Did you know that decorative lights with LED bulbs can actually change the look and feel of every space in your home? LED lights for home interiors are designed to help you make a small room appear larger, create an intimate setting, shine light on a focal point or provide enough lighting in an office or kitchen so that you can properly see what you are doing.

There are three types of lighting; ambient, accent and task. Although you may not even realize it, you probably already have two or all three of these lighting types in every room in your home.

  • Ambient lighting is the general light used in a space. It offers enough light to see clearly in order to move around in a room safely. Most ambient light comes from the ceiling in the form of LED pendant lights, ceiling fixtures or track lighting.
  • Accent lighting draws attention to a specific area in the room. These lights are typically wall sconces, overhead spotlights or strip lights.
  • Task lighting provides enough light for you to perform tasks such as working in the office, cooking in the kitchen  or reading in a bedroom. The only way to determine how many layers of lighting you need in a room is to determine the activities being performed in the space. 

The best LED lights for home décor can be found in the Letifly collection. With so many LED wall lights, floor lamps, ceiling lights and table lamps from which to choose, the only challenge you may face when light shopping is trying to pick your favorites.

Here are some easy ways to change your space using LED lights for home interior:


1. Make a room appear larger


If you have a room in your home that is small and you need extra space, you can easily make it look more spacious if you remove any floor or table lamps and install decorative lights on the ceiling or wall. Replace table lamps beside the bed with reading lights hung on each side of the headboard. Looking to free space up on an entryway table, dining room sideboard or bedroom dresser?  Add an eye-catching LED chandelier overhead for a luxurious touch. 


2. Make a large room appear more intimate 


Cozy up a space by using soft LED ceiling lights to create a soothing environment. LED lighting is ideal for a living room, dining room and bathroom, where you don’t want glaring lights to overwhelm the space. LED home decor lights can cast a warm glow in a nursery, just as a cluster of LED pendant lights offer visual appeal over a window seat or kitchen island. The softer and smaller the lights, the more intimate and cozy the setting.


3. Brighten up dark spaces


Use slim LED floor lamps in dark corners of your home and let them shine outwards or upwards. The light will reflect off of surrounding walls, making the room appear brighter and larger. Illuminate hallways with LED sconces, or wall washers that cast a light up and down a wall. Choose lamps with light colored or clear glass lamp shades on table and floor lamps if you want to amplify the light shining throughout the room.


4. Use decorative LED lights to shine a spotlight on a room’s features


Want to draw attention to a beautiful stone fireplace? Wish you could showcase your favorite artwork? Use LED ceiling lights to direct attention where you want it.


Use elegant wall sconces on either side of a bathroom mirror, fireplace or over an entrance table flanking a prized painting. Discover how easy it is to use LED lights to emphasize or minimize textures, patterns and shapes. Decorative LED lights can accentuate a focal point or minimize a flaw. Choose spotlight ceiling pendants that can shine lights in any direction when you want to highlight texture, color or pattern. 


5. Decorate with color


Colorful lighting can instantly  transform the way a space looks and feels almost as much as furniture or paint colors.  Light changes the mood in a room and makes it feel comfortable or cold, relaxing or lively. In addition to brightening up a space, why not add personality to a room with colorful LED wall lights, pendant lights or table lamps.  Make a style statement with prism lights. These bold and colorful  lights offer a fresh modern vibe that instantly captures attention. Colorful and decorative LED lights are ideal for above a dining table, beside a living room chair or as reading lights over a bedside table.


6. Use LED strip lights in unexpected places


Hung indoors or out, LED strip lights are the most versatile lights to brighten any celebration. Use them wrapped around a teen’s headboard, framing a patio umbrella, strung around furniture or across a playroom wall. Drape them around a child’s tent in the playroom or to add a whimsical touch along the top of a bookcase. LED strip lights are versatile and practical. They can be used in a closet to illuminate your wardrobe, making it easier to choose your outfits while your other half is asleep. You can run these string lights along your closet rail, under a shelf or along the wall.  Decorative lights are also ideal under the kitchen counter. Run marquise-style under cabinet lights beneath your upper kitchen cabinets to light up your counter space. You can choose the length as well as the style. You also have the option of warm white lighting for a subtle glow or cold white when you need to see what you're doing. 


7. Mix and match pendants for a look that’s uniquely you


The beauty of today’s lighting options is that you can choose how many lights you hang in your home. Gone are the days of a single ceiling light at the center of the room. Your lighting choices reflect your decor style. Mix and match pendant colors or finishes over a kitchen island or group pendants above a dining table. Match them for an elegant aesthetic or add pops of color above an informal breakfast nook. You can vary the colors as well as the height. Today, pendants are designed to be used as you see fit. There’s no right or wrong way to use decorative LED lights in your home. Go with your instinct and show the world your unique style.


8. Change your look as often as you like


Go retro or modern by changing your style. Just as you can change pillow covers and bedding with the season, why not change up your lighting from retro to modern, classic to unconventional. Update a dining space with brass light fixtures. Use retro duckbill wall and floor lamps to inject Mid Century Modern flair and an iconic look in a living room, bedroom or office. 

Order LED lights online from Letifly today and discover how exciting it can be to use lighting to enhance every inch of your space, making any dwelling feel like home.