The right throw pillow collections can give any room a boost of charm, style and color.

An easy way to accessorize a sofa or bed, colorful throw pillows can change up a room to suit the season. Bright fresh florals add spring and summer appeal and rich, earthy colors herald in the fall and winter.


Color things cozy

Does the idea of bringing bright colors into a room send fearful shivers down your spine? Introducing bright hues or bold patterns with throw pillows is a great way to ease into a brave new world of color.

Designers often select neutral-hued sofas or chairs with small-scale patterns and use decorative throw pillows to bring comfort, color, pattern and texture into a space.   

Letifly throw pillow collections come in a wide range of colors, from bold single-colored options to eye-pleasing patterned pillows. You’ll find the right round pillow cover for your bedding or a stylish set of pillows for your sofa.


Size up your throw pillow collections

Decorative pillows come in many shapes and sizes. The most popular shape is square, with rectangular or lumbar and round pillows adding another layer of comfort and dimension. 

To keep throw pillows looking plush and cuddle-worthy, use an insert that is two inches larger than the size of your cover.


Rule of Three

When it comes to decorating with throw pillows, there are no hard-set rules. But, if you prefer playing by the rules, you can simplify the process with the tried and true “rule of three” that designers use when styling everything from a coffee table to a sofa.




Three Colors

Make your throw pillow arrangement tell a colorful story by selecting three colors. In the living room, pull colors from different areas of the room, like an area rug or a wall color. In the bedroom, harmonize hues by matching colors to your bedding and curtains.

The three-color rule doesn’t limit you to selecting solid colors, like the elegant crocheted pillows above. You can choose a variety of pillows in different patterns – as long as the patterns share the same colors, you’ll still get a cohesive look.


Our Faux Leather Canvas Stripe Pillow Covers add panache to any space. Notice the two different striped patterns on A and B, while C features a solid rich brown color with a cross-stitched pattern. Along with following the three-color rule, the striped woven canvas of these square covers adds tempting touch-me texture to your favorite seat in the house.


Three Different Patterns

You’ll still be following the rule of three when you mix three different patterns, as long as the patterns have at least one of your three color choices. Your main pillow pattern should include all three colors, while secondary patterns can include one or two colors. 

If the thought of mixing up patterns makes you uneasy, stick with this method for chic, stylish pillow groupings: Your main pillow pattern should be the largest pattern, with the next pillow sporting a mid-sized pattern. The third pattern can be a bit of a wildcard - like a round pillow cover in a solid color. 

Still not sure how to mix up your patterns? Here are some ideas:

knitted-floral-jungle-pillowcase+   spice-texture-pillow-covers   +   triple-knot-cotton-pillow

Mix a floral with an organic wave and a solid color with a unique triple knot texture for a boho-chic ensemble.


Our Tufts and Tassels Cushion Covers bring a bohemian vibe to any space. Two shams and a lumbar pillow cover come together for the perfect rule-of-three trio.


When it comes to combining colors and patterns, remember: Rules are made to be broken! The rule of three is a great decorating starting point, but when it comes to creating a space you love, don’t be afraid to experiment with different color and pattern combinations.  


Layer on the style

Layering or grouping throw pillows on a sofa or bed can make a unique decorative statement in your living room or bedroom.

Here are some pillow layering tips for styling a sofa or bed:


Classic or formal groupings: Use an even number (two or four) of same-sized pillows in similar or matching patterns. This brings a balanced look and eye-catching symmetry to a bed or sofa.


Our Checkered Embroidered Round Pillow in classic black/white and green/white on a white throw with a smaller zigzag striped pattern brings charm and symmetry.


Modern or informal groupings: For a modern look, use an odd number of pillows (three and five). Generally speaking, in design, using odd numbers lends a more artful, dramatic look. Keep in mind that three large pillows will have a fresher look than a mashup of five smaller ones.


Experiment with Texture: While a floral print adds a beautiful visual to a room, texture keeps a room from feeling too flat or overly one-dimensional. Texture adds physical comfort and visual appeal to a room.

Bring in an assortment of textured pillows, from buttery soft velvet and soft faux fur for a modern tone to faux leathers mixed with cabled knits for a rustic, grounded feel. 

Tassels, pompoms and flanges add fun, playful accents. Embroidered tufted patterns bring handmade and high-style together seamlessly.


Like lounging away on a cold winter day in your favorite soft cotton knit sweater. The Knitted Tassel Pillowcover brings a chic, bohemian playfulness to a favorite space.




Pretty in pink, the Smock & PomPom Square Pillow Cover showcases a smock knit with contrasting stitching wrapped in a frame of plush pompoms. A fresh, feminine addition to a nursery or bedroom.



These oh-so-soft Cotton Linen Pillow Covers feature a simple flange border for a contemporary look for a sunroom, bedroom or sitting room. 


To Chop or Not to Chop

Home stylists and designers have been debating the pillow-chop issue for many years. If you’ve never heard about “pillow chopping”, it describes a way of shaping your throw pillows. First, you fluff up the pillow and then you karate chop the top to make an indentation in the top.


A freshly “chopped” pillow wrapped in our Raw Edge Square Pillow Cover.

Some love the look, claiming it makes a throw pillow look plusher and more inviting. Others think it makes them look like a surprised animal with pointed ears…but like the rule of three and choosing the right throw pillows for your spaces, it all comes down to personal choice.

What side of the pillow chopping discussion are you on?