Collecting decorative vases can surely be fun, but the fun doesn't end once you're done picking and choosing. You're left with the equally exciting task of finding a perfect place for each of your finds. Now, if you feel like you don't have the eye for interior design, there's no need to worry! We've made a whole list of vase decoration ideas to give you some inspiration before you start rearranging your home. No matter what your style is, we've got you covered!

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Add Color To Plain & Bland Spaces

Sorbet Ceramic Vase


There's always that empty spot in your home that needs a bit of tuning up. The easiest way to give your plain white corner a bit more of life is by adorning it with an abundance of color. Our Sorbet Ceramic Vase gives you a set of unique vases that come in almost all the colors of the rainbow. Their muted shades help you ease into experimenting with color without going too "all out". This way, you can carefully introduce solid colors into your space until you have a good idea of what you want to do with every other corner of your home.

Line Up Your Mantle With Uniquely-Shaped Vases

Color Rich Ceramic Vases


If you're tired of seeing dust build up on top of your mantel, then it might be time to start decorating it with a bunch of unique vases. Using uniquely-shaped vases to line your mantel will give it that bit of character that your home needs. Arranging vases of different shapes and sizes make for a wonderful statement piece. Everyone that enters your home will be drawn to these living room vase decorations. They boast nothing but beauty, elegance, uniqueness, and more!

Use An Extra Special One As A Centerpiece

Klein Blue Murano Glass Flower Vase


Every vase collector, furniture enthusiast, or any regular homeowner has that special vase that they crown as the queen of all vases. There's that magical one that is just too marvelous to place in the background or hidden corners of your home. Take our Klein Blue Murano Glass Flower Vase for instance. Its geode-like design and vibrant blue hues make it look extremely lavish and ready for the center stage. Whether you use it as the centerpiece for your dining room or home office, it will surely capture everyone's eye. This Klein Blue Murano Glass Flower Vase surely surpasses all the glass vase decoration ideas that you've had in store.

Add Woven Details For A Boho Chic Vibe

Rattan Hand Woven Vase


If you're not too into the usual ceramic vase, then something more primitive might be for you. A good Rattan Hand Woven Vase gives your home a more natural and subtle vibe. With its intricately designed body, this type of vase is great to pair with all types of plants and flowers. Simply set it on any tabletop so that you have something beautiful to look at when you're eating, working, or enjoying your hot cup of coffee. The boho chic style is forever trendy, making the Rattan Hand Woven Vase something that will live in your home for years!

Go Wild With Interesting Patterns For Added Dimension

Bauhaus Minimalist Black & White Vases


Do you want to add an extra layer of beauty to your home? Then, it's time to experiment with wild patterns that you've never considered touching before! I can bet millions that there's a space in your home that's just asking for a bit more of your attention. There's a simple fix for that! Adorn it with a glass flower vase that is unlike your usual piece of furniture. Take our Bauhaus Minimalist Black & White Vases for instance. It boasts wild long stripes that you just can't miss every time you enter your home.

A Trendy Twist For The Fashionista At Heart

Garden Weave Basket Ceramic Vase


Who said that fashion can't be made into furniture? A beautiful flower vase is just like an accessory that you wear on your body, except it's for your home. If you're looking for decorative vases that express more of your fashion sense than the vase decoration ideas that you see on your feed, then you've come to the right place. Make your space feel a bit more personalized with the addition of something like the Garden Weave Basket Ceramic Vase. Its bag-like design lets you celebrate your love for fashion in a fun and unique way!

Add A Feminine Touch To Any Room

Body Art Ceramic Vase


There's no doubt that a woman's body is the most beautiful thing in the world. So, adding a sculpted vase to your home is something that you can't miss out on! They're like a vase and a piece of art all in one! An intimate piece like the Body Art Ceramic Vase deserves a special spot in your home like your bedroom, vanity, or even your bathroom. Beautify it with your favorite plant and you're ready to go!

Add A Beautiful Piece Of Art To Your Work Desk

Geometric Textured Ceramic Vase


There are just some vases that are so intricately made that they almost look like fine art. Give that lonely corner or empty tabletop a bit more purpose by decorating them with one of our colorful vases for sale. If you're used to seeing normal round pots and want to know exactly what we're talking about when we say "intricately made", then take a look at our Geometric Textured Ceramic Vase. Each vase boasts a unique design that is capable of changing the aura of your space in an instant.

Make Your Space Look Chic By Going Monochromatic

Swirl Textured Ceramic Flower Vase


Want to keep your space looking clean and dynamic at the same time? Choose vase decorations for the living room that blend with the main color of your walls and furniture. Just like our Swirl Textured Ceramic Flower Vase, the vases that you choose still need to possess unique qualities even if they come in monochromatic colors. That small bit of detail is what sets your home apart from the rest!

Give Your Space An Eclectic Vibe By Going Tribal

Offering Clay Ceramic Vases


Nothing shows your love for vases more than decorating your home with the oldest form of vases out there. Our Offering Clay Ceramic Vases give your home a more sophisticated and spiritual vibe due to their primitive craftsmanship and unpainted body. Their large and elegant design makes them great to set up on both your floor and tabletop. There's no need to add plants or flowers to the mix, because the Offering Clay Ceramic Vases can stand on their own.



How do you decorate a simple vase?

A vase can be decorated with many things, you can fill it up with beautiful flowers, put it next to a stylish set of books or arrange a table setting with an accent bowl and table mat. You can even use lighting to bring attention to your vase, a good battery cordless lamp comes in handy for this purpose. Some lighting options for vases here: Mini Flowerpot table lamp, Moon LED Table lamp.  

What can I put in a vase to decorate? / How do you make a vase look pretty?

A vase is one of the most versatile décor items, you can use it to hold flowers, stylish dry leave stems, or as a shelf organizer and collect items in it in a beautiful way. Shop our collection of decorative vases.

How do you decorate an empty vase? / Ideas for vases other than flowers

An empty vase can be decorated many ways: placing it near other items and arranging a tablespace, stylishly standing on books, adding fresh or dry flowers, etc. This are just come options; your imagination and personal style can take you anywhere.  

What can you put in a vase besides flowers?

A beautiful vase is so much more than just a flower holding object. Modern vases are some of the best organizers around, use it in the kitchen as a utensil holder, on your desk as a pencil holder, on your bathroom to hold appliances of toothbrushes.