Dress Up Your Bedroom with Modern Floor Lamps

When it comes to bedroom lighting, your bedroom may already have a light fixture on the ceiling. But, like any other area of your home, secondary lighting is equally important when it comes to making a space more comfortable and functional.

While a pair of table lamps on each side of the bed is convenient, it isn’t the only option for creating a cozy bedroom with the functionality you need. Floor standing lamps are a trending choice for secondary lighting in the bedroom. They come in many stylish designs and if you’ve spent any time shopping for standing lamps online you’ll notice that many of them take up less floor space than you may expect. Many modern standing lamps also come with adjustable arms and shade covers that let you direct the light where it’s needed most.  

Ready to dress up your bedroom? Let’s explore how adding decorative floor lamps can transform your bedroom and turn it into the relaxing retreat you’ve always wanted.

Create a cozy reading nook

We love the flow and connection open-concept spaces bring, but, having your own private place to read, relax and unwind can be a real treat.  

If you’re lucky enough to have a large bedroom with room for a cozy chair, this can be the ultimate spot to relax with a good book. Placing a decorative floor lamp next to a chair not only provides task lighting when reading or using a laptop but also lends a warm ambient light to the room once the sun goes down.

Serge Duckbill Post Modern Single Light Industrial Floor Lamp

A mid-century modern floor lamp that’s high on function, the Serge Duckbill Post Modern Single Light Industrial Floor Lamp has a unique slender design and tripod base that fits snugly alongside furniture. The stylish duckbill lamp head tilts to control the direction of the light and the lightweight stand is easy to move.

For a coordinated look in your mid-century bedroom, top one or two nightstands with the Serge Duckbill Post Modern Table Lamp shown below.

Serge Duckbill Post Modern Table Lamp

Not all rooms will have space for bedside tables on both sides of the bed. If space is tight, try hanging a small floating shelf on the wall to hold your phone and other bedside items. Stand a mid-century modern floor lamp with a trio of lights on the other side for adjustable lighting with a wide reach.  

Serge Duckbill Industrial Floor Lamp with 3 Lights

Look to the Serge Duckbill Industrial Floor Lamp with 3 Lights for sleek style and practicality. Slender arms and adjustable heads control the light direction and the tripod base and stem create an eye-pleasing sculptural form.

Express your personal style

Most interior designers will tell you that twin bedside tables are just too matchy-matchy for a modern bedroom. In fact, no hard and fast rule says you have to have two nightstands at all!

One alternative would be to have a dresser on one side and a small table on the other. A decorative floor lamp next to the table will create balance and provide some welcome bedside lighting while leaving the table surface available for eyeglasses, clocks, and books. 

Barney Metal & Wood Floor Lamp

A wonderful mix of marble, metal, and wood gives this decorative floor lamp a modern sophisticated edge. The solid marble base of the Barney Metal & Wood Floor Lamp offers reliable stability without taking up too much floor space. An adjustable arm adjusts the light up or down.

Symmetry in any space is pleasing to the eye so having matching adjustable floor standing lamps on each side of the bed brings continuity to your lighting style.

Modern Minimalist Bedrooms

Modern minimalism is all about creating openness and serenity and we can’t think of a better space to create tranquility than in the bedroom. And since this soothing design style stays away from clutter, bulky table lamps or floor lamps won’t help to realize this look.

For this style, look for streamlined modern lighting, such as a pair of pole pendant lights hanging down on each side of the bed.

Sleek modern floor lamps flanking the bed or lighting the top of a dresser illuminate the corners without overwhelming the eye.

Light Beam Series - Floor Lamp

For a modern design that embraces minimalist style look to the Light Beam Series - Floor Lamp. With its slim, barely-there silhouette it brings a warm beam of light to your bedside.  

A standup statement

Just as table lamps light up the room while adding to the overall décor of your bedroom, floor standing lamps can make an even grander statement. What’s more, many designs have one or more repositionable lamps, which is ideal for smaller spaces that may have a desk needing directed light.   

Still not sure where to place a decorative floor lamp in your bedroom? Here’s a summary of where floor lamps can have the most impact:

Next to a chair or settee as task lighting for reading, journaling, or sewing on a button.

In a dark, empty corner. When windows are on one side of a room, it affords that side with more natural lighting. One option is to use a torchiere-style light or an adjustable floor lamp positioned to cast light towards the ceiling. This washes the ceiling with a warm ambient glow that extends over a large portion of the room.

Flanking either side (or both sides!) of your bed. This is a great space-saving solution if you love to read before bed and lack the space for a large bedside table with a lamp.  

Near a writing desk, study area, or makeup vanity table where extra light is always needed. 

At Letify, we have a wide selection of lighting for every room. When shopping for designer floor lamps online, you’ll find our selection includes contemporary styles with all the functional details needed to enhance your bedroom lighting.