Stores for home decor?

Believe it or not, when it comes to home decor shopping 65% of us just don't really know where to go, how to start. Here's a hint: google it! You will find a myriad of retailers and also online stores. All stores answer people's taste differently. Here at we focus on finding the best quality and design products and offer it to our customers for a cheap price, a fair price. We can do that because we do not have middlemen fees and work directly with the suppliers and creators of each product.

Cheap stores for home decor?

Many of you are asking this question. And you're right. Why would you want to pay a price that is too high? That is what usually happens when we purchase beautiful products at a well known retailer. But internet changed the game. At we continuously try to offer the best price you can find for the highest quality products. We share the same suppliers as some of the biggest retailers you know, but we do not have brick and mortar or middlemen fees. Hence our cheap prices for the best home decor products.

Can pendant lights be shortened?

There is no right answer! Some pendant lights can, some cannot. This Flowerpot Metal Ceiling Lamp has an adjustable cord that allow you set up the length you want, up to 40 inches long.

Where to buy a watering can for flower pot?

From retail or online home decor stores, there is some choice. Think of your need and budget, that will help you narrow down where to purchase a cheap yet stylish watering can flower pot. At we offer curated watering tools for your plants on a budget yet right on point and in style. The perfect useful and beautiful tools. 


Where to buy pillow covers for throw pillows?

When it comes to purchasing pillow covers for throw pillows, there are a few places to go. Online or brick and mortar stores are the first in everyone's mind. Cheap pillow covers for throw pillows will definitely be found online. At we thrive to provide the best quality, materials, colors and design for pillow covers. Explore now!

Where to buy flatware that doesn't rust?

It's all about the metal quality of the flatware your purchase. If you don't want it to rust, buy 18/10 stainless steel. That will also make your flatware more sturdy and durable. At, we source the best quality flatware from our trusted suppliers. Explore the collections to find quality yet cheap flatware sets that will be best for your table and will impress your guests!

How many flatware sets do I need?

Tough question. A common answer would be to think of how many friends and family you invite over to share a good meal, or to how many dinners you organize at your place. At we curate different styles of flatware, made of stainless steel for the most of them, to add style to your table and home decor.

Do table lamps need assembly?

Your table lamp comes ready to use with minimal assembly needed.

Do you need an electrician to hardwire your light fixture? 

We recommend all electrical work to be performed by a certified electrician. For any installation not performed properly, all warranty is waived. Our warranty only covers proper installation and use of our items. 

Do cushions come with filling?

Most of our products will list what items will be received per order. 

How do you ship Wall Art?

All wall art is shipped rolled, wrapped with bubble wrap, and encapsulated on a plastic shipping tube.

Are ceramic items protected when shipping?

Yes, all our ceramic is protected with bubble wrap and foam fillers and packed in size appropriate boxes. Route insurance does not cover for ceramics items but if your order arrives broken, we will take responsibility for it and offer a replacement or a full refund. Please contact us immediately if this situation happens to you.