Letifly's Story 

After a decade of working as design professionals, our love for home goods inspired us to create an online store where shoppers could find beautiful, unique pieces at better prices than the typical design resellers.

Letifly quickly gained momentum within the décor and lighting niche, as most stores had either inaccessible prices or a collection that lacked personality. 

With each handpicked product, we thoughtfully considers customers like us who are searching for that special item and don’t want to spend hours browsing.


Letifly Home decor

What Drives Us? 

At Letifly, we believe that shopping for high quality décor items and lighting should be easy, affordable and fun. With this in mind, we curate, create and sell a varied collection of articles for the home. 

Offering modern classics, trend-setting styles and unique finds, we ensure that there’s always something fresh and exciting to add to your space or gift to a loved one. 

Letifly home decor

Our Values 

QUALITY - We offer home decor of the highest quality at affordable prices.

INTEGRITY - We work with the best design professionals in the industry, while adhering to the highest standards to bring on-trend styles to Customers worldwide.

VERSATILITY - We dive into our market psyche to curate and sell a versatile  selection that fits a variety of needs.

INNOVATION - We bring an ever-changing collection of the most current designs to market, releasing new products constantly to keep our site updated.

TRUST - We provide world class service to ensure joy with every purchase.

Letifly Home decor

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