any type of modern home.

Revamp Vintage Styles Into Modern Designs


Wood and Metal Layered LED Pendant

Do you enjoy the ambience that a farmhouse-styled home emanates, but still want to stick to your modern roots? Our Wood and Metal Layered LED Pendant provides you with a great mixture of the two worlds. Its unique shape even gives off a semi-oriental vibe, making it versatile enough to incorporate to almost any type of home. Farmhouse pendant lights are usually used to light up barns and feeding houses, but we've transformed them to complete your indoor lighting set up. Its structured design makes it look extremely edgy while its wooden furnishings give it a softer look. This makes it look great in places like your breakfast nook, dining room, and even your study. Apart from its beauty, this Wooden Pendant Light saves space while giving off a bright glow.

Larger Spaces Mean More Lights


Tulip Wood and Metal Ceiling Pendant Lights

If you're looking into illuminating a larger space in your home, then a single Wooden Pendant Light might not be enough for you. Take a leap and invest in something larger and grander so that your home will remain bright all day long. These strip pendant lights are perfect to place over a long dining table or a kitchen island. If this is something that you absolutely need then you can check out our Tulip Wood and Metal Ceiling Pendant Lights. Its earthy green details and minute wooden furnishings give any nature-loving individual a thrill once they mount it on their ceilings. What makes this type of Wooden Pendant Light even better is the fact that it can carry multiple lampshades all in one. Nothing but beauty and absolute brightness!

Beautiful Colors Are Everything


Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Lights in Metal & Wood

Sometimes even the most simple of homes need a pop of color here and there. Bold colors sometimes do the trick, but pastel colors are definitely the go-to if you want a space to feel more like a home. Not only that, but pastel colors perfectly complement light wooden details, creating beautiful harmony within your space. Something like our Soft Pastel Palette Pendant Lights in Metal & Wood are great for spaces that need a homey touch and practical lighting. They hang beautifully overhead and provide vibrant directional lighting for spaces like studies, coffee nooks, bedrooms, and more. Plus, the variety of pastel colors that we offer will surely help you in finding the perfect one to fit all your other interiors. Even better, these pastel colors are paired with trendy lampshades that boast sleek and unique shapes.

For The Minimalists Out There


Contrast Metal & Wood Pendant Lights

Going minimalist doesn't always mean just black and white. A little pop of wooden details can still be added to the mix to give your space that tad bit of uniqueness that it deserves. Our Contrast Metal & Wood Pendant Lights are the perfect example of when minimalist meets nature. Minimalist furniture go with almost anything and are perhaps the easiest choice for you if you're not comfy enough to go with bold and wild colors. This way, you'll have your full home lighting set up done in no time! Nothing but simple and inoffensive details when it comes to our  Metal & Wood Pendant Lights. They're the number one choice for any homeowner that wants to elevate their space while still maintaining a chic and stylish vibe.

A Combo Of Outstanding Color & Amazing Details


Colorful Metal & Wood Pendant Lights

Now, if you're someone who's ready to go outside of your comfort zone, then it's time to consider hanging Wooden Pendant Lights that boast all types of outstanding details. Stray away from your usual choices and choose something that exudes unique colors, shapes, and striking details. Our Colorful Metal & Wood Pendant Lights give you a wide array of Wooden Pendant Lights that will surely add both style and function to your space. Whether you need to beautify your bedroom or style your kitchen, the Colorful Metal & Wood Pendant Lights will surely do the trick. Better yet, they also offer high-quality lighting, giving your home the vibrance it deserves!