A Guide to Finding the Perfect Table Lamp


A Guide to Finding the Perfect Table Lamp

Lighting is an essential element to any home and the right illumination isn’t just important to completing tasks, it can also set the mood of the room itself. 

Letify.com offers a great selection of table lamps in many styles. You can opt for a pair of cordless table lamps or make the switch to some brightly colored modern living room lamps.

Our guide will shed some light on why table lamps play such a key role in our homes and help you find the right lamp for your favorite spaces.

Benefits of table lamps

Ramp up the coziness. Ceiling lights in the entryway are convenient for sorting out your guest's coats at the end of the evening, but nothing is more welcoming than the warm glow of a shaded table lamp on an entryway console. 

In the living room, who can resist that cozy, relaxed feeling you get when sitting in your favorite chair, relaxing with a good book and a drink. 

Less invasive and more convenient than overhead lighting. In the bedroom, a pair of dimmable bedside lamps keeps soft light directed at a specific spot, so it’s less invasive to someone on the other side of the bed.

After a long day, after you’ve tucked away under the covers, the last thing you want to do is stretch across the nightstand to find the lamp cord switch. Battery-powered LED reading lamps with a knob switch are the perfect solution. What’s more, dimmable LED lamps can be set to a soft illumination to stay on as a nightlight.   

Enhance your décor. Don’t overlook the decorative potential in a unique lamp. Even when unlit, an eye-catching sculptural lamp becomes an art piece can be the main attraction to a tabletop vignette.

Tip: Unless you’re lucky enough to have electrical outlets on the floors in your living room, it can be a challenge to put a lamp in the room without long, unsightly extension cords that someone might trip over. This is where cordless table lamps can really complete the lighting in a space. 

Parts of a lamp

Parts of a lamp

Source: Familyhandyman.com

A lamp consists of a lampshade with fittings, a socket for a lightbulb, a switch to turn the lamp on/off, a base (body), a cord and a plug.

Instead of a cord and plug, battery-operated cordless lamps have a space in the base for batteries or a rechargeable lithium battery pack with a plug-in USB cord.

Types of Table lamps

We’ve come a long way since the invention of the kerosene lamp in 900 AD. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that table lamps came into our homes. Most were short and boxy, with bronze finishes.

Today lamp bases come in many materials like metal, wood, ceramic, marble, wicker, glass and resin, to name a few. There are even lamp bases made from old riding boots, recycled action figure toys and wood stumps.

Monochromatic Classic Table Lamp

Our Monochromatic Classic Table Lamp has an aluminum base and iron shade. The matching trumpet-style base and drum shade add simple sophistication to your bedside or chairside.

Barney Metal & Wood Table Lamp

The oak wood accents on our Barney Metal & Wood Table Lamp add a warm, breezy touch to a living room, bedroom or home office.  

Stone's Throw Ceramic Table Lamp

The Stone's Throw Ceramic Table Lamp has a ceramic base and a fabric shade. You don’t need to be a rock-balancing artist to appreciate the Zen vibe of this stacked stone lamp.  

Where to place a table lamp

Table lamps are so important when it comes to bringing task or ambient lighting to a room. Ambient or general lighting provides overall illumination, while task lighting increases light for specific tasks, such as reading, sewing and food prep in the kitchen.

Two places you’ll often find table lamps are on side tables in a living room or sitting room and bedside tables in the bedroom.

A pair of buffet lamps on each end of a dining room sideboard or credenza sets the mood and adds an additional layer of lighting. 

Don’t forget the kitchen and bathroom

Kitchen lighting most often consists of overhead lighting. Getting that warm, cozy feeling is as simple as including a small table lamp on the counter or even on top of your kitchen eating nook.

For those who want to get into the kitchen lamp trend but lack extra outlets, cordless table lamps are the perfect solution.

Our bathrooms aren’t just for getting prepared for the day ahead. They often become a comfortable place to soak in a sudsy bath and revitalize. A lamp will help create a cozy refuge. Choose one that accentuates the style and fixtures in your bathroom.

In the powder room, your guests will appreciate the ambiance a table lamp provides. A word of caution: Make sure the lamp has a damp rating.

If a permanent lamp in your bath or kitchen isn’t an option, why not consider cordless LED lighting?

Here’s a glance at some of our stylish cordless table lamps:

Moon Cordless LED Table Lamp with Rechargeable Batteries

Moon Cordless LED Table Lamp with Rechargeable Batteries

Who can resist a magical moonlit night? Made from a durable PVC material, this rechargeable LED table lamp is dimmable for the perfect ambiance. Planning a party? With a choice of 16 colors and convenient remote control, you can create a fun, festive mood. Let the Moon glow as a bedside nightlight or a romantic dinner for two on the patio.

Loft LED Table Lamp with Rechargeable USB Batteries

Loft LED Table Lamp with Rechargeable USB Batteries

Sleek, sturdy and elegant, the modern Loft is the ultimate battery-powered LED reading lamp. Made from an aluminum alloy it comes in a chic gold, silver or black finish.  A two-dimmer setting makes it ideal for an eating nook, dining room, bedroom or even outside on the patio.

Ultra USB Battery Rechargeable Wall light

Ultra USB Battery Rechargeable Wall light

When it comes to versatility, the Ultra does it all! Mounted on the wall, used on a table or held in your hand like a flashlight, this multitasking light is ready to light up your favorite spaces. No wiring hassles, this light installs in minutes. A sensor light turns on automatically when it detects movement, making this a great light for an entryway, hallway or staircase. 

Dainty Waterproof LED Table Lamp with Rechargeable Batteries

Dainty Waterproof LED Table Lamp with Rechargeable Batteries

This petite lamp shines indoors or out. Made from a lightweight, anti-corrosive aluminum alloy, it is easy to transport from room to patio. With two dimming levels, you can create a cozy, relaxed vibe in any space. 

Sparkle Glam Table Lamp

Sparkle Glam Table Lamp

With a single touch, this little showpiece lamp amps up the sparkle to any occasion. Made from durable acrylic, the multi-faceted shade and base create playful lighting displays on nearby surfaces. Bring in Hollywood regency glam to a bedroom or dining room.

Fairy LED String Lights

Fairy LED String Lights

Our selection of indoor/outdoor LED string lights lends a magical mood to a living room, dining room, bedroom or patio. These twinkly wonders come in many lengths and styles. A surefire way to brighten up your holiday décor.

Uovo Cordless USB Rechargeable Lamp

Uovo Cordless USB Rechargeable Lamp

Egg-actly what’s needed in all your favorite spaces. The Uovo is a rechargeable lamp that you can take with you from room to room. Place it on a bedside table, below a shelf or wall mount it. It has a motion detector and auto shut-off, making it ideal for a hallway light near a children’s bedroom or guest room.   

Shopping online for the perfect table lamp? Check out our stylish selection of modern plug-in table lamps and cordless rechargeable lamps.  



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