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How do you choose the perfect floor lamp? Letifly has a wide selection of floor lamps to meet your needs and exceed your style expectations. Need to brighten up a dark corner with just enough light to create ambiance? Consider a slim, minimalist light beam floor lamp that hardly takes up space at all. Want a floor lamp with far reaching arms? Choose a multi-head duckbill floor lamp where the lamp heads can be tilted in any direction so the light goes directly where you need it.

Imagine illuminating a room with an aura of vibrant shades. Decorative floor lighting has come a long way. Our Prism Aura floor lights brighten any space in a rainbow of colors. Whether you’re looking for a metal floor lamp for your office, wooden reading light to place behind a bedroom chair or a glass and brass floor lamp for your living room, at Letifly we offer a selection of decorative floor standing lights in all shapes and finishes. When it comes to floor lamps, Letifly shines the light on impressive design.

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